Report: Nintendo 3DS Can Film 3D For A Chunk Of Time

10 minutes isn't an eternity. But on YouTube, 10 minutes is a fair bit of time. And, according to Japanese news source the Nikkei, that's how long you can shoot 3D on the 3DS.

Next month, the Nintendo 3DS is getting a big update. Later today, Nintendo will apparently be detailing said update. The Nikkei published a report that the update will bring 3D video filming functionality and the ability to upload clips to websites like YouTube.

Apparently, 3DS owners can shoot up to 10 minutes of 3D footage. The update will be free and supposedly hit in late November.

任天堂、「3DS」テコ入れへ新サービス [Nikkei]


    This would be more impressive if the 3DS camera wasn't so absolutely terrible.

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