SEGA Announce Daytona USA Re-release For XBLA And PSN

There's a reason why every self respecting arcade in the known universe has at least four Daytona USA units tucked away in some dusty corner. Firstly the game is awesome but, secondly, playing the game just brings those memories back — spending your lunch money on games, making that all important decision... automatic or manual.

It's for those reasons - I'm assuming - that SEGA has decided to bring back Daytona USA, announcing a re-release on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network. The game is set for release on October 26 and will feature support for the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel on PS3, and all Xbox-360 supported wheels. It will also feature online multiplayer for up to eight people and worldwide leaderboards.


SEGA announces rerelease of Daytona USA on XBLA, PSN [VG247]


    It just won't be the same unless I'm squished into a driving cockpit that is far too small for my long legs.

    Time to finally invest in a wheel me thinks.

    Force feedback?

    Anyone ever get the three sonics that supposedly gave you a free game?

    I'd suggest there's a third reason that every arcade has these units - They still rake in the cash. I read income reports for most Timezones, and Daytona still ranks up in the top ten, every week. Brilliant game.

    This + Time Crisis 2 Move Compatible pleaaaaaaase

    Lets go away!

    Hold on - Daytona USA was recently released with an LCD screen, widescreen graphics and improved hardware (no more pop up) but the name was changed to SEGA CLASSIC RACING - will this be the same??

    Will try a demo but strangely I wasn't too bothered about Daytona. I did get CCE for the Saturn (which seems to have disappeared) but didn't bother with the Dreamcast version.

    As DansDans pointed out, anyone know which version this'll be? I found that the handling differed in different versions (original felt twitchy to me, CCE felt just right and the DC version - which I tried - felt a bit sluggish) and of course different versions had some different tracks.

    It's a port of the arcade version not the DC or Saturn remakes. Finally the arcade version with MP.

    Was pretty sceptical but online multiplayer? Yes please.

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