Rumour: Is A Next Generation Xbox Set For A 2013 Release?

Rumour: Is A Next Generation Xbox Set For A 2013 Release?

Rumour: Is A Next Generation Xbox Set For A 2013 Release? Develop is reporting that Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360, is set for a 2013 release, as suggested by a number of different sources – from “chip manufacturers to middleware firms”. In addition, Lionhead is apparently working on a project titled ‘Fable Next’.

According to the report, sources expect the console to be unveiled at E3 2013 and released in the holiday period that same year.

It’s not completely outside the realm of possibility that Microsoft is looking to release a new console over the next couple of years, and 2013 is as good a year as any. It would be naive to believe that both Microsoft and Sony aren’t currently working on new tech for release in the next two or three years, and if that’s the case, then surely a handful of studios are currently hard at work creating launch titles.

Personally, I think 2013 is a good year. I’ve loved the extended period of this generation of consoles, and it’s arguably been the best generation for games ever, but console tech is starting to show its age, and I’m about ready for something new.

Sources point to 2013 launch for ‘Xbox Next’ [Develop]


  • I think they’d be jumping the gun. There’s a good install base for PS3 and 360, so surely the big publishers – not necessarily developers – would be happy to sell to that larger audience.

    Still, I’ll jump on an Xbox 720 into nose manual, into Darkslide, into fakie ollie, revert etc etc

    • No they wouldn’t. The Xbox 360 will be eight years old in 2013, the hardware even older. Newer games are pretty much maxing out the hardware. Additionally they’ve reached saturation point, at least at the present pricing. Xbox Sales are down, according to MS’s current financials.

      Hell, if Kinect hadn’t been successful I think we’d have been seeing them unveiling the new system this year. I think 2013 to reveal it is too late, I predict around E3 2012. Possibly a big punch from MS where they release Windows 8, reveal Windows Phone 8 and a new console around the same time, all with cohesive interfaces and branding etc.

      • That would be a pretty smart marketing idea for Microsoft – to have Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and a new Xbox platform to release at roughly the same time, especially if they managed to cross-platform various functionalities between all three devices.

      • I tend to agree with your comments NegetiveZero. Especially with regard to Kinect. A majority of my gaming is played on the PS3 but I couldnt help buy a new 360S with Kinect considering their current price.

        The Kinect is a fantastic piece of kit and without a doubt has encouraged the shelf life of the 360.

        With my pack that I bought only last Friday, I got Gears of War 3. There is nothing shabby about how that game looks either – and for that matter neither does Forza 4.

          • why the need for a new xbox? -wii u’s and psvita’s imminent arrival will take some of the curent gaming pie in a worlwide economic downturn meaning likely less spending on older consoles, ps4’s likely arrival a year or so after wii u and vita, and most obviously, game sales are finally starting to slow at retail -that’s despite newish hardware add ons (kinect & move) which were put on sale to breath new consumer interest, further hardware install base growth and prolong high games sales for another 18-36 months, if possible (which at first seemed likely, but now seems unlikely).

            I also agree with NegativeZero on announcement and release timing and the appeal of a compelling multi-platform, single brand strategy (it’s worked well with iOS).

            My big questions going into the next gen are:

            Will Nintendo get multiple simultaneous screenplay working, and their online services up to scratch from day 1. They also really need to review there software pricing phillosophy in light of iOS, 3ds sales, browser and mobile phone gaming competition, and the economy diverting people to seek out cheaper entertainment options in general. Not to mention, overcome the lacklustre brand and stock damaging rushed reveal.

            For Sony and microsoft, they have bothe done reasonably well this gen and I look forward to seeing what they come up with, with two caveats…

            Can Sony offer a secure online service?

            Can Microsoft finally come up with a functional d-pad?

  • certainly, but other than a graphical leep and the ability to add more enemies and more stuff on the screen what else can there be in the next step in games. Motion controls ehh, there has to be something different, something new.

    Bio-metric data is something that should be read into. The ability to read heath rate on the controller, then a camera to read temperature and other information like reactions which can be feed back to the AI in the game to change the game to your behaviour. That would be something to look into.

