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    It's not even 9am and I already want to punch everyone at work in the face. I mean MORNING!

      You sound cheery this morning shiggy what is your secret. I am usually terible on Monday's

      Oh Shiggy Wan Kenobi, teach me the way of the Peaceful Monday Waker. :P

        Consume all the bacon, gain enlightenment, ????, PROFIT!

      Morning Shiggy!

      As Mel Gibson might say: "Swing away, Merrill. Merrill. Swing away."

        oh no don't remind me of that terrible movie D:

          Heh heh, travelled millions of light years, but they are unable to get through a wooden basement door :)

      I'm the only one here at the moment.. so i want to punch MYSELF in the face... that'll teach me for Monday!

      Ha, sounds like a typical Monday to me.

    Hi all,

    Posted this out this morning. I mentioned it on the last page of TAY last week, but thought I would give it another moment in the sun.

    Depending on what result I get, I am further thinking about cobbling together a 'Let Off Some Steam' article on the subject. I'm a little annoyed, can you guess? :)


    Electronics Boutique Australia Pty Ltd.
    Customer Service Department
    25 Backhouse Place
    Trade Coast Central
    Eagle Farm, QLD 4009 Australia

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Shane Walsh-Smith, and I have been a regular customer of EB Games stores in the ACT for quite a few years now. Unfortunately, in the last few days, I have had a series of experiences that have soured me against shopping in your stores, and it has to do with your Price Matching policy.

    Harvey Norman ran a recent special on Uncharted 3 Special Edition for $78 (print-out attached). The special ran until 16 October 2011. I have had many negative experiences purchasing from Harvey Norman in the past, so I decided to try to get a similarly competitive price from one of the EB stores I frequent.

    On Wednesday 12 October, 2011, I entered the Canberra City EB Games and asked the sales person at the counter if EB matched pre-order prices. I was told definitively, yes, EB Games do match pre-order prices offered elsewhere. However, as the price I was attempting to match was a Harvey Norman price, I was advised that I would need to find an EB Games that was closer to a Harvey Norman store.

    This morning, on Saturday 15 October, 2011, I made a special trip out to the Woden EB Games (which is over 25 km from my house), which is in the same mall as a Harvey Norman store, and was told by the girl behind the counter that it was impossible to match any pre-order prices, even though the Harvey Norman was just upstairs.

    Needless to say, I was profoundly disappointed and extremely frustrated to have made a special trip out of my way to a distant EB store to make this pre-order for a game I am very excited about, only to be told that it was impossible, in direct contradiction to what I had been told on 12 October. Neither store was able to provide me with a written copy of the EB Price Matching policy, nor could I locate it on your website.

    By the time this letter reaches you, the Harvey Norman special price will have expired and it will be too late for me to try to get this price matched at an EB store.

    Can you please send me a written copy of your Price Matching policy, so that I can avoid this problem in the future?

    Please be aware that I have contributed articles in the past to, Australia’s #1 gaming news website, and I am considering submitting this experience for publication as I know that a lot of people on that site are interested in the apparent inconsistencies in the EB Price Matching policy. If you could furnish me with the written Price Matching policy, I would be able to inform a large community of gamers on your behalf about what they can and cannot expect from this policy.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Shane Walsh-Smith
    Saturday 15 October, 2011

      Having worked at a EB Games store for a short period, i'm actually fairly sure there is no actual written policy, which is why you see so many inconsistencies.. it's merely a slight of hand trick some stores play to get business.. some stores just flat out refuse to do it because they don't want to give people the lower price, lowing their sales quota for the month...

      Sooo much dodgyness...

        When I used to work at EB they had a sign up - I haven't noticed such a sign in recent years. Maybe there isn't one, because people tend to take the price match policy for granted. It probably hasn't been set in stone (so to speak) for a long time.

        but making people meet arbitrary conditions and jump through hoops, then still make excuses as to why they still won't match it... that's still despicable.

        One thing I cant stand is how EB (and others) imports UK versions of games, put an aussie ratings sticker on them and sells the game for $100+, and then also refuse to trade my exact same UK copy!

