Remember This?

Alright, let's take a break from GTA V and Battlefield 3, and play Remember This. Can you remember this game from a partioned screenshot? Let us know in the comments below!

Sorry guys, got distracted by chasing the Battlefield Street Break story! Here's clue number 2!


    Cardboard Box Manufacturers Tycoon?

      As a result, I'll have to say Metal Gear.

      (Or Sonic3D, as my original answer)

    GTA China Town Wars

    Bare Chested Knife Fight - Beach Volleyball.

    Also, Sonic 3D?

    Minecraft ~LOL~

    Legend Of Zelda - Wind Waker

    Virtua Racing

    Ironman Offroad Challenge (is that the correct name)?

      Googled it, the real name was "Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road".

      I'm getting the feeling that one was done recently though... deja vu?

    Halo: Combat Evolved

    Any modern brown palette shooter? (I kid!)

    I was going to say Out of This World as well but the lines are very straight so Imma gonna go with:


    This column has become pretty disappointing.

    It's gone from "Oh hey, there's some cool pics from an old game I almost recognize.." to "Wow. another 3 blobs of color from an extreme close-up. What fun."

    That said, this is obviously Brazilian Wax Tycoon running at lowest graphics settings.

    Was gonna say Q*bert... but that'd be too easy.

      Was also going with Q-Bert but the second clue says to me 'as if'.

    Flashback (cutscene?), would have said Another World but already guessed :) Looks very much like a polygonal head.

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