Show Us Your Haiku Skills, Win EscapeVektor

Aussie indie devs Nnooo recently released escapeVektor and critics everywhere have praised the game for its originality and cleverness. If you'd like to treat your Wii (and yourself) to a copy of the game, all we need is something original and clever from you — in a haiku.

Watch the video above. From that, come up with a haiku that sums up the game and post it in the comments below. And that's it! We're allowing one entry per person (so make it a good one!), and you have until midnight tomorrow to enter. Five of our favourite entries will receive a copy of escapeVektor for the Wii.

So what's a haiku, you ask? A traditional haiku consists of three lines of text made up of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Here's an example of one we wrote ourselves:

Yay, a WiiWare game! But is it worth our money? Of course, it's by Nnooo!

If you ask me, I consider that haiku to be absolute poetry. You may beg to differ. Anyway, have a quick read of the terms and conditions and show us what you've got! Be creative and have fun with it.

[Terms and Conditions]


    Haiku is a art
    Trolling is a art as well
    But when you run out

      I'd give you this game
      If I worked for Kotaku
      Your troll-ku is best.

    Take me back to times
    When simplicity was god
    Or give me vektor!

    A game on the Wii?
    haha that is a good one
    oh you're serious

    I don't have a Wii
    But I'd like to play this game
    Free console as well?

      Sorry brosephine
      The game is the only prize
      Better luck next time

    Such pretty graphics
    And those colours, so vibrant
    Fetch me more absinthe.

    Rub off all the dust
    Give your Wii some dosage
    Of escapeVektor!

      Bugger! The second line is only 6 syllables! Can I try again?

        Yes you may, Mitchell
        But make sure it's a good one
        Otherwise, sadface.

          Thanks Tracey! ROUND 2!

          Give the guys at Nnooo
          Some good ol Aussie support
          Buy escapeVektor!

          Multiple entries
          apparently are allowed.
          Oh exploitable.

            Faith in honesty
            Makes this community great
            Also, I am nice

              That's debatable,
              But we'll assume you are nice
              So we can win stuff.

    Released on WiiWare.
    Move about, colour the lines
    without pew pew pew.

      Trying to escape,
      Dashing between obstacles.
      This will not end well.

    I need better drugs
    Things are so trippy in here
    Look man, the colours

    Why even write this?
    I don't even own a Wii
    Oh well, guess I'm bored

    I've always wanted
    To play as an arrow: trapped!
    Over pretty squares

    Implorative lines,
    Deceptive complexity,
    Set to catchy tunes.

    Nice retro music
    Looks like lots of fun with
    Explody arrow

    Few classic titles
    Owners should support the devs
    glide the lines and hide

      When you appear here
      I feel like you one-up me
      That I'm the Least Strange.

        P.S. your blog link has an extra 'n' on the end of it.
        P.P.S. I like your blog.

          Thanks for the tip ;)


          I'm not THE most strange. I'm merely most strange, as in "Oh, my! This evening has been one most strange!" :)

    It's always haikus :(
    I'll just try to be random

    This game looks awesome.
    But haiku's are really hard.

    There once was a man,
    Formerly of Nantucket.
    ...That's how it goes, right?

    Australian game
    Rated enfants et adultes
    I don't understand

    Is anyone there?
    I've been trapped here so long now
    I used video

    At least five minutes
    I have spent on this haiku
    trying to be smart.

      Sitting here in class
      Kotaku comes first, then work.

        How many entries?
        More than just once, I sure hope.
        Otherwise I'm, uh, boned.

          Not reading the rules
          Before entering the game
          Sure-fire way to fail

            Fire and fail
            Never heard those words pronounced
            one syllable each

              Japanese haiku
              Were the intended format
              English makes problems

    Our paired overlords
    Should let me win by default.
    But Nnooo. Stupid jerks.

      win win win win win
      win win win win win win win
      win win win win win

      Didn't read rules well.
      Was rushing to a meeting.
      But my entry stands.

    Here's the thing about haiku: they are 5/7/5 _in Japanese_. Anyway here's my go at a traditional one, at least thematically.

    V brings me spring
    Escaping the winter white lines
    Until red V falls

    I want to win this
    Casue I want to play this
    Oh please let me win this

    Oh look, it's Haiku
    I really can't be bothered
    I'm going home now.

    It looks like Pacman
    Without the munchies or ghosts
    There are some lines, though.

    My Nintendo Wii
    Is gathering dust right now
    In dire need of love

      Perhaps you should buy
      Monolith's JRPG
      Xenoblade - it's great

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