Should You Buy Forza Motorsport 4? Yes.

Brian Crecente: The Forza franchise continues to dance the fine line between a racing game too authentic to interest me and one designed to be intuitive enough for someone who likes going fast, but doesn't necessarily have the abilities to do so well. The new racing wheel and those amazing graphics are drawing me in, but if I don't fall in love this time I think I'm going to be done with Forza. Yes.

Michael McWhertor: Look, I'm not a Car Guy. Forza 4's hundreds of vehicles are all shiny smooth horseless carriages to an automotive simpleton like me. I watch Top Gear mostly for Jeremy Clarkson. I love the simplicity of a Daytona USA, despise licence tests and have never ever driven a video game car with manual shifting. Still, Forza is for me, it's for you, it's for everyone who loves to race. Yes.

Joel Johnson: I am a car guy. And I've been playing these racing simulators since Gran Turismo — hell, since Stunts. Forza is the premier simulation for me these days. It may not be the most accurate, the most hardcore, but half the reason I love motion machines is the community around them, and Forza 4's new community features make a great series even better. Or at least they seem like they will after the game is filled up with all the new players and not just we folk who got the game early.

Still, I can only give it a provisional yes, not a yes for everyone. It's pretty tedious if you're not a racing/car guy. But if you have even an inkling that Forza might be up your alley, go for it. Yes.


    After the Rage one of these I'm having trouble seeing Kotaku arguements as compelling.

    If anyone has preordered Forza 4 (and owns Forza 3), be sure to head to the Forza website before the 11th and send them an email with a pic of your receipt, you'll get a free RX-7 Unicorn car in Forza 3 which will carry over to 4 (and give you the unicorn car achievement in 4 to boot). I took a screenshot of my JB online preorder invoice and they accepted it so no excuse!

      The unicorn achievement requires you to win it on auction house.

        From a moderator on the Forza forums-

        "For the record, the "Unicorn Hunter" cheevo will pop as soon as you import your profile from FM3, if you have any Unicorns in your FM3 garage."

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