Should You Buy Rage? Yes.

id Software's Rage is out there ready to be purchased, or rented, and played. But should you invest the time and money? Here's Kotaku's Gut Check:

Evan Narcisse: Buy it to see whether ID can make a game with modern sensibilities, or how appealing their old-school approach still is. Buy it to see where the tech for the next-gen machines starts. Buy it because it's pretty and the closest thing to a Road Warrior experience we're getting anytime soon.

Verdict: Yes

Stephen Totilo: Yes, if you are weird like me and play first-person shooters for their campaign, since this one looks good and has very satisfying gunplay. But if you need your shooter to have competitive multiplayer, wait for Battlefield or Modern Warfare 3.

Verdict: Yes

Brian Crecente: Yes, absolutely. Rage is a shooter that feels like a role-playing game. That makes it the other side of the Fallout coin, perfect for people more interested in shooting than talking. Eight hours in and only just settling into the game's second disc, what few qualms I have about the game are completely overwhelmed by the endless things I love about its design, look, feel and even sound.

Verdict: Yes

Make sure to check back next week, once the game and its multiplayer has had a chance to breathe, to read my full, in-depth review of Rage.

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    It seems interesting, but I already have several games on pre-order and current games I still need to play through that I think I may need to give this one a miss for the time being. Unless reviews are full of nothing but praise.

      Yeah im the same...ive preordered plenty of games (BF3 and Skyrim to count), and ill just wait till i see some more reviews on this one.

        yep i was hoping id be finished with gears by now and would be able to fit this in before batman. but gears far exceeded my expectations and im loving it.

      Yup, same. I've been busy with uni so currently have Deus Ex, Space Marine and Gears 3 waiting to be played, with Ace Combat and Forza 4 right on the horizon, and Saints Row 3 shortly after that. Rage can wait a while I think...

    Gut check:
    The publisher increasing prices to your region for no reason other than blatant gouging

    Verdict: No

      Gut check:
      Ordering from the UK at a price under half the asking AU price

      Verdict: yes

        That's what I did too. For $40 including delivery, I'm hoping it's good but it won't kill me like the AUD price would have.

          Where are you buying from?

            Ozgameshop. After seeing the first reviews, I've sold my pre-order copy to someone else. The game sounds like a fucking turd, and fuck Kotaku for not telling us.

              Come on Cody, tells us what you really think!

              (I haven't actually read anything about it yet but you've certainly prompted me to)

              So... you have opinions from people who have played the game giving it a positive review and because you have seen some trailers you are not only ignoring that advice (totally fine), but you assume the game is not just 'not your cup of tea', but "a fucking turd". Then you are calling them liars and giving them a big fuck you (not ok)? Why? Did one of them shit in your corn flakes? Does Kotaku have stocks in id?

              Fucking hell man. Play it or don't but don't be such a raging dickhead about it.

              Also, I played it and it's totally worth it on PC.

                It seems to me more likely that Kotaku US have only played short previews and he is listening to people who have passed the game and written full reviews as they are the ones who seem to be calling out this game for being average.

                The thing that comes up the most is that how the last 3rd of the game gives up the few open world options that they had at the start.

                It seems like ID ran out of time or something similar, that seems to happen a lot these days.

    It's just a shame there are so many quality titles coming out in the next two months. I feel that this game would have really made a dent if it was released last month or before. now im afraid it will end up in the bargin bin only because there are better titles about to be released and MOST people can't pocket it.

    I gotta say, I had not seen much of this game up until very recently. I saw a gameplay video and it looked promising.

    Then i got to play it last week and it felt good. My gut feel was a mix of fallout with borderlands with bioshock.. I liked all of those games so this is a good thing.. just not sure about how this will all come together.

    I only played a small amount, but what I saw was interesting. Some seriously awesome weapons.. I think there was a crossbow that had electirified rounds.. and a sort of boomerang that had blades attached... awesome.

    Certainly nothing in my short play with it to suggest any short comings... looked great and looking forward to getting it next week.

    As good as this is, I'm still finishing Dead Island and Arkham City and Skyrim are my priorities before saving for Christmas presents begins.

    I would love to pick up this game as it looks great. Only problem is that it came out too late in the year. I can't afford every game I want at once and unfortunately some games just don't make the cut. If it had been available 3-4 months earlier i probably would have picked it up.

    > Rage is a shooter that feels like a role-playing game. That makes it the other side of the Fallout coin, perfect for people more interested in shooting than talking.

    Ugh, that just killed all of my interest.

    Yeah I just dont think it was wise to release this game at this time of year especially with so many AAA releases.

    I would have got it. But too many games already.

    I feel I'm in the same boat. I'm hearing that the campaign is only 15-20 hours long and while that isn't overly short, I feel the other titles coming out soon are going to offer more bang for my buck *cough*skyrim*cough*

      15-20 hour single player campaign for any FPS these days is pretty decent. It's not entirely fair to compare it's single-player longevity to something like Skyrim either.

      only 15-20 hours?? I'd be more than happy with a fantastic game that went for 3 hours. Length shouldn't be the primary measure, or perhaps any sort of measure of a game's value in my opinion :)

      Joystiq and Arts Technica had it pegged closer to 8 or 9. With all the side quests.

    Is there / will there be a demo?

    Can't see myself getting it anyway... already getting BF3, and that'll probably be enough shooter for me considering all the other stuff coming up *stares lustfully at Dark Souls*

    The review from Ars Technica basically said it was bland and felt pointless, despite the gorgeous visuals.

