Samsung's New SSD Drives Will Come With Free Copy Of Batman: Arkham City

All versions of Samsung's new 830 series SSD drives will come with a free copy of Batman: Arkham City, the company's vice president said during a press conference tonight.

Reid Sullivan, senior vice president of mobile entertainment at Samsung Electronics America, announced the giveaway at a press conference in Manhattan tonight by bringing the Dark Knight out on stage and playing a trailer from the game.

The SSD drives come in four sizes, all of which will come with a code for the game: The 512 GB drive runs $US850, $US430 for the 256GB version, $US230 for the 128GB and $US130 for the 64GB version.


    128GB version is it, bitches!

    pretty cool inclusion... if they perform well i might grab one

    Sounds tempting, but i am quite happy with my OCZ Agility 3 120gb atm

    Here I was thinking that SSD storage was becoming affordable!

    Still, having a smaller, faster drive dedicated to games only could be worth it.

    These perform well with bf3? My only real concern when building my first gaming pc :)

      its not gonna make the game run at 200 fps, if thats what you are asking. It will help with load times and the like, however.

      a small SSD for your OS and your favourite game is the best idea. can fit like OS plus 2 big games on a 64gb and then all programs and other games on a regular 1tb drive. thats what i do.

    This is a cool dead but SSDs are still abit too expensive for me.

    I've been looking into getting my first SSD, this might just be the deal that helps me decide.

    Ahhh, the old solid state drive drives.

      I might withdraw the cash from the ATM machine to purchase one.

    well the new OCZ drives are almost half the price of that.. buy one of them and a copy of batman and have money left over to take the missus out for dinner

    Tempted to replace the HDD my non-gaming netbook, what sort of improvements do you get in OS boot time? I use it for uni, always a pain when it take 5-10 minutes to be up and running to take notes.

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