Somewhat Awesome Battlefield 3 Film

Sometimes it's not enough to just play a game — you need to really experience it, to live it, to re-create it. This is where the Aussie film-making duo behind Somewhat Awesome Films, Rob Hardy and Jarrad Cody, step in.

The two friends from Adelaide began making short films to enter into competitions; over time they started combining their love for gaming and film-making by doing video reviews and fan films, the Battlefield 3 flick below being their latest short film. The pair said they were won over by Battlefield 3's impressive trailers and thought that bringing these trailers to life was too fun too pass up.

"Jarrad and myself were joined by four other friends who were willing to get up for a 6AM start for filming," says Rob Hardy, who spent eight hours filming.

"All in all the video took 8 hours of filming plus about a week of editing all for a budget of less then $400... we think it turned out pretty well."

"The most fun was dressing up and pretending to shoot each other again and again for a day then seeing those shots in the final video. The most challenging part, as is with most of our videos, was creating all the audio and finding the right music to fit the mood, although not a typical battlefield tune, in the end we went for a classic western track that fitted perfectly."

Somewhat Awesome Films' next project is a Skyrim short that they plan on releasing a week before the game is out. They are also considering a Star Wars: The Old Republic short and a Zelda project.

[Somewhat Awesome Films]


    Gasp!!! 6am!!! Bloody students.

      some of us are students so that we dont have to get up so early when we start working and being successful...harsh lol =P

    Another awesome film from the guys! Well done!

    Youtube "Battlefield Trailer works with everything".

    I will have to check these out when I'm not in the office!

    They weren't using XBOX, they had a mouse god dammit. PC!

    Always good content from these guys... And really great blokes, too!

      Another Adelaidean?

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