    • Aside from motion controls, even the current generation didn’t really open any new types of gameplay, and I think it’s the first generation where that’s happened. Hopefully, as you say, the next gen will unlock some new unforeseen potential.

      Of the current gameplay types, I think sandbox has the most room for technological improvement. I’m sick of how you can have a cataclysmic firefight with the cops, scatter corpses and burning cars everywhere, then drive around the block and everything’s disappeared. If GTA Next makes it so all my actions have a permanent effect on the world, including realistic building damage and fire physics, then I’ll never stop playing it. The city will be reduced to rubble, and I will build a palace from the bodies of my enemies. And it will probably smell.

      But I’m mainly hoping they do everything in their power to minimise load times. Long load times are total boner killers.

    • All the Wii-U has accomplished so far is reminding console makers not to jump in with half-finished hardware.

  • PC is FINALLY starting to show technical superiority to console. Two years from now makes sense, to finish out the lifespan of the current consoles. It’s very impressive what Xbox and PS have managed to do this gen.

    • What do you mean finally? PC has been able to easily outdo all the consoles for years now. Hell even low end machines can match the current gen no probs and consoles don’t come close to the high end pcs.

      • This is true. PCs only had some trouble running the same games on more powerful hardware because of badly optimized, rushed port jobs (Hello Ubisoft!).

        For the most part, bad ports have been slowly slipping away over the years… which I am glad about. Now we have games like BF3 using PC as lead development platform, and I hope more developers follow suit. It’s better to develop a high end game and lower it down to a console level than create a console game and give PC users a blurry game with performance issues and horrible mouse movement.

        That being said, I’m still interested in checking out some new consoles. Some games are better suited to them. Not forgetting great console-exclusives like Uncharted. 🙂

        • “PCs only had some trouble running the same games on more powerful hardware because of badly optimized, rushed port jobs (Hello Ubisoft!).”

          They also have the trouble of intrusive DRM – yes I am looking at you EA and Ubisoft! – and there is this odd-ball myth about that better hardware means better game play.

          What we need is for developers to stop being hogs and start making exclusives for specific platforms. Take the Uncharted games – they still defy the limits of the cell processor despite its age.

    • Finally? You mean it’s finally gotten to the point that you pretty much can’t buy a new desktop PC slower than a console even if you try?

      • I’ve owned most consoles since the nes gen and loved most of them in varying degrees while also being dedicated to pc gaming. Since the release of the first voodoo though, no console has ever matched a high end pc, and since the advent of cheap 3d accelerators, they have rarely matched the middle for long. The closest has probably been the Xbox 360 in it’s first 6 months or so when it’s games were comparible to many pc games on high end pcs.

        Consoles have very feew advantages over pc gaming these days, and part of that is because Sony and MS pushed their consoles to be more like pcs, where as at least nintendo have tried to do something different (even though it’s not what i cared for).

      • It’s been meaningful for years only need to look at stuff like physX and the like

        the problem has been that because console’s can’t use the meaningful advantages of PC advancements. When games are ported over they don’t enhance the game.

    • Lol what?!?!?!??!?!

      The xbox360/PS3 were considered weak hardware compared to most PC’s even when they were first released.

      Are you crazy? Consoles are just cheap, branded, content and control locked PC’s mate.

      • I think what he means is that even though PC’s had more processing power, it never materialized in a meaningful way when it came to actual software. Aside from improved textures, PC games never looked better than console versions, and often ran worse.

        But with Battlefield 3 that may be starting to shift.

        That’s what he means. And he’s right, I think.

        • But that’s not a problem with the PC’s themselves.

          it’s a problem with the developer’s being lazy, and it’s not something that PC’s can really do much about.

          • Mostly true, but look at the PC exclusive Red Orchestra 2. Being an exclusive it should be blowing consoles out of the water. But with endless stability problems and decent but not amazing graphics, it’s really not embarrassing Microsoft or Sony.

            Tripwire are a hard working small developer though so it may not be the best example. Grateful for you to give me a better one though.

