Sony Australia Releasing The PlayStation 3 Display Exclusively Through Harvey Norman

Sony Australia Releasing The PlayStation 3 Display Exclusively Through Harvey Norman

Screenplay has a great interview with Sony Australia’s Michael Ephraim discussing, among other things, the uptake of 3DTV and the difficulties facing the 3DS. He also revealed that Sony’s swish PlayStation 3D display, which allows gamers to play split screen games on a full screen via 3D glasses, will only have a limited test release in Australia — through Harvey Norman.

According to Ephraim, Sony is using this limited launch to test the market.

“We’re going to test it because it is innovative technology. We really wanted to test it before we made a big commitment because it’s not like a Memory Stick kind of product, there are long lead times on manufacturing, high price,” said Ephraim.

“I can tell you that we will sell it initially exclusively through Harvey Norman. It is Harvey Norman embracing new technology and us having a partner there that we can test it with.

“If it goes extremely well, we’ll keep supporting it. It is a high ticket price item and there is 3D TVs out there, we just want to make sure there’s a market for it.”

Harvey Norman seems like a strange partner for what is essentially a niche display aimed at gamers, but Sony Australia has had a stories relationship with Harvey Norman as a retailer – holding their main PlayStation 3 midnight launch at one of its stores back in March 2007.

Still, it doesn’t seem like the ideal testing ground for such the device…

Limited launch for PlayStation 3D display [Screenplay]


    • Think they mean storied not stories, bit of an old fashioned word to say that they have a history together of some sort 🙂

  • Id rather it was tastefully marketed by Harvey Norman, than splashed all over the windows and walls of a local EB while they throw useless pre order promotions wraped in red and white warehouse tape at unsuspecting shoppers.

      • You mean those TV ads where grandpa Gerryatric yells at you while the word SALE flashes in huge writing on the screen?

        Mmmmmmm- classy!

        • In terms of the retail market, HN is one of the better ones at advertising, they’re hardly as bad as ‘The Good Guys’ or other ones. Im not saying I approve of their prices, but their marketing practices are far superior.


          • Huh? At least the Good Guys are creative with advertising. Harvey Norman really do just yell at you.
            I have to turn the TV down every time they come on (Or those other Warehousey store advertisements).

          • Must catch up with their latest advertising campaign then, haven’t seen any of this yelling yet. Don’t doubt its there, just havent seen it?

          • i despise all forms of television advertisements. there should be a fucking channel, called AD-TV where you can flick to it and watch ALL DAY. i hate being treated like a sheep, getting yelled at by idiots with flashing colours everywhere and annoying tunes. It’s the only reason i don’t watch TV at all! just venting.. the topic doesnt arise much…

  • would have preffered JB… harvey is always twice as expensive… bit sad to hear them say that its a high ticket price item.

    • bravias are a percentage above the average cost as well, and add in the 3d, as well as the fact that its a brand new product, im assuming with some new features, i can see that being a reasonable price. not that i would pay it. but some people will

      • It’s just a 24″ screen with 3D. It has no particular special features and it’s specs are actually pretty standard if not a little lacklustre when compared to what else is out there. Samsung 27″ 3D monitors are cheaper and better.

  • Yeah, I wonder if they’ve calibrated their ‘test’ to account for the fact that they’ve chosen the store probably most hated by their target audience to sell this thing through.

  • Wouldnt this have been put out as a bid? HN are struggling to sell stuff at the moment and I wouldnt be suprised is Sony did some sort of tendering process to see who was most interested in selling it. Then its rebranded as an ‘exclusive’. The other interesting point is maybe that HN (compared to JB) are the most unlikely to budge on price. Sure they will drop $20 off the price in a haggle as oppsed to JB that will drop say $70 off. The fact that its at HN turns me off straight away.

    • This part of one of the quotes is the main thing I had a giggle over:

      “Harvey Norman embracing new technology”.

  • No thanks… I think I’ll pass. It’s one thing to have my PS3 at risk of being hacked (again) let alone my TV as well!!

  • Did i miss something here ?

    There was a story about this TV a while a go on Kotaku and almost every comment was if you were going to buy one or not. Not a single person said (what i think) that the TV would not do what it was supposed to do.

    Are Sony telling us that each person will have crystal clear graphics while both are playing full screen – I just cant see this.

    Am i wrong ?

    • It should be just as clear and just as bright as watching 3D content, since it is using the same technology to display two separate images as other 3DTVs.

      The novel part of this product is the way they use an existing technology rather than it being a new technology all together.

  • Is this a TV or just a display? Every article I’ve read refers to it as a “display”. Does that mean it’s just like a computer monitor, with no tuner included? If so, it’s pretty expensive.

  • I like the idea of the splitscreen gaming on a single screen but there are not enough games that support the feature. As far as i know only resistance 3 and motorsport apocalypse support the feature.

  • Obviously this feature will need to be programmed into the games? Or what?.. Does it just.. know? I mean, will there be updates for dual fullscreen mode for previously released games?… and if this doesn’t catch on with consumers, could we expect the few subscribers to investing in this kind of display to just not have games released with this feature embedded??! I’m so confused…

      • I think Daniel was referring to the vaunted multiplayer feature of the TV, which allows two local players to play the same game on the same TV in multiplayer mode, but not have to share the screen.

        Daniel, looks like, yes, this will have to be programmed as an optional extra into games… maybe released as a patch for existing games too, I dunno.

        • Hah, Yeah thanks for that Shane! Looking back at my comment I didn’t really make it clear that I was referring to the multiplayer viewing aspect of it!

          See this is something that I WOULD invest in if it was widely supported, as I really hate split screen multiplayer. But if this is how they are going to ‘test the market’ I don’t think it’s going to get the software support and install base required to include this feature in new or old games and thus it will result in low sales numbers and never take off.. Ahh well..

    • I’ve just finished playing ICO on the PS3. I played it in 3D. Thought it worked very well for the game. 3D gaming has its place.

  • No one buys games from HN. Thats whay i always get the bargins when they sell off old stock. I have bough so many games from them at 1/3 of the retail price.
    So im looking forward to picking one of these up in 6-12 months for about $250-300. Which is about the right price.
    24″ is just right for a PC monitor not sure if it is big enough to play games on.

  • Stopped buying from Harvey’s when they stopped supporting PC gaming many years ago – the PC gaming section is next to non existant.

    I wonder if this would make a good PC 3D monitor? maybe modder’s and indie dev’s will support it somehow.

  • I’ve been ringing Harvey Norman frequently to get my hands on this. Today I was told that Sony told HN these screens have been delayed until 2012 – can’t find any more information anywhere on the interwebs.

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