Sony Still Figuring Out What To Do With UMDs

Sony Still Figuring Out What To Do With UMDs

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Sony’s Yoshio Matsumoto said that the company is still looking into offering UMD owners the opportunity to re-download their games on the Vita for a special price.

At last month’s Sony press conference, Sony also mentioned it was looking into a solution for UMD owners who want to experience those games on the Vita. At that time, the company did not offer further details.

The PS Vita can play either cartridge games or download titles, while the PSP can play either UMD games or download titles.

The UMD, or Universal Disc Media, launched with the PSP back in December 2004 in Japan. Initially, Hollywood studios supported the format, but pulled out. Game studios continued to release UMD games, even as Sony released a digital-only version of the PSP, the PSPgo.

Since the PS Vita does not use UMD, it will remain a PSP format.

DL版を特別価格で販売するサービスを検討中 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

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    • Well… Yes, that’s what it indicates to me.
      But depending on what the price is, I may be okay with it… I mean if it is a token amount to cover the administration of the trade in system, well that seems ok by me.
      If on the otherhand it is like $5.00 off then I’ll be offended. Won’t know till they share more details.

    • The funny thing about that is, nobody is forcing you to. Either take the offer if it’s proposed, or keep your damn PSP and play the games on there.

      People need to stop bitching about this.

  • A machine at you local sony store were u plug them in they transfer data to a cartridge then the umd dissapears and a cartrigde pops out. Problem solved.

  • I think for many, they won’t want to trade in a physical disc for a digital copy (collection purposes, not wanting to turn their psp into a paperweight etc.) but how do they tackle that, and not run the risk of people just giving the disc to mates for free so they can have a free copy of the game too.

    I would imagine it will be something like;
    “Either pop into a certified Sony store to trade-in your psp games for a one off download code which you can download to your account, or contact Sony and we’ll send you a box to send them to us, and we’ll send you the download code which can be activated online”.

    Probably not the most ideal way to do it, but eh i cant think of anything else

    • I can’t see this working at all. Chances are, if you want your PSP games on the Vita, you’ll have to pay for them again because there isn’t a way to differentiate between people who’ve paid for them or not. Sony decided to use optical media for the PSP, which.. is probably the dumbest thing in hind-sight since it’s not future proof, or backwards compatible and had considerably longer load times while SD cards got faster, larger and cheaper.

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