Someone’s Building A My Little Pony MMO

Someone’s Building A My Little Pony MMO
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This was bound to happen, I suppose. A team of brony coders in the UK is hard at work on a My Little Pony free-to-play MMO you’re going to tolerate and love the shit out of.

My Little Pony Online‘s visual style is based on the “Friendship is Magic” series on Cartoon Network, which has caught on with dudes despite its brand and its toy line associated with young girls. The bronies need a place to hang out, do some, uh, “apple bucking”, “the running of the leaves” and other stuff, so they’re building this.

Players will get three classes (unicorn, pegasus, pony) and each will have their own talents. It’ll have a gigantic open world to explore with dungeons, combat and such. There is a load more information at the main site, but they really don’t want you asking when it’ll be finished, because the answer to that is “when it is”. The first version will be available for PC, to be followed by Mac.

My Little Pony Online [Thanks Raso719]


  • HAHAHAHA nice one crab totally agree with you. My first experience with WOW involved a level 85 chick gamer who offered to “help me out” and find me a rare pet. The end result was about four hours of pointless trekking, having to stop in EVERY SINGLE town so she can change clothes, and crying out whenever i accidently walked around the side of the change room and getting offended. the phrase W.T.F came to mind several times… i eventually tried to ditch her, that was an effort in itself.

    • I think Crab meant the guys who are infesting the games and talking about it…

      As the article says, “a team of ‘brony’ coders”, but your comment still confuses me… I mean… There is a log out button on WoW right?

  • really owen… please research more about things before you write an article about it. MLP: FIM is on the Hub, not cartoon network

  • Creepy guys gonna be creepy I guess. Maybe its due to a lack of meaningful relationships or intimacy?

    Im also really curious to know how much actual coding has been done here as I havn’t seen anything outside the capabilities of an off the shelf RPG maker.

    • I agree that if a grown man is obsessing over this, it’s about as creepy as obsessing over anime girl hug-pillows or … I dunno … having a fairy-themed birthday party.

      But I’d say that as a whole the “brony” phenomenon is more tame than that. To me, for the most part it’s about ordinary men being unafraid to say that they find something cute and adorable. Men generally aren’t allowed to do that, but those of us who actually have a soft side like to express it from time to time.

  • I watch it, but not as part of this useless Brony fad.

    It’s innocent, well made entertainment. Aside from PIXAR, who else does this?

    • I’ve seen a whole two and a half episodes, but yeah, this.

      I suppose I’m a “brony” because I appreciate MLP, but I have fond memories of Mysterious Cities of Gold; and I watched MCoG, Thundercats and Voltron with my 8 year old little sister. MLP:FIM is a modern show in the same vein: friendly adventuring with an obvious and simple moral message, wrapped up with strong animation and writing.

  • The world screen sounds like Xcom music slightly I think.

    And yeah it looks like an RPG not an MMO – Not sure how long the “Brony” phase of the internet is going to last. What worries me more is what studio execs are going to do now that MLP has reached this level O.o

  • Add some necromancy, skulls, demons, and a much darker palette. Name the game “My Little Pwnies of the Apocalypse” and then get back to me.

  • ….take your pony to the water hole….your pony died cause it wasn’t pretty enough – aghhhh aghhh aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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