Some Guy Built A 1:1 Replica Halo Sniper Rifle (Out Of LEGO)

LEGO builder Nick Jensen, who already has an impressive arsenal of replica Halo weapons to his name, has outdone himself with this 1:1 model of the series' trademark sniper rifle.

Based on the Halo: Reach incarnation of the weapon, it's 63 inches long, weighs over 10 pounds and features a removable magazine, moving safety and sliding bolt (it doesn't actually fire, though). It also took over four months to complete.

You can check out an interview with Nick, detailing the build process and number of times he broke it during construction, at the link below.

Life-sized Halo sniper rifle built with LEGO [The Brothers Brick]


    That is the coolest thing I have seen this week! :D

    Is there anything you can't make just that bit more awesome by doing it with lego?


    Wow, that certainly is impressive.

    What can't you do with lego anymore? They have so many crazy things out there now. I remember the days of yore where building a lego gun resulted in something that resembled a really bad 70's sci fi prop :P

    looking a bit limp on the muzzle end.

    its cool and sad at the same time

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