Street Fighter X Tekken: ‘Street Fighter meets Magic: The Gathering’

Street Fighter X Tekken: ‘Street Fighter meets Magic: The Gathering’

Fighting games have traditionally been one arena of player-vs-player engagement where pyre skill wins the day. Sure, characters like Street Fighter‘s Dhalsim throw off the balance with his long reach, but generally the genre’s big titles are tuned to the point where reflexes and training can equal things out.

Street Fighter X Tekken might be changing all of that. Today, at a panel at New York Comic Con, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono introduced the game’s all-new Gem System.

After launching Street Fighter IV, Ono said he’d wanted to increase the fanbase but said that it still seems it’s only the most elite, fanatical players who gravitate towards the fighting genre. The Gem System came about as a way to deal with issues that crop up constantly in bouts, like mirror matches, throw escapes and skill disparity. Gems buff your attributes — speed up, stronger defence, more powerful attacks — but will be visible to your opponent above your super meter. You’ll be able to equip up to five and they’ll have certain conditions that trigger their activation, like getting hit by five normal attacks or three supers in a row. Ono described the mechanic as “Street Fighter meets Magic: The Gathering”.

Rufus — the chubby, ponytailed character from the Street Fighter franchise will be joining the warriors on the SFxT roster. Ono emphasised that the jointly-developed title is about tag-based fighting and talked up new features that focus on that. The game will allow for two players on each tag team — as opposed to one player playing as each tag team — and will also have a four-player Scramble Battle, which will be a battle royale, where the last man standing wins.

The Gem System represents a radical shift from how fighting games usually operate. In fact, the announcement was met by some grumbling by attendees. One shout of “No power-ups!” rang out during the presentation and reveals of auto-block and auto throw-escape gems were met with boos. Capcom’s Seth Killian assured the audience that it wasn’t what they were fearing and showed that certain gems will use up the super meter, meaning that they won’t grant players inexhaustible defenses. A demo of the auto-block and auto throw-escape gems pit a novice gamer named Kathleen against the more experienced Killian and she was able to win.

But, gems will be a pre-order enticement, too, with certain ones being only available for buyers who reserve the game at specific retailers. However, the biggest caveat to remember is that gem use is optional and you’ll apparently be able to filter out gem users in online matchmaking if you want to.


  • The concept sounds stupid and horribly unbalanced and makes me want to NOT buy it. Hell, a better idea to bring non-fighter fans into the fold would be to alter the SF controls into more standard/logical directional formats like every other fighting game. Lose the zig-zag, half circle joystick stuff and then you’ll get people in.

    Either way, stuff like this combined with SF4’s horribly comical art style means it’s a no go for me.

    • Then how do you change things? MK’s control style is cumbersome and awkward. SC’s is annoying and can’t make up its mind on what you did. VF is just a mess.

      Every control method has been tried (except a complete movement control style using Kinect/Move/Wiimote). So what’s left to use?

    • The street fighter control system is actually one of the most easiest to use, nearly every normal attack can be comboed with another normal and “stupid” half circle and zig zag (dragon punch) for specials is the same for EVERY character, meaning you could select a random character, and still have some idea how to use them!

      i find it hard to play a game like tekken, where every character’s specials are extremely different, so in the end i’ll only play as one character, and never try others, while in SSF4 or MVC3, every once in a while i’ll just play as someone different, because i can.

      also, dissing the art style for SF4? man, that game looks fantastic, makes it really fun to watch and play.

      and as for the gems system, you are right there, it does make it unbalanced, BUT there are options to have them turned off, and i’m almost 100% certain that in tournaments they would be turned off.

  • Maybe I’m just an optimist but this sounds like it could work if properly done, it’d make players think about what buffs they might need the most to cover their weaknesses. and from the sounds of it they’re making it pretty balanced.

    Though it’s smart of them to make it optional so people can play it like a more traditional fighting game. As most people will naturally want to.

    • This isn’t balance. This is game breaking. Give people an advantage and some jackass will find a way to break the balance.

      You want to cover weakness? Then play against other people, get your ass kicked, then work on your skills. Don’t rely on these “boosts” to do it for you.

      Appeal to the casuals, lose the hardcore

  • Dhalsim throws off the balance with his long reach?

    Keep your dirty real world logic out of my fighting games, fool. Dhalsim is balanced up the arse.

  • If you want it be be accessable to non fanatics, make the control systems something that DOESN’T REQUIRE WEEKS OF TRAINING TO USE!

    I shouldn’t have to try a dozen times to be able to use a special move once for the first time. Nor should I need to spend hours on being able to do supers and ultras at all. Or the dragon punch motion.

