Super Mario Table Makes Your Home A Mushroom Kingdom Castle

Video game décor, 'tis a tricky thing, it is. On one hand, who wouldn't want Mega Man wall hangings and Pac-Man poufs in their room of living? On the other, you still want people to believe that you've got taste.

Something about this Super Mario side table just works. I think it's how the cut-out Mario design on top replicates the 2D visual appeal of old-school 8-bit games but also looks plenty sturdy. It's whimsy + solidity, y'know?

OK, laugh at me if you must. But go to carpenter/designer Jonathan Mills' Etsy Shop and stare at it. Don't be surprised if it winds up in your house.

Holy Goombas! Super Mario Bros Side Table [Girl Gamers UK]


    Can just imagine coming home and reading a note saying "Your flat-screen TV is in another castle".

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