Rumour: Is Spielberg Behind A Halo Movie Revival?

I was massively disappointed when the proposed Halo movie, produced by Peter Jackson, buckled under the weight of budget expectations, but now - as reported on HBO - rumours are circulating that Steven Spielberg is set to revive the project. are apparently reporting that they were sent a press kit for the new book Halo: Cryptum, and a phrase at the end of said press kit stated the following...

A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.

Our guess is this is just a huge misunderstanding. If a Halo movie ever gets made, I doubt it will be based on a spin off book set the universe - surely it'll be focused on the original game, and most likely it won't get announced via a random press kit.

More news as we get it.

This is becoming a yearly thing [HBO]


    Yeah... I'm not buying.

    I'd love a Halo film though.

    Already confirmed not happening for now.

    Even though i'm not much of a Halo fan, i think they shouldn't mess with it.. Movies always tend to be underwhelming - just keep releasing games that the fans love, and books to fill in the blanks... save people the disappointment

    Plus, if Spielberg gets his hands on it, he'll just replace all the guns with walkie-talkies

    Master Chief will be the head of a family of international antiquities dealers travelling ahhh f*** it.

    This'll come out the weekend after the Splinter Cell movie comes out...




    C'mon it'd work great. Epic set pieces, diverse cast of flawed characters, sexual tension between Carter and Kat, it has everything you need for a hollywood blockbuster.

      wait spartan sex scene? *clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank* *bebebebebebebe* F**K my shields are down *bwoooooooooooooooooob* there we go *clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank**clank*

        Crysis sex scene;

        Maximum intercourse.

          I laughed out loud. Funniest comment all week haha

    Tom Cruise as Master Chief...

    Spielberg is actually making Jurassic Park 4 anyways, while George Lucas Re-Edits his Star Wars - I think they've both gone senile...

    Cryptum came out around the beginning of this year. So it's definitely not new.

    Rumour= debunked

    After Pixar makes the Ratchet & Clank movie first

      When Pixar makes a Ratchet and Clank movie, the stars will have aligned in such a way that the world will instantly become a better place to live in.

      Also, I think, if true, this'd be more of a Spielberg funding it thing than directing it. He's currently doing/going to do the TV shows Smash, Falling Skies, Terra Nova, The River and the movies Tintin (and the inevitable sequel), War Horse, MIB3 and Cloud Atlas.

      That said, if true, it'll definitely have some sort of broken family. Spielberg loves him some broken families.

        Master Chief: "I... am your father!"

        Arbiter: "Nooooooooooo!"

        Master Chief: "Now do your homework like a good little boy."

        Arbiter: "I hate you. I blame you for mum having all her affairs and running off with that floating robot thing. I'm going to join the Covenant army JUST to spite you!"

    But the Peter Jackson Halo film didn't die, it became District 9 and was probably better as a result.

    Personally, if they did a Halo film, I'd love for it to be based on the character relations in ODST. Don't want just a full blown shoot'em up film, Halo has the opportunity to be rich in story and character conflict.

    Otherwise, we'd just be watching Avatar 2. Shallow, but the guns look nice.

      ODST and Reach both had very moving storylines, but I would think they would base it moreso on the books. Something closer to "Contact Harvest".

    At least Spielberg can't balls up this one by adding aliens into the story...

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