Rumour: Battlefield 3 May Still Make It To Steam

A couple of days back we noted how 'buddy buddy' the competition between EA and Valve seemed to be, with regards to Steam and Origin, which makes sense since there is still money to be made on both ends from working together. With that in mind, the Battlefield3Blog has reported that, according to an anonymous source, EA and Valve are in last minute discussions to get the game up on Steam.

The problem, according to EA, is a dispute over how DLC would be sold. But in an interview with us a couple of months back, David DeMartini, Senior Vice President of Global Online, claimed that EA's priority was delivering the game to as many consumers as possible.

“As it relates to Battlefield and Mass Effect,” DiMartini said, “I think we’re trying to reach as many customers as we possibly can, and we’re trying to give customers as much choice as we possibly can."

Our bet is that the stakes are too high. Our bet is that Battlefield 3 will be available on Steam.

Report: EA and Valve in late-stage talks to get Battlefield 3 to Steam [Battlefield3Blog]


    Im still on the side of "Not on Steam, Not in my collection"

    But i will be more than happy to buy on Steam and play in Origin :)

    Starting to sound like the Apple and in-app purchasing issue now :/

    Don't do it EA... be your own man.

      Don't listen James, EA, be one of the cool kids!

    Noooo, now my thunder has been stolen from TAY!

    Oh, what da matter EA. you just found out that no one likes Origin and the feeling of fear and panic starting to set in and the thought of BF3 is out done by MW3 is just too much? and all the BF3 and MW3 fanboys who read this are gay...hehehe i like a laugh.

      I'm pretty sure that not all BF3 and MW3 fanboys have homosexual tendencies.

        Nothing wrong with being passionate about something your interested in

          No but there's a lot wrong with how he expressed that passion.

            I'm referring to being a fanboy, not that drivel about being homosexuals

    That's some good news but BF3 is still gonna suffer a loss of numbers methinks. Having recently reinstalled BF2, a lot of people who partook in the BF3 beta seem to be coming back to BF2 on the servers I'm playing on because what they've seen of BF3 seemed "too much like Bad Company" so they say.

    It makes sense to cooperate, and the DLC quibble seems a bit petty in comparison.

      Especially considering there are other EA games on Steam which don't sell their DLC through steam.

    Yes. Origin is rubbish. Just use Steam. Please!?

    Origin isn't nearly as bad as what everyone claims it to be. It really just hold your games in a library (like steam) and allows you to launch them (like steam). It doesn't really do it worse than steam nor better.

      exactly, even though the EA store has about 10 games in it it does its job how you expect it to.

      It's the fact that it's Steam MINUS most features and no benefits AT ALL and thus completely pointless.

        Damn it Chazz, I swear we agree on almost everything. I think you might be me posting in my sleep.

          Shotgun being the Tyler Durden personality.

            Man, that means I'm a little b***h.

              I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise :P

        Agreed, isn't there also something on there about ways that you can lose all of the games tied to your account and no longer be able to download them?

          Two years is what I hear. If you haven't played it in two years they will possibly revoke your license for the game.

      As a library it's no better or worse than Steam. True.

      But Steam isn't just a library, it's so much more these days.

      And on top of that Origin can't be just good enough. It has to be a lot better if it's going to convince people it isn't a massive inconvenience to spread their games over two separate libraries.

        Why does it need to be more than it is already though?

          Because if there's already something that does the exact same job but is far more refined, less prone to bugs and has a heap of other features as well (plus a better ToS) then it needs to offer something to make it worthwhile otherwise it's just an unnecessary program running in the background.

      I get a flat 7-8mb/s from Origin which compared to Steam i have issues on some games getting even 1mb/s...

      Then again Steam has ALOT more games that Origin currently but still...

        I reckon we're only seeing high speeds on Origin because there aren't that many people using it, compared to Steam's massive user base.

        If Origin took off, you'd see your download rate drop as the servers became saturated.

    So we have to use steam on top of origin?

