Remember This? [Update]

Can you remember this game from this small, partion of a screenshot? Go on! Give it a go! Let us know your guess in the comments below.

Congrats to jt! The correct answer is Silkworm!


    Is it Bubsy?

    Silkworm / SWIV?

      Yeah, I'm convinced it's Silkworm -

      Such a great game. I burned a lot of hours playing it at the arcade and on Amiga & C64.

        Good call! Silkworm was awesome. Many an hour wasted playing this on the Amiga.

          2 minutes. Is that a new record?

        That screenshot is it! for sure!
        What a shame we picked it so quick.

      Wow dude. Came in here convinced I'd have to put up another part of the screenshot. Well done mate!

        You need to pick a more obscure game than Silkworm Mark!

        Cheers Mark. A mate of mine had an Amiga and this was our game of choice. I can't begin to imagine how many hours put into the game.

        It was a good time for co-op games. This, Golden Axe, Gauntlet, Bubble Bobble and Ikari Warriors all kept us very occupied.

    Sunset Riders? Gunstar heroes?

    hmm maybe thunder force 4 for the megadrive - the hydra/water level, just before you go underwater

    california games

    I'd Silkwork also. Spent hours and hours playing it on my old Amiga 500.

    Primal Rage was the first thing that came to mind.

      Oop, looks like someones already got it.

    The first one, point and click adventure game.

      technically it was part a strategy war/management game, there wasn't much pointing and clicking as I recall, unless there was more than one original Dune game.

        Yes there was. The Dune you're thinking of is Dune II.

          My apologies, it has been years! Since I've played it. I guess we're both correct.

            My memory is whip sharp for all things spice.

            I know Dune 2 was a real RTS game, one of, if not the, first, before C&C and Warcraft.

            They list Dune here as an RTS game but it was more like a Civilisation type strategy manmagement game.


    Hmm,looks like my molars when I've got a mouthful of Orange juice.

    Or maybe Dune 2?

    I've seen a few people around asking, but never saw the answer - what was yesterday's?

      I too would also like to know this.

    Killer Instinct on SNES? Chief Thunder's level.

    Or it could be Silkworm...

    UN Squadron/Area 88 on SNES?

      That was my thoughts too :)

    Dune 2: Battle for Arrakis

    Wonderboy 3: Dragons Trap

    Can we please get an answer for yesterday's one?

    The Dig.

      After all this time, I thought you had it for a second...

    Altered Beast

    How is this not Silk Worm on the Amiga, which has been answered several times now?

    And Damn! what was Yesterdays? It's killing us!!!!

      Sorry, I'm getting a bit too attached to this each day.

    It's funny how Mark's get guessed instantly while Tracey's screenshots often prove too challenging.

    What they need to do is get Tracey to pick the screenshot but get Mark to post it claiming it's his.

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