Rocksmith's European Release Delayed By Trademark Dispute

On Wednesday Ubisoft said Rocksmith, the rhythm game playable with a real guitar, would be delayed in Europe until 2012 because of "music licensing" and "other factors". Yeah, you could say that.

Turns out there's a rock band in the UK that goes by the name, wait for it, "Rocksmith". Apparently Ubisoft forgot to check on that or clear it up ahead of time.

The band leader told Eurogamer that he went to Ubisoft with a proposal to keep things out of the courts. "We could promote the game, you could promote the band — we'll even give you some songs to put on there," Kris Ford said. "And they just ignored me."

So he did something they couldn't ignore — filed a formal opposition with the European Union agency that oversees trademarks. In the aftermath, Ford has accused Ubisoft of trying to bully him, threatening him with legal action for defamation because of comments he's made to the media. He says the matter is progressing "very slowly", which probably accounts for why Ubisoft's revised release date is no more specific than 2012.

Rocksmith Band Blocking Ubisoft Speaks [Eurogamer]


    I was wondering why no-one had done this yet. And now i'm wondering why they don't just change the name?

    I didn't realise computer games and rockbands were in the same trademark category.... its pretty ridiculous if they are... this computer game is hardly pretending to be some unheard of UK band, or trying to make money from their "reputation" in any way shape or form... I hope ubisoft crush them for attempting to manipulate trademark law for their own selfish gain at the expense of the rest of us that just want the game to come out already.

      They're not normally, the trouble is the game is specifically a music game, which then makes the two come under the same category. As such, the trademarks conflict and Ubisoft is in the wrong

    So you think it would be ok for a game maker to make a game called metallica? Wouldn't you take some sort of opportunity if it was you? Anyways...

    Metallica is a name, Rocksmith is kinda just a word/combination of two words. There is some difference in your comparison.

    And as someone said.... they are two different industries in a sense. Why would they try and steal this band's name. I've never heard of them anyway lol.

    There is an obvious and blatant crossover between the two industries in question and the band has the right to defend its trademark if other solutions cannot be found.

    Rock being a genre of music and Smith being a formal name for a specific tradesman (e.g. Blacksmith) the band and the game can have reasonably come to the same naming idea without one stealing or attempting to make good of anothers name. It doesnt matter if the name is the same and that they are both involved in music, they are not attempting to use the others name to make money or career advances. Rocksmith is a conglomeration of words and not a proper name. It doesnt matter what the band called themselves unless they registered the name as a trademark or invented the word to describe a particular product they need to let this drop before they are found liable for loses in court. This is about the band trying to use game to promote themselves and will be seen as such in court.
    Hope to see this settled soon as I have been waiting almost a year for this release.

    I think the band Rocksmith is using this as a way of generating free publicity for thier band which nobody would have even heard of otherwise (at least outside the UK i assume)

    The phrase 'no press is bad press' comes to mind.

      nah, this exact same reason is why Rock Band 2 and the rock band network never came to Australia

    That Band Leader is asking for too much. Greedy person.

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