Special Delivery! More Mario Kart 7 Screens

Nintendo's 3DS has struggled for decent titles, but that's soon to change with the release of Mario Kart 7 in December. Until this fateful month, here are some more screenshots.

We're provided a shot of Mario getting his fireball on and a better look at how the dual-screen functionality will work — that is to say it's almost identical to Mario Kart on DS. Even with the visual changes being incremental, I'm sure the gameplay will be its usual blend of refined Nintendo goodness.

More images are available at HookedGamers below.

Mario Kart 7 for 3DS [HookedGamers]


    So does the 3DS mean the regular DS isn't going to see a lot of new releases or what?

    Also, Logan I think you meant 'Delivery' in the title not 'Deliver' :P

      Never mind by the time I posted it was corrected :P

        Nintendo seem to be weaning off the DS. There's a new Kirby game coming out for DS and they are still providing Dsiware (which can be played on 3DS anyway).

          Ah okay.

          I was using a 3DS in EB other day and they're really tiny in my hands compared to the DS which I am sure is a bit larger =/

          I had ideas of getting a 3DS but second thoughts on that now.

    I dont see much difference too when i played mario kart for the DS. I dont know how this would be a system seller.

      Mario Kart could sell the nazi party.

      Yeh, probably Modern Warfare 3 is not going to sell well either cause it's kinda like MW2. Remember how that flopped cause it was just like MW1. Gamers hate playing the same formula over and over.

      Seriously, this is going to be under the christmas trees of people who don't celebrate christmas.

      If Nintendo does anything well, it's iteration. Or, better put, sequels.

      That said, I can't say I'm terribly excited by it either, I just want to see Mark try and brush the impending avalanche of dust off his 3DS.

    I played a demo of this the other week. I am really excited about it. Gameplay does seem very similar to Mario Cart DS. The extras (Hang gliding, Swimming, cart building options) should make it stand out a little along with the more interesting track options.

    I hope multiplayer is well supported.

      the multiplayer in Mario Kart Wii was done very well, and it looks like they're going for a similar approach here. Just take a look at the other articles Kotaku has posted about Mario Kart 7.

    So Super Mario Land 3D at the end of November and Mario Kart 7 in December. Hmm, I might get to wipe off that layer of dust that currently resides on my 3DS after all.

    The only thing I didn't like about MKDS were the item crates.
    They were hideous.
    The items were quite static as well.

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