Report: Sony Pictures Closing In On Assassin's Creed Movie Deal

Sony Pictures is close to signing a deal with Ubisoft to turn period-piece adventure game Assassin's Creed into a movie, Variety reports. More importantly, it sounds like the deal could actually result in a movie you'd want to watch.

The deal comes after a reported bidding war between several studios including Sony and Universal. Last summer Ubisoft launched Ubisoft Motion Pictures as part of a move to expand beyond gaming and become a transmedia company.

In theory, the new arm of Ubisoft would keep a close eye on the production of the movie to make sure it doesn't become, well, almost every other video game turned into movie: Bad. Variety reports that this ability to maintain creative control over the film was a key factor in the negotiations, which I'll take to be a very good sign.

Apparently Sony is as interested in Assassin's Creed as most of you are. Variety reports that they don't want to just make it into a movie, but rather bet on it become a major release with some future in the theatre.

Sony breeds 'Creed'


    " on it become a major release with some future in the theatre."

    Assassin's Creed: The Musical?

    Is it going to be about an assassin family that deals in antiquities?... wait, that kind of sounds like the plot of Assassin's Creed.

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