Show Us Your Haiku Skills, Win EscapeVektor

Show Us Your Haiku Skills, Win EscapeVektor

Aussie indie devs Nnooo recently released escapeVektor and critics everywhere have praised the game for its originality and cleverness. If you’d like to treat your Wii (and yourself) to a copy of the game, all we need is something original and clever from you — in a haiku.

Watch the video above. From that, come up with a haiku that sums up the game and post it in the comments below. And that’s it! We’re allowing one entry per person (so make it a good one!), and you have until midnight tomorrow to enter. Five of our favourite entries will receive a copy of escapeVektor for the Wii.

So what’s a haiku, you ask? A traditional haiku consists of three lines of text made up of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Here’s an example of one we wrote ourselves:

Yay, a WiiWare game! But is it worth our money? Of course, it’s by Nnooo!

If you ask me, I consider that haiku to be absolute poetry. You may beg to differ. Anyway, have a quick read of the terms and conditions and show us what you’ve got! Be creative and have fun with it.

[Terms and Conditions]


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