        • I think it comes down to the complete experience.
          For years I was an avid PC gamer, tweaking graphic settings, updating drivers, killing off background applications hunched over the keyboard, looking enviously at new hardware, realizing if I wanted to change the graphics card I needed to change the mobo to match and the ram and the processor as the tech changed over the years and have spent 10s of thousands of dollars since my first pc in ’95
          Lugging it to lan parties then spending the better part of the day trying to get everyone networked properly

          And then I got a console, for the most part just put the disk in and it works.

          I can play the latest games without worrying about if its going to support my hardware or not.

          I am a lazy gamer now, I want a control pad and a comfy chair and a 55 inch tv to play on after a day of work.

          If graphics and keyboard and mouse controls and tinkering/tweaking are what is important Pc is the way to go full stop.

          If ease of experience and least barriers to getting into the game is important to you console is the way to go.

      • I think what he means is that even though PC’s had more processing power, it never materialized in a meaningful way when it came to actual software. Aside from improved textures, PC games never looked better than console versions, and often ran worse.

        But with Battlefield 3 that may be starting to shift. That’s what he means. And he’s right, I think.

  • Here is a little something I’ve posted before…

    Personally I think Xbox/MS/343 are crazy is if they don’t move to an xbox720 or whatever the new xbox is codenamed with Halo 4.

    Why spend so much resources and have an the longest gap in console generation history just to bring Halo 3 again?

    Seriously the limits of the current gen xbox 360 are so prevalent in games now it’s almost hindering developers and the progress of game evolution.

    Imagine the difference in Halo with a new generation console…Now imagine Halo 4 on the xbox 360. It’s not exactly the sort of thing that makes me want Halo for the next 10 years.

    That critical leap to a next generation console would be the launch title and launch console platform to ignite the Halo franchise once again, for another 10 years.

    I’ts my personal guess that this strategy and console will be hidden away, media confirmd until the last minute as a 360 title and end up as either an exlusive 720 or backwards compatible 360/720 launch title.

    • Todd, did you play Halo:Reach. It was a whole buttload prettier than Halo 3 and they managed that on the 360. Even GoW3 looks pretty spectacular.

      I know that we can always do better, but I think the argument can be made that no-one can afford to right now.

      • Yeah I still play Reach, Deus Ex etc.

        You have to appreciate game engine development/resources beyond graphics mate.

        Take into account the poor AI in most games, that is because the AI resources are intensive when not just simple if then else statements basically.

        Factoring in networking, graphics, inputs, AI, textures etc and the current gen consoles are now at their utmost limits and have been for a number of years now.

        Games like Uncharted simply apply ‘rails’ to condense the game down into a more graphically impressive feat.

        Fact is most of the advances are in better games development for story telling and lighting etc.

        Trust me as soon as you delve into next gen AI and lighting the current gen consoles are not even close to having the capacity to deliver the next 10 years of xbox or Halo for that matter.

        In my opinion MS/343 have to be crazy not to have the xbox Next ready for Halo 4 launch.

        • Is it really going to be fun if we have AI-controlled opponents that read/out-smart us at every turn? Save for Demon and Dark Souls afficianados, people generally hate higher difficulty levels.

          What I’m saying is: we lost a lot of studios on account of higher development costs. Moving to a new generation of hardware when it isn’t really needed is going to bring about more casualties.

          This isn’t a war… it’s murder. This ain’t a war, it’s a moidah.

    • He said this on twitter:

      “I’m not allowed to tell you we’re working on Fable:NextGen otherwise you won’t bother buying Fable:Journey”

  • I truly believe the big thing for the next generation will be integrated interconnectivity.

    I feel Microsoft will release the successor to the 360 in line with the release of their new OS, Windows 8. (which I assume will be coming out 2012-2013) Considering if I remember correctly the Windows 8 OS will come with an application akin to Xbox Live. Having the ability to interconnect the new Xbox with a Windows 8 PC, think something like being able to play a game on your Xbox, then go away and continue playing it on your PC, something along those lines. Same with the Tablet and Smartphone market with Windows 8 OS soon to be released on them as well, the ability to be able to interconnect your entire hardware library would be a wise move on Microsoft’s part.

