Surely The First Console Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Wasn't This Bad

Dorkly's rewritten the theme song to Konami's 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the NES to reflect the overall quality of the title. Oh come on, it wasn't that bad, was it?

This was the first game I bought (or had my parents buy) based solely on the licensed property represented, and if I remember correctly I was indeed punished for it. I can't recall exactly how many hours I wasted driving around town, getting strangled by kelp, or having to resort to Raphael and his lousy sai as a last resort, but back then it felt like days. The game was incredibly difficult, but back then I didn't care; as long as I was a turtle, I was happy.

Maybe if I went back and played it today I'd change my tune, and it would sound something like this. That's why I avoid doing such things.


    I picked the game up again as soon as it became available on wii's virtual console. It made me respect the skill I once had for the game because I had game overed within minutes. The game is insanely difficult and cheap. So cheap. Not to mention some horrendous controls. Boy did I love this game back in the day!

    Ahh the memories. So glad I only rented it.

    That underwater level was bullshit, just getting past that was always an achievement!

    The fact that Raphael was pretty much unusable didn't help either, he was the go to guy when you wanted to sacrifice some health!

    Rarely finished any games back one the NES, shit was hard.

    The underwater bit was easy, never knew what people were complaining about with that (but then, I was Battletoads-beating awesome in those days). I remember playing this at a sleepover once- shut UP- and we ended up game overing on the airport level repeatedly before we could get the hang of the Technodrome. Now THAT was a cheap boss. I don't remember why, just that it was cheap!

    omfg I remember that, I didn't when I clicked the link but after watching that clip... lol yeah. I remember you!

    *starts muttering under his breath*

    I loved this game back in the day. hmmmm I hear an emulator calling

    I remember getting up to the technodrome which took hours then losing Don, then Leo, then utter rage and depression kicked in.

    I still don't know how I found the patience to beat Batman on the NES.

    My brother was the sort of person with insane amounts of patience. He got up to the technodrome. I was lucky if I got past the first level. I was about 6 at the time though XD

    That damned DAM level... still manages to get my blood pressure to skyrocket

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