    Oh man.

    I think one of the reasons that BF3 'needs' Origin is because maybe when you go into MP in the final version, it opens up the web page thingy in Origin's in-game browser. This is just pure speculation on my part though. Of course, it would be great if they sold it on Steam though.

      Does it at least work as an overlay like Steam's browser or do you have to minimise/alt+tab or close out of the game to access it?

        No, it works like Steam's browser. No alt-tabbing required :)

          Well that's a start.

      I've actually been logging in through the URL in my web browser. This fires up the game without me using the Origin library. although I have been already signed into Origin when I do this...

    There is nothing really wrong with origin. The problem is having to use it at all. Firstly, there is now battlelog which handels your log in, server browsing and game launching. So why bother with origin at all. It's only there as a distribution platform, in which case it shouldn't matter what store/platform/retailer is used? I mean you dont use origin on PS3 or Xbox do you?
    Steam isnt just a good platform its good to have everything in one place.

      Origin functions like Steam... in that it's a DRM system.

        But Battlelog already functions as a DRM system, Origin is redundant.

          Does it?
          I thought Origin was their distribution and DRM service, battlelog... like Autolog, was their social media platform?

            But you can't log into battlelog without a copy of the game. There's your DRM

    well... then i might, just might, think about buying it

    Pretty sure Origin's EULA/ToS are still ridiculous = No purchase from me at all, no matter if it's on Steam or not!

    Oh great, after many of us have already pre-ordered the game.

    I guess if it's on steam before launch we can just cancel pre-order.

    What's the issue with their ToS / EULA?

      Something like voiding your game purchases if you don't log in after a certain amount of time or some such.

      Basically the thing is about that EA reserve the right to withdraw your purchases.

    Origin has jack all on it, i brought Bf3 and ME3 a while back and to be honest i have these 2 and impulse... someone needs to write a meta client client like trillain for all these bloody gaming platforms, (don't even mention gfwl/live)

    GODDAMN, already pre ordered it on origin. :'(

    Got it cheap as like 20 bucks, so will cancel if it comes on steam. but still kind of shit of them.

    Still considering skipping any EA game if I need to install Origin onto my pc. The whole "We will scan your pc for any EA game, add it to Origin and then threaten to kill your ability to play said game on whim without recourse" doesn't sit well with me.

    Yes, I know Steam has similiar policies but my experiences with Steam and EA customer support leave me more inclined to trust Steam.

    I pre-ordered it at retail. So looks like I'm going to play it through Origin. I might cancel the pre-order and get it through Steam if these meetings are successful.
    It makes financial sense for them to release it on Steam.

    ill be interested to see what happens. Either way im skipping it till i get a better pc

    who cares about this crap anymore? honestly, this series died with battlefield bad company 1.

    Even if Origin is a failure, having it around probably gives EA a better position to negotiate with Valve over revenue splits on Steam.

    Steam has never caused my brand new install of windows 7 to BSOD twice in a half hour. Origin has.

    Steam has never forced me to have not one, but two side programs open in order to play (GFWL isn't forced by Steam so I won't count it). Origin has.

    Steam has never had such incredibly counter-intuitive menus. Origin has.

    Steam isn't 158mb at install. Origin is.

    Origin is worse than Steam was at launch and circa 2004, Steam was an alarmingly poor system. I have no doubt it will get better, but as it stands, not only are they seven years behind the market, they are many years behind in useability and customer experience.

    If it ends up being Origin only, I'll pick up BF3 at some point in the future, but I won't be rushing. If it's on Steam, I will have it before Christmas.

    Anyone noticed that a few EA titles have popped back up on steam after they were removed?

    Ohhh i hope to heck that this is NOT a rumor, i need this game on steam, but how bad is this for all the steam goer's that purchased it on other platforms and then it comes out on steam.. so bad

    Heres hoping you dont have to run origin in the background when you launch it through steam.. at very least it would be nice to just run a silent version of origin

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