Sports Video Game Outsold Gears Of War 3's Launch

EA Sports' hot streak at retail continues to ride strong; FIFA 12 sold 3.2 million copies in its first week, the label reports, citing internal analysis. That means FIFA 12's launch was bigger than Gears of War 3's

That's a global figure accounting for interest in the world's most popular sport; it's also a multiplatform title, where Gears 3 is a console exclusive (selling three million copies). But it's also an impressive 23 per cent better than FIFA's first-week sales a year ago, and they set a record at the time.

FIFA joins August 30's Madden NFL 12 and September 13's NHL 12 in posting double-digit percentage increases in sales this year. The game has also sold another 879,000 copies the iPhone and iPad game that released at the same time as the retail launch.




      It's about time sports games got a bit more coverage on Kotaku (and not just the US ones we get) Here's a game who's launch was bigger than one of the most anticipated and acclaimed games of the year so far.

      If a game ships in that volume of numbers, it deserves coverage, whether it's another typical FPS, whether it's another typical Warfare game, or whether it's another typical RPG.

    Gears of War is Xbox exclusive, Fifa is on most consoles. im sure if gears of war was multiplatform it would have sold alot more

    Well next year they'll have infinite growth on their NBA title (if all goes to plan and elite gets a release)

    The margin really isn't that impressive given that Gears is exclusive to XBox.

      it is impressive considering they keep on selling the same game each year (n+1), every bloody year, since the beginning of time, as far as i can tell (FIFA-Alpha was on the Z1 wasnt it?)

        Obvious WUM is obvious

    Is there any data for FIFA 12 just on XBox? It's hardly impressive to beat out Gears considering all the platforms FIFA 12 is on, including iPhone and Ipad.

    Colour me unimpressed.

    I'm impressed. The bad thing about this is that it gives EA a reason to continue releasing yearly sports games, when releasing a major update via DLC would be better.

    Why do people continue to buy the same sports games year after year? Thought COD was bad.

      The thing about FIFA 12 was that EA actually changed things up a whole lot. So it is good to see that the higher investment was rewarded with increased sales. And for the first time I could buy it on PC!

    Yes it's an xbox exclusive. Gears will also continue to sell, potentially for years, whereas no one buys (new copies of) sports games once they are replaced by the next entry.

    1 million sales were from mobile, that weren't being sold at 60 dollars. I would like to point out.

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