Rockstar's Already Thinking Of Mobile Ports For GTA Vice City And San Andreas

Two weeks ago Rockstar said it was bringing its seminal hit Grand Theft Auto III to state-of-the-art mobile platforms. Yes, they already know what you're thinking.

Bringing over Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be a "technical challenge", the studio told Digital Trends, but they're already thinking in that direction, calling it "very possible".

What else is possible? Playing the game with a good-old wired Xbox 360 controller. The mobile version will support USB controllers on devices that have USB controller support. Ah, but what about the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S? Well, there's the Camera Connection Kit, or other third-party multiport interfaces that let you connect such devices.

You can check out Evan Narcisse's impressions of the mobile version here.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Mobile Hands-on Preview [Digital Trends]


    Yes please. Ahhh the wait for the GTA V trailer is absolutely killing me!!!

    if i had a ipad and GTA vice city or san andreas was on it, i would play it all the time.

    I'm just glad they're working with Android platforms as well. Bout time some companies were smart enough to do market research instead of buying into Apple's bs hype.

      Its about being financially viable Chazz, at the company I work for we have to sell 150k+ copies of a product on the Apple store to justify thinking about developing the same game/app for Android at the moment. It is more difficult to develop for and despite the number of handsets, has a much smaller base of users that actively purchase paid apps/games.

        Financially viable?

        You ain't gonna get that with the Android crowd if they feel there will be little to no support for products, let alone new content.

        Hell, do you think that everything was peachy-keen from the get go on the Apple app store? You have to push the platform before you'll see a return. That's what happened with Apple and now companies have a chance to do the same but with a far broader audience than Apple could ever offer.

        Plus, if development and cost was so drastically different on a platform that offers more options and such (Android) as opposed to a locked in platform (Apple) then the computer gaming world would focus on Mac. So that excuse is pure bullshit.

          The vast majority of the gaming world as a whole IS focussing on tightly defined "locked in" platforms, they are called consoles.

          I don't really care about putting a lot of effort into helping out a platform become more viable for the sake of it when the same effort can be instantly reaping nice rewards on the existing app store. Business is not a charity :)

            Sorry you must've missed the part where I said "computer gaming" as in for the last 30 years where Macs were/are a locked platform and PC's weren't yet developers went for PC...

            And focussing on a platform that is is showing a constant drop in marketshare and is continuing to drop is not exactly smart business.

            You have to spend money to make money. That's how the Apple app store became the gold mine it was. Now it's lost it's shine and is going to do nothing but fade away.

              oops, replied below :)

              "you have to spend money to make money"

              No you don't. That's a complete crock.

    Oh well Macs constituted such a small market share for the last 30 years that of course no-one would focus on developing games for them, I sure wouldn't have!

    Really appreciate the business advice mate, but considering my profession is the business of developing and selling mobile applications, I think I'll stick to my own metrics in deciding what the 'smart' thing to do is ;)

      Tell me, with your infinite wisdom of the mobile application business, were all major contributors seeing an instant profit with the Apple app store?

        What do you mean by major contributors? Personally, we started about 5 months after the app store opened and we were profitable through app sales within 8 months after that.

          So even with 5 months of market growth in your favour it took 8 months on top of that to make a profit.

          Now you have an option of pursuing a platform that has a market share greater than Apple has ever seen and you pass it off as not financially viable?

          Your company must have some real brain power happening...

            The market share based on number of handsets is absolutely irrelevant, the important factor is the number of people with the given platform that readily and regularly pay for applications.

            I'd LOVE android to grow to have the same amount of transactions within it's stores! But my job is to make money, not to help grow platforms. I, and most people, can't justify that to their shareholders. Maybe Rockstar have deep enough pockets to help!

              Again, you're talking as if the Apple app store had the same number of paying customers from the get go which clearly it didn't if it took 8 months to turn a profit.

              How much of that 8 months was at a loss? Surely some, if not most of it, was before you saw it turn towards profit.

              THAT is how things work. Apple showed decent growth, your company invested money into cashing in on that, it took a loss to get to the point of a profit.

              The same can be done for Android with the potential (you know, the thing your company took a gamble on with Apple) of reaching an even bigger market.

                You're absolutely correct! But now that one viable app store exists, I can no longer justify spending time making a loss to help another one grow when I could just be making more money on the established one. That's for bigger players and new risk-takers to do!

                  And when the existing one runs or drops to the point that breaking even is a good day what happens then? Especially when the chance to get in on the growing market (the one showing stronger, more consistent growth than the current one) has now passed by and more money will be needed to make a wave and stand out? (That last part is rather speculative of me but then again I don't know what it is that your company offers the mobile market) :P

    Back on topic, a San Andreas remake would be awesome! Though I just cant quite comprehend truly enjoying playing it without sticks and buttons.

    No mobile versions... HD Update NOW!

      +1 but preferably both.

        Yeah for whatever reason we can't buy the Xbox Originals version of this in Australia - which pisses me off.

        As for Android - they need an equivalent to the iTunes card for their marketplace - then people will buy stuff - I'm not giving my credit card details over the phone in any reality.

    Am I the only one thinking of the PS Vita?

      Pshh, Sony need to focus on the Xperia Play. That thing is the true future of portable gaming. A new version of that with more RAM and a better CPU would be the greatest thing ever.

        Probably be easier to put a regular cellphone in the vita (and ship it with a bluetooth headset so you don't have to hold it up to your head like the ngage taco)

    Native support for the 360 controller? Sold! I have a wired one just laying around for the odd PC game that is going to now find itself permanently attached to my Xoom.

    Android could really be a big player in the mobile gaming marketplace if they make one of the controllers standard. At the moment ive seen games support several types of controllers.

    Im very happy with the 360 controller or even if google made one of its own.

    If they do this, but don't port it to the PSVita... I'm officially gonna be pissed at them.

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