See How Much Counter-Strike's Maps Have Changed

If you're not quite sure how much spit and polish has been applied to Counter-Strike's more memorable levels as part of the game's upcoming Global Offensive update, check out these comparison shots.

Using official screenshots or trailer screengrabs as a base, players have staked out the exact same spots on existing versions of the maps, to give us all an idea of how much trash, debris and other assorted stuff is being added to breathe a little more life into the stages.

As you can see, some, like Nuke, haven't changed much! Others, like Dust, have changed a lot.

Map comparison between CSS & CSGO [Steam, via PC Gamer]

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    But but I want dust in my dust.

    I imagine if there was anything other than a simple retexturing done of the classic maps, there would have been a horde of fanboys angrily continuing to play CS 1.6 instead of buying GO.

      those that play CSS might pick up GO. Nobody playing CS1.6 would switch to GO, since otherwise they would of be playing CSS by now.

        I think you'll find those playing 1.6 aren't doing so because of the visuals.. they prefer the movement and gameplay..

        GO's whole point is to make a competitive shooter like 1.6, yet upgrade the visuals..

    A simple "not that much" would have sufficed.

    main thing i take from this is that awareneass and readability is lowered due to more visual clutter


      Should we 'redesign' sports arenas to 'better resemble true locations in reality' with tall grass and gophers and a few shrubberies here and there? :-P

      Counter Strike was never about visuals, so adding clutter seems like a waste of time to me.

    Negative comments from gamers? NO WAI!

    Looks good, will buy after playing 1.6 & Source for the last 8 years.

    More than anything, I like the simplicity of the counter strike maps, and with all the clutter they've added, that simplicity is gone and in some cases looks ugly. I definitely would prefer the top image out of the bottom image comparison. Also, in counter strike you could always look at a crate and know whether or not you could jump on it and over it, but with all of that clutter it is very difficult to tell

      The top image is from GO.

      Also, they haven't added much clutter. Most of it is texture rework with additional background buildings, more decals and some entities (shrubs etc). Overall the maps look near exactly the same.

    Not gonna lie.
    Looks like utter shit.

      Might just be me, but I think the comparison side-by-side basically shows CS:S as having better graphics....

        What on earth are you guys talking about? Are you getting the screenshots switched up? Having an opinion is fair enough, but it's just wrong saying that CS:S has better graphics than what is shown of CS:GO. The screenshots show GO is clearly better looking.

    Don't forget that even though that some of these screen shots were taken in the game, The game itself is still very much still in development and might look better once they release it.

    not enough colour i reaslised is cs go. HOORAY FOR CSS!

    1. Add shit
    2. Change textures
    3. Set colour saturation to 50%
    4. ????
    5. Profit

    So.... That looks like a great CoD game. Better than MW3, easy.... Oh, wait, its a Counter Strike game? Well... ok, if you say so....

    Lol, same kind of hate that source got upon release yet now it's the most heavily populated.

    Why do a lot of developers now think that grey looks more realistic. Have they ever looked out of a window away from their computer screens? The world is full of colour!!!
    Also, I'm not sure why we have this new CS, the differences don't look big enough (with the exception of dust), it will only dilute the community and we'll see less servers for each of the games.

    People dismissing a game before it has even been made available as a beta. Predictable, I suppose.

    I'm actually looking forward to it. Roll on the beta.

    its not dust without the dust

    Image 3: CS original looks better. Good work team.

    Am i the only one who thinks these new visuals aren't even that great anyway?

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