Sexy Silver Spartan Will Be At New York Comic Con

Square Enix's classy Play Arts line of action figures will get a little longer at the New York Comic Con later this week with the release of a new piece (and re-release of two old favourites).

The new figure is a very shiny, very silver Spartan Mk. V who comes packing a sniper rifle. There have been only 400 made, with each being individually signed. They'll only be sold at the NYCC (until people take them home and put them on the internet), so if you want to buy them at "retail", they'll be $US55 at the show.

Going back on sale will be the Red vs Blue figures that were at the San Diego Comic Con. Sold separately, they'll be $US50 each.

Halo Play Arts Kai Exclusives At NYCC [Toyark]


    I was wondering about the odd proportions and groin-thrusting until I re-read the article.

    "Square Enix’s classy Play Arts line of action figures"

    Oh right. Move along.

    So cool, like when that odst went 4 mcdonalds drive through on a go-kart

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