Six Seconds Of A Halo Fan Film

Did you blink? Well, you missed it. Halo: Helljumper is an upcoming fan-made web series that is slated to premiere next January. Hopefully each episode is longer than six seconds.

To learn more about the web series and to see production stills, check out Halo: Helljumpers's Facebook page.


    Nice if brief

    Well, that looks awesome. Can't wait. And being a web-series seems like an awesome way of doing it, as opposed to a single fan film.

    And now for a new segment in all of my comments while I remember: Joshy's Bad but Somewhat Relevant Joke!

    What did Master Chief do when he failed at high jump?
    Halo-wered the bar!

    I thought he was going to be a Spartan & not to sound offensive but I was thinking for a Spartan he sounded really pansy...Then I saw the ODST. Looks cool. Hope it flourishes.

    inb4 Microsoft shuts it down.

    Inb4 People start crying

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