Sony Buys Ericsson (Which Is Important For The PlayStation)

Sony Buys Ericsson (Which Is Important For The PlayStation)

For a while now, Sony and Ericsson have teamed up to run a mobile phone company. That company released the Xperia Play, a device we used to call the PlayStation phone. Today, Ericsson is selling up to Sony.

This means the company, once a joint venture, will become a 100 per cent Sony-run operation, which has important ramifications for the PlayStation business. Why?

As explained when this was first a rumour, the Xperia Play is a half-arsed device because Sony Ericsson was a half-arsed company. Now that it’s a full-arsed company, completely run by Sony, we might one day get a proper PlayStation Phone after all.

The deal will be completed in January 2012. Ericsson is selling up for €1.05 billion ($1.4 billion).

Ericsson to sell stake in Sony Ericsson [Nine]


  • Since when is the Play a half-arsed device? I have one and it’s awesome.

    It would be nice to keep personal opinions out of your news stories.

    • The thing isn’t and hasn’t sold very well.
      Hardly anyone talks about the thing.
      I would say it’s half-assed too.

    • While it’s a plunkett piece so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

      The fact is that it has a small market segment. While most phones just use a touch screen for all their control needs.

      Creating apps that make proper use of the control’s offered by the xperia just seems like a time waster. It’s easier to ignore the device and sell to the rest of the Android and IOS market’s than design something around a control scheme that is a pain to replicate on the IOS especially if you have a title that uses the entire screen.

      The N-Gage was a neat device too, but it never achieved what it set out to

      • If you search for xperia play optimized on the app store you will find 500 apps. Most just have extra control options.

    • I agree with Mr Cancel: I have a Play and it’s awesome! The Play 4G is coming out soon, as well as the two Playstation tablets, so hopefully they will actually bring out a descent collection of PS ports in the near future; the collection so far is pretty poor. The best games for the Play so far have been standard Android games which have added support for the controls. Gameloft and EA especially have gotten behind it. The controls on something like Dungeon Hunter 2 are amazing and it blows standard mobile games out of the water. Also I don’t want the hassle of an extra device in the shape of a dedicated game device.

  • Umm, the article implies that Ericsson is being bought out by Sony, but no. Ericsson are just selling their stake in Sony Ericsson. Needs a little more clarity imo.

    • Well.. if Ericsson only HAS a 50% stake in Sony-Ericsson, and it SELLS that 50%, then it’s no longer Sony-Ericsson. Correct me if i’m wrong…

      • The article title says “Sony Buys Ericsson”, which is false: Ericsson still exists as an independent company after this deal completes.

  • I think this could be big, if Sony can get the mind set right, and offer my R&D into the device. No one wants it because it’s not a wow factor. Talking about the xperia play, and now that they have bought out Ericsson 50% we might just see something come to the mobile market that’s worth investing in. Again we are talking about Sony and they can take a gold mind and let it go to waste. I think they should really focus on were we are with technology and what they can do to bring the playstation name to the mobile market. The wow factor for me would be, to have a ps3 in my pocket. Then again this is Sony and I think buying out Ericsson is a good thing im just watching to see if they’ll know what to do with it.

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