Star Wars, As Explained By Some Japanese Lady

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Luke and I had our collective mind blown after speaking to multiple Japanese colleagues who had not seen Star Wars.

Mika has seen Star Wars and explained it in the above video.

Her native language is not English — and she does a valiant job! And before you crack snide jokes, see how well you could summarise Star Wars in Japanese.

In the second clip, Mika discussed love in Star Wars.

Mika Explains Star Wars [That Girl's Site]


    First my morning was like.. mwehhhh..
    Now it's :))))))))

    I learnt Japanese in High school so i feel comfortable in saying she speaks in English way freaking better than I ever did Japanese. :s

    It feels like Japanese Playschool!

    Once again, americans assuming that their culture is the world culture. Fantastic.

    Anyway, I love Mika. Most of my friends have her level English, which is not too shabby.

    That actually seems like a good way to practice a foreign language.

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