Sounds Like Rainbow Six: Patriots Is The Name Of The Next Game

The ever vigilant Fusible has found what may be the name for the next entry in the Rainbow Six series. and were both registered by Ubisoft two days ago.

Following the Fusible report, a NeoGAF member wrote to say that the game will be announced by that name next month in Xbox World Magazine. Says he:

Last night I got home with the assets; logos, arts, the covers and rendered game screens from a buddy that I know in marketing. I will not going to show anything for the moment as I will let the mag do his work, but what I can tell is that the logo is 6 with the pistol that replace the bottom circle.

The arts backgrounds are with the New York in fire and the renders characters are very similiar to Homefront, yet the clothes are still based with police Rainbow Six gears. What I understood the plot will go between a large group of revolutionary terrorists and of course the police.

Just before E3, sources familiar with the game told Kotaku that the game would try to tell a bigger, grittier cinematic story than past editions of the game.

In a plot outline that is damn timely right now, players will battle a home-grown terrorist group targeting Wall Street, angered by financiers’ greed and a government that protects it. The game will feature a cover system that takes you out of a first-person perspective and into a third-person view.

Domain names point to sequel being called Rainbox Six: Patriots [Fusible]

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