      If EB ends up replying, I wonder what they would say. So much dodgyness.

      I'm looking forward to seeing their response. They'll probably shower you with gifts to distract you from the fact they don't actually a policy written down. :P

        Sadly, this is what I'm aiming for :P

      I've switched to online for buying all my games. Even the best price match can't compete with the prices you get online.

      I know some people have problems with Ozgameshop, but I've never had any.

        I've just had the one problem, and once it was noticed by someone higher up than the asshat "customer service" guy that messed up things for me it was resolved in a swift and awesome manner.
        People seem to more have problems with Zavvi, even though I've ordered loads from them and never had a problem. Although they do tend to take around a week longer than Ozgameshop to get here, which is weird.

          Yea, i remember that (Space Marine, right?) but they ended up coming through in the end i seem to recall. I've never used Zavvi, you're actually the first person who hasn't given them a terrible review.

            Yeah, like I said, swiftly and awesomely resolved.
            I think a lot of the problems people have with Zavvi is when they try and exploit special deals and get shot down by Zavvi, from what I've read anyway.

              Still, i'd rather risk the online dramas than pay some of the prices at Aussie retail.

                Indeed. The only games I've bought retail in the last bunch of years were LBP2 for my daughter because it was a time-sensitive gift, and Dragon Age 2 because it was $20.

                  The only games i buy at retail are those impulse games in the 2 for $40 bins that JB has every now and then.

                  In terms of new stuff, it's online only.

                  It's $110 at EB, it's $55 online.

      Good work on the letter, however I don't think you will receive a written policy, as that means they may have to stick to it.

    *drags past everyone, in my sleep attire*

    morning everyone

    *takes a shower in coffee*

      Who takes a shower in coffee?
      That's what the bathtub is for.

        But I usually just sit beside the coffee bath and dunk my head in until all the coffee is gone.

        glub glub glub :D

      Did someone say COFFEE?!

        No, that's an auditory hallucination caused by drinking too much coffee.

      Fair greetings to you, your pixelated, small carnivourous, horned warrior you.

        Dear mr. Barbarian,

        Dear to your rockage, i am now completely emerged in Silent Hill and are having constant nightmares because of this... so thanks :P

        A cuddly little rodent with horned helmet

        PS say hey to clubby

    Mr. Strange finally started playing Space Marine last night. It looks like fun, I can't wait to try it! The 'feel' of the game actually reminded me a lot of Too Human.
    Before Loops and The Cracks try and have me killed I should just mention I loved Too Human and played it through a few times.

    Also, you may recall me being a tad angry at EB for wanting to charge adult prices for even my 2 year old to attend the EB Expo? Instead of going to the Expo we spent the money we'd put aside for it at Ozgameshop. :P

      Nice! What did you get?

        Unfortunately, nothing for me. :( Although 'Once Upon a Monster', which is supposed to be for my son looks like something I'll play. ;)

      I too loved Too Human! Oh how I wish they could have done a second :(

        I thought they were still planning to do it eventually.
        Did that court case with Epic ever reach a conclusion?

          I heard somewhere (here i think) that they have actually started on the second, or starting soon

            Weeeell from what I was just reading at the SK forum people aren't expecting them to do too well as the new X-Men game they're working on is getting bad previews - short game, ugly graphics, poor optimization etc (all rumors though, I haven't checked that myself as I'm actually quite busy for a change!).

          Haven't heard anything about the court case in a while. I hope work on the sequel is underway though :D

      Just started replaying Space Marine on hard, DAMN I love that intro.


        Probably the best opening to a game I've ever seen

          It really is quite epic...

          I don't know if i'll be playing on hard yet, though - i just have a feeling i will rage hard... lol

            If you can't beat hard loops, you have no right to call yourself a Space Marine :P

              Harly.. i think that playing on Hard may cause me to submit to the Blood Rage and take out my TV...

              That's pretty Space Marine to me.

              I WILL play it at some point, but i'm not sure if i will just yet

                that was meant to say "Hardly" nor "Harly" lol

                Well I'm going through the second chapter now and I'm not having any major problems. I think the trick is effectively using the stun combos to give yourself space before executing the orcs.