    Thing is Sony could probably do the same thing to a degree if it were to team up with Google/Android platform. . .

  • Hopefully Xbox continues it’s backwards compatibility. While I don’t play a lot of Xbox games on my 360, I like having the option to do so. I have quite a library or 360 games, which I’m hoping will play on the 720, or whatever it’s gonna be called.

    Or they could go down the Playstation route, no backwards compatability, but we’ll remake our PS2 games with prettier graphics and charge you to buy them again!

  • I’m ok with 2013 or so, but I hope they do away with region locking altogether at that point. I don’t know what country I’ll be in that year (maybe going on exchange or something) so I’m a bit worried about the whole region thing…

      • It’s going to be called the HexBox, and it’s going to be all gold and hexagonal and shit, like that nightclub in Deus Ex. Will also run on mana.

        Or they just call it the 720. I don’t care.

  • :\ Microsoft makes a new console, starts making another sequel to a franchise.

    What is with Microsoft and that pattern? I’ll bet 50 dollars that this rumoured device is powered by what was originally the PS4 or Wii-U CPU.

  • Eh So long as they have at least 6Gb of Ram and a mandatory 60-500Gb HDD in each console i’ll be happy.

    I think we are going to see the Xbox come even closer to being a PC than before.

    Slap Window’s 8 on it and you can have a MAC equivalent hardware locked. Allow it to work the same as a home PC.

    Hopefully this time they are aiming for a smaller window between generation’s.

    i think anything more that 4-5 years is to long

  • I don’t think it’ll be any earlier than Holiday mid-2013, and I’ll be surprised if it’s any later than mid-2014. My prediction for some time has been Holiday 2013. Holiday 2012 is a narrow possibility, but I’d have expected to see more leaks or even an announcement at this year’s E3 if that were the case.

  • What they need to do is look into making consoles that are ungradable that are also user friendly. Where you can easily swap out the old tech with the new tech, or add new tech without needing to pull the entire thing apart or to take it to a PC store. That way, every few years they can release new tech that’s easy to install but won’t require a new console in order to get working.

    Developers can work around these upgrades too. For example, if Battlefield 3 was released onto the “new” console, it can read what tech you have then limit the player to something like a small 24 player Rush match and if the user has “upgraded” then they can participate in a 64 player match. You won’t be limiting the entire player base but only to what games they can handle.

    • if it was as easy as say the HDDs on an xbox yea, but if ya swapping chips and opening them up might as well get a PC

      • Or console makers can aim for some middle ground. Like have swapable components but manage the platform al la Apple in that the manufactures control the drivers.

        Or, as I often say many times, developers can focus on milking the static hardware to work beyond its limitations. The moment one gets into swapable components, one finds him or her self in the same terrain that make PCs undesirable – driver hell.

  • I think 2013 is a good time to release a new console. Gives me a chance to finish of most of the 360 games I own that I haven’t completed yet or to at the very least gives me a chance to buy them.

    Hoping the new consoles add backwards compatibility so then I don’t need to have two consoles like I do with Playstation.

    Tends to take me a while to play games – just started Demons Souls for instance – so I tend to have a large back catalogue. 😛

  • The chrome 360 in the header pic looks pretty sweet. I suppose in reality it’s dinky but in the pic, I like!

  • Meh. I don’t really have much time to play games at the moment so I’m still catching up on old ones. In order to save money I simply get a few old games each year.

    And they still look great. Just finished Assassins Creed 2 – still looks great. Also playing PGR4 – again, still looks great – and the odd bit of Banjo Kazooie N&B – still great.

    What I would *REALLY* like though is a single console. Well, a single game standard. Every manufacturer can develop their own version but it must be able to play every game on the format. This would be beneficial in so many ways, including these –

    1 – customer would only have to buy one console as there would be no exclusives

    2 – increased competition in developers as, say, Mario would be up against LittleBigPlanet

    3 – development costs would be reduced as only one version of the game would need to be produced

    4 – every manufacturer would be able to get in on it (yes, even Sega would be able to proudly boast they were manufacturing home video game hardware again, and you know they’d make a Dreamcast 2)

    Unlikely to happen though.

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