Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Go on! Have a guess! If you guys can't get it by this afternoon I'll throw up a second screenshot.


    Coder's Nightmare 4: The Codening: Glitch in the System.

      Call of Duty: Slightly Brown Wallfare 4

    Images aren't loading on the mobile site :(

      Yeah I'm having that problem too

        it's a slightly dark lime green background with a thin dark brown rectangle on the far right.

          I should add it goes from the top of the picture to the bottom and is right up against the edge.

            That'll have to be Mark and Tracey's next game: Can you guess the game from the vague description of part of a screenshot from my memory.

    pitfall on the atari?

      yeah that's what I think it is

      Nice work.


    Tiger Woods golf 2011

      "That's on the short stuff."

    Spy Hunter... or a top-down racer of some kind.

    Katamari Damacy

    My artistic skills in paint?

    Ahhh pitfall... I 'finished' that game backwards but never forwards. I had better luck jumping the scorpion for screen after screen until the wall gets in the way.

      Pixel hunting the safe spot to stand on a crocodile's head... Anyone...?
      ... I feel old now.

      *Shakes walking stick* ...Graphics?!? Back in my day, this is what we had, none of these fancy polygons and whatchermacallit... And sound effects... Well we had to make do with three: jump, vine swing and death.
      ... I think I need to go have a nap now.


    Legend of Zelda. Retro LoZ though, not the new stuff.

    Don't know why but my mind is screaming "Defender of the Crown" NES edition of course

    Mini Putt - The Ultimate Challenge?

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