Swiss Officially Neutral On SHODAN Vs. GLaDOS

Switzerland's public broadcasting company this week released that advertisement below — "The Phony Wars" — to tout the service's new iOS and Android apps. And, Swiss to the last, they declare their neutrality between those two platforms.

They're also, as evidenced by that framegrab at 0:24, agnostic in the gamer bar argument of which is the baddest-arsed AI, SHODAN from System Shock or GLaDOS from Portal.

Merci beaucoup to reader Chris M. in Switzerland for spotting and sending along.


    Never saw GLaDOS genetically engineer hordes of horrific mutants through immensely painful virii or attempt to wipe out the planet with a mining laser - I'm just saying.

      she did gas an entire facility, and she did it on the "bring your daughter to work" day, i think thats pretty twisted. also she kept thousands of live people just to put them through a test, then kill them at the end...

      and don't make me even mention what she made me do to my companion cube...

        lol that said Chell is totally Caroline and Cave's daughter

    SHODAN all the way. She reckons shes a goddess and manipulates everything to get her deluded way, INCLUDING SPACE/TIME ITSELF

    Agreed. SHODAN is far scarier.

    GLaDOS is more of an exercise in dark, sadistic comedy. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just that SHODAN doesn't come with built-in comic relief.

    @StudiodeKadent im sure theres a patch for that somewhere.......
    SHODANPatch_humor_v1_1.exe... FOUND IT!

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