    Boy I hate the “They dumbed it down” elite club. Of course it’s easy if your willing to spend endless hours on it. But most people I know don’t want to do that, they actually want to PLAY THE GAME.

    MVC3 did it much better then SSF4, it’s just it was so fast paced it made people unwell trying to play it.

    • You’d love the iPhone SSF4 then. You can push 1 button and it does a special move, push another and there’s your Super/Ultra. Or is that not enough? Would you like a “I win” button that instantly wins the game for you?

      SF has always been the most accessible of fighters. Don’t know what to do? Then open the instruction book and you’ll see a move list, or press pause and you’ll get the same thing.

      It’s people like you that are the reason challenge in gaming no longer exists and you get achievements/trophies for the most mundane things. If you want to compete, then learn things and do some training just like anything else on this planet. Stop expecting the world to hold your hand all the time

      • “Would you like a “I win” button that instantly wins the game for you?”

        There’s no need to be nasty and unpleasant. I meant that in order to input a move it should be a button press, but for new people it’s a chore. I can’t get my friends to play this game because it takes far to much effort to learn and keep in practice.

        They like me just want to play and have fun.

      • “Most accessible of fighters”?
        Don’t make me laugh
        Having to do bullcrap like half circle motions or zig- zags while comboing it with button combo strings makes it very, very hard to get into the game.
        Tekken,MK, SSB all have huge depth that don’t rely on ridiculously complicated combos that noone in their right mind, short of being devoted to mastering the game, can pull off and are appealing to people not that interested in fighters.

        I hate SF for being like this. Having long impossible combos is not depth, its just annoying as all hellto figure out and remember

        So get lost with your elitist attitude, SF just plain isn’t fun, so why the hell would anyone want to spend time devoted to mastering it unless their some kind of masochist

        • They have the attention span longer than a minute? Seriously Street fighter is ridiculousness easy to play at a casual level. There is no NEED for the absurd long combo’s, they are just there for the people who want to play a perfect match for tournaments. Play with simple stuff like just normal special attacks, strong/mid/weak punches.

          I have not played the latest Tekken or MK, but if your not even doing things like down forward high punch to launch special attacks then I have no desire to try.

          Personally I CBF trying ot get the ultimate mastery of the game because that’s not to my interest but I like playing occasionally and I get a fair amount of depth with the couple longer combo’s I know, the special attacks of one or two characters and the timing I got down through trial and error.

          I would be slaughtered if i went against somebody who is skilled at SF4. And you know what? Since they are good at it and i am not, that’s fine with me. I have fun applying with people around my skill level.

  • Seriously though, you’re implying that SSB is a fighting game?


    Cats and Asuron are the kinds of players who go on about how they’re good at every fighting game out and get shown up at a party by some chump who bothered to learn the game, at least I don’t have to worry about Capcom NOT making money out of their franchises as people like you guys WILL buy the games regardless of whether you like them or not.

    “Tekken*,MK**, SSB*** all have huge depth that don’t rely on ridiculously complicated combos that noone in their right mind, short of being devoted to mastering the game, can pull off and are appealing to people not that interested in fighters.”


    Watch this and read your statement again, fool.


    As above.

    *** Once again, fkn LOL

    • Your an idiot if you don’t think so. Spacing, map awareness, combo locks, wave-dashing, all these were core to being excellent at SSB and I guarantee you anyone who has played the game can tell you this. One look at game mechanics for SSB on youtube would have told you this.

      As for those links? All perfectly capable of being pulled off by anyone by looking at the combo list briefly.
      SF on the other hand requires both strange controls such as fricking zig -zags motions and long button combos to pull off basic moves essential for some characters, which you then have to combine this with the necessary knowledge for spacing timing and prediction/analysis of your opponents strategy and suddenly its a goddamn nightmare to learn.

      This is not fun, how its perceived as fun is beyond me.
      It didn’t cultivate any interest in improving myself like the other games I mentioned did, because learning the damn thing would take weeks of practice to be at an average level of play and like hell am I spending that much time to just begin to having fun with a game.

      Stick to it with you want, just don’t labour under the illusions that SF is open to anyone that’s not willing to sacrifice months of their lives to become average to good at it

      • You whine far too much.

        SSB is a nintendo (read: CASUAL) P.O.S excuse for a fighter.

        ‘Half cirle motions and zig-zags with combo strings make it very very hard to get into the game’… welcome to hand-eye co-ordination, found on most games and gaming systems since about 1980.

        ‘So get lost with your elitist attitude, SF just plain isn’t fun, so why the hell would anyone want to spend time devoted to mastering it unless their some kind of masochist’… Dunno. Ask all the people who bought SF4. Pretty sure they think its just a bit ‘fun’.

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