    I still haven't finished Quake and I've a massive backlog, so it's a while before I even consider RAGE.

      Like Borderlands then?!

        Actually they said compared to Borderlands the game lacked character.

    I won't buy this one on release. It is not really worth it for a 9-10 hour single player shooter with minimal multi and co-op.

    I might get it in 6-9 months when its cheap.

    I think RAGE will get lost in the AAA releases of October and November. After all why get this game when Battlefield 3, MW3 and Skyrim are just around the corner.

    wow, everyone's skipping because of release timing...

    I'm in the same boat. Someone on the marketing department for these guys should have really thought this through a little more.

    Whoa, just read a review on Joystiq and I'm pretty put off by this game. It said there really isn't much of an RPG element to the game aside from fetch-quest type scenarios and side mission type stuff. Really thought they were going to make a superior game this time :(

    Looking forward to it, but will definately be holding onto the receipt. Have a feeling this one will be over quickly :(

    Anyone know why we get a delayed release again?

    There's something amusing about the article giving us a big fat YES, and just about all comments giving a big fat NO.

      Standard Kotaku.

      Because Kotaku are all game reviewers, and we are all tight asses :)

      I have preordered Rage, I don't think a 15-20 hour all action campaign is too short. Here's to hoping id software has still got it, I haven't played a game by them in a while.

      Its because Kotaku are part of the Gawker/Allure media network. Its common knowledge in the gaming industry that they are complete rubbish and not only create troll articles to get website traffic, but also that they are influenced in their editorials by whoever is bankrolling them.
      I visit this site because I enjoy some of the local articles, but I view everything with skepticism.

      Actually, everybody is saying yes but that now is not really the right moment. Although Gametrailers review pointed out that multiplayer is mainly vehicle combat, which is nice considering we're entering a large FPS sell out.

    I haven't really looked into this game at all. From the tiny amount of info I've seen it looks like borderlands minus the cartoony art style... is that an accurate description?

    Ars Technica. No so forgiving.

      Well that confirmed certain suspicions I had about the game and added a whole heap of other things to the list that make me wanna say "pass".

    I watched a gameplay clip the other day and it looked dreadfully dull.

    Also for those getting it on PC I just saw this;

    Thanks iD for an obvious console port.

    I wish people could make up their minds. Some people claim it has a 15-20 hour campaign, other people reckon you can finish it including every sidequest in 8 hours. I think this is a case of deflation like how everyone took 6-7 hours to finish Modern Warfare 2 on normal difficulty, but 6 months later people were complaining about how it had a "4 hour campaign on Veteran difficulty" then a "3 hour" then a 2.5 hour campaign.

    By tomorrow, everyone's going to say Rage booted up to the end credits without them even touching their controller.

    Whatever, the videos make it look fun. I'll stick with my preorder.

    Having played the first mission, along with some of the arena mode, I'm absolutely picking it up. I agree with FatShady - it feels like Fallout meets Borderlands. The enemy AI is good, and the way they move is interesting, bandits using acrobatics to throw off your aim felt new.

    While you're free to read outside reviews, you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to take into account the oppinions of regular guys like FatShady and myself who have had a hands on.

    Cant wait to play it! And I think its time people start thinking for themselves and formulating a personal opinion, instead of reading a review and then shitting on a game you have never played! A review is an Opinion, not a definition...

      Since the death of demos, what else do people have to go on?

      Sure demos can be done poorly (DNF anybody?) but if there is no demo at all then what other recourse does a person have to check out a game before spending money on it? Especially in this day and age of digital distribution where getting a refund is all but impossible unless the game is a complete technical failure like From Dust.

        Agreed - it's always titles that just assume they're going to be AAA that never release a demo.

        Everything I've seen of this game makes me think that it's Borderlands with better animation and voice acting. I don't exactly need another Borderlands and in the realm of shooters this thing looks third tier.

        I wish them luck but I think there's far better games and far better shooters even coming out this month.

        Also on a side note - I watched the Gamespot review of this yesterday - it was like watching a brand power commercial, it was overly-gushing, did Bethesda pay for good reviews?

          Third tier? You're kidding right? I'd be _really_ interested to know what you think first and second tier shooters are.

            First tier is easily your CODs/Battlefields/Halos of the world - big mega-sellers that constantly top the top ten playlists.

            Second tier would be Valve shooters like TF2, Half Life, Crysis, Borderlands, the Fallouts, original shooters with something that distinguishes them from the crowd.

            Third Tier is stuff that just looks generic (bear in mind some of it still sells well) things like Body Count, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Homefront, Operation Flashpoint etc.

            The game looks like a rip off of Borderlands without any of the charm, not to mention after being interested in this earlier in the year I decided to check out the only other id product I could find on the 360 - 'Quake 4' - I was underwhelmed.

              Yeah, I kinda saw the 'COD/HALO being first tier' thing coming there...

              First off... play iD games on PC. They are *the* 'Original Shooters' quite literally. Also, pretty much all the console versions of iD games are ports by other studios and most of them tend to cut content. Doom 3 on the Xbox was almost hilariously trimmed.

              Furthermore, Quake 4 was actually developed by Raven Software completely. The most recent Wolfenstein games haven't been iD developed either.
              Go back and play iD's PC shooters on a PC. The Dooms. The Quakes. Don't play Doom on Xbox LIVE arcade and think that's cutting it. Then clean your ears and eat your vegetables.

              I feel like such an old fogey right now :-P haha

    After reading the above-mentioned Ars article and watching the Destructoid review ( I'm giving this a miss.
    Sad, I was hoping it would be great.

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