Sony Australia Recalling BRAVIA TVs Due To Fire Hazard

Bought a Bravia TV between July 1, 2007, and December 31, 2008? You might want to check whether it's still safe to use; Sony's issued a safety recall on models sold in Australia in that time period due to fire risk.

Looks like that worldwide recall of Sony BRAVIAs affects Australian models too. The ACCC recall page has the details. The specific models are the KDL-40X3100, KDL-40XBR and KDL-40W3100, sold nationally between July 2007 and December 2008. It notes that

The television may ignite internally and emit smoke while in use."

That would rather solidly worry me. What's happening is that a component within the TV may overheat and ignite at the upper rear of affected televisions. Sony's started up a programme to inspect potentially affected TVs and perform repairs where needed; if you've got a TV that falls into the potentially affected batch you can call Sony on 1300 13 7669 to arrange an inspection of your telly. [ACCC]

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    Jesus I panicked there... I bought a Bravia last week.

      Did the same thing here.

    I panicked too, as I bought a Bravia during that time period, but mine is a 52 inch and the listed models are all 40, so I'm assuming that mines all good........ I hope >_<

      Oh yeah you're right - I was worried too because I bought one back then. I was right on the edge trying to choose between 40" and 46". Was already glad I chose the 46, now I'm even more so :)

      I got a 46" X series from that date range so my heart skipped until I saw the model numbers. So (fingers crossed)hope they don't add more model no.s. I had the screen fail recently, out of warranty but Sony picked up the tab :-)

    oh crap my model is there

      oh crap I bought it in December 2007

      on hold with Sony now

        Can you report back what the deal is? I'll have to ring also seeing as mine is on that list also, but at least I will have an idea of what the deal is.

        Though I guess this could be an incentive to get a bigger TV, one with 3D support! lol

          They want your details, TV model and serial number, where and when you bought it.

          Then they give you a case number and forward your details onto a repairer in your area, who will contact you to organise a time to come and check the TV.

          I'm still waiting for the repairer to contact me but it's meant to be within 1 business day.

            turn it off, unplug it. You'll be fine.

              Have you tried turning it off and on again? :-D

                I love your screensaver; the flames are so realistic! :p

    Damn! And I thought it was bad when they had issues with the batteries they made.

    This will give me an excuse to buy a new TV, since my Sony Bravia has had a line down the side of the screen for 6months and im pretty sure its in that window of faulty TV's. (wont know till i get home)

    Feeling much happier with my Samsung purchase now :-P


    Watch out if you're in a country area because they won't send anyone out there.

    They want me to bring it in to check but I don't really want to take my TV for an hour and a half drive when it hasn't been having any issues.

    I might just risk it... and buy a fire extinguisher.

    This Is good to know, shame Sony have not notified my work given that we distribute these damned things. Just got the admins to put a note on our site about it too.

    My tv is On there. Obviously one of my kids was looking after all of us when he through a Wiimote through it

      "make sure you ALWAYS wear the strap!"
      "yeah yeah..."

    In the extended warranty these models are know as Sony bad, they have always know to be bad, infact they are so terrible, Sony paid for all of them to be repaired.

    my heart skipped a beat, but i bought mine last christmas so i should be fine :)

    Got a bit worried there for a sec, bought my Bravia for Christmas last year but its a 32 inch and I suspect its an older model (I'm guessing 2009) because it was bundled with a 120GB PS3. Phew.

    Anybody know just WHAT component failed?

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