Take 7 Minutes To Watch This New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Take 7 Minutes To Watch This New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Do you like Final Fantasy games? Do you like Square-Enix’s brand of role-playing game drama? Then spend seven minutes watching this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer. Over on YouTube, the commenters tried to derail things by demanding Kingdom Hearts 3. You wouldn’t do that here, would you?

FFXIII-2 will be out in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


  • Ooooh, looking good… i enjoyed FFX, wasnt the best final fantasy, but a good game none the less.

    i did see some serious frame rate issues, heres hoping the game isnt like that.

  • My faith in SE never faltered, because I know that even though people didn’t like XIII (I Loved it), they have the potential to keep making wonderful games, as seen here.

  • Yeah…no thank you. I put my faith in SE, and they produced FFXIII (if you liked it, that’s fine, but from just about every objective standpoint it was an atrociously designed game (yes the graphics were pretty and the music was good)). This looks like more of that except with quick-time events, towns, mini-games, and aspects of time-travel which are all good additions (although, you know, two of those have been mandatory since FF2…). But I’m sorry, the story…eh…the scenario sounds alright but that dialogue…brrr. Just make Kingdom Hearts games SE – it’s just about all you can do right now – and stop making Final Fantasy into generic Anime crap. Get Masato Kato back to write a game or two (he wrote Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, Cross, parts of FFVII, and a few more Square games), and get Yoshitaka Amano back in a role larger than ‘make a logo’. Ah well…at least I’ll have Last Story next year – yay Hironobu Sakaguchi/Nobuo Uematsu!


    Really though, where is kingdom hearts even at? I seriously think that action-type rpg is the future for Squenix as much as I love the classic turn-based games of old.

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