      Actually - I really enjoyed too human - i played right through it. The repetitive game play was more than made up for by the awesome story. I realllly loved that story and am just sad that we are still waiting for the sequel.

      So don't worry your pretty head, lil lass.

      I actually finally had the time to finish the SP part of Space Marine yesterday (thanks for the tips on what weapons to use, guys - worked a treat) - and i will be submitting a reader review to mark in the next day or so :)
      Glad you guys are enjoying it, though

        I've always thought of writing a reader review sometime, but I'd probably be too forgiving and give every game high marks :)

      I too share your appreciation for Too Human. I think my only complaint about the game was the long, long, LONG death scenes.

      Didn't Loops love Too Human as well?
      I liked the idea of Too Human, never ended up getting beyond the demo though (too many other games at the time, IIRC).

    Hey guys, I traded in Duke Nukem Forever already but I was in the first access club. Obviously I have no use for a code for the Hail to the Icons DLC pack, so if anyone who still has Duke Nukem Forever wants the DLC, feel free to use it:


    I only ask that you post when you redeem it so we know when it's been used.

    Good morning all!

    Inspired by the generous Sir Hugo, this is the TAY TRADERS CORNER!
    Feel free to reply to this post if you have stuff you want to give away to our regular contributors :D
    From my collection so far I have the following to give away...

    Saw 2-PS3

    Killzone 3-PS3

    Star Wars-The Force Unleashed-PS3

    More to come when I go through my collection...stay tuned!

      I'll take Killzone 3 off your hands :)

        Ok Doc, Just email me your details to punishinghand(at)live(dot)com(dot)au


      I love how everyone is giving away free stuff. It's great! ...what? do I want anything, unfortunately not.

      Anyone who hasn't got or played force unleashed yet needs to do so...


      I would very much like the Force Unleashed :) always wanted to play that

        Sold my good sir! Email me your postage details to the following email address :)


      Not a fan of Star Wars? I don't blame you, that game had some serious design flaws.

        Sounds a bit elitist to me...
        I thought the game was great, regardless of it's few shortcomings

          It wasn't bad. But i think it lacked variety. Plus what the hell was up with that big spaceship boss? It took me like 55 mins

          I'm no elitist i swear. Now pardon me while i sip my chardonnay and twirl my walking baton.

            it's called a cane. LOL

            Yeah that spaceship boss was a little silly - but i mean, it was a fun romp.

            I mean, you have to admit, Lifting someone in the air, filling them with electricity, then throwing them so they hit other troopers and explode is pretty bloody cool. lol

              I'm too elitist to call it a cane.

              I've heard part 2 really, really sucked.

                Yeah - i've actually been too scared to play it. lol

              I wrote in depth about this battle and what was wrong with it, and what I hoped would be fixed in TFUII:


                They really didn't fix much in part 2

                The only time you ever really feel like an awesome sith was in the first game.

      Morning Intrenets, started work at 7 with no breakfast. I am filled with regrets now!

        Tis how I start every day.
        Then I get a sausage roll from the servo cause I'm hungry. Does not help with the regret though.

          I too skipped breakfast. Woke up at 7:55 and I start work as 8:00. Now I am eating breakfast at work to compensate - one of the ladies working here did a baking fund-raiser last friday and now I'm helping her clean up the leftovers.

          I'm helping! \o/

        I actually had breakfast today just for a change. So I am loaded with porridge power and ready to get some work done (Which is clearly why I am reading TAY)

      @ Dr.What and Tech Knight,

      Hey guys, just let me know on here when you sent the email with your delivery address. Then i'll send em out asap.
      Unless you want to pick it up Tech Knight? I recall you live not far from me.

        Yeah I could come pick it up, then we could also meet in person. Highett's a calm place to drive in usually so I wouldn't mind it.

        Keep your eyes out for an email from sdcdragonman(at)hotmail(dot)com later today, that'll be me.

          No probs, will do :)

    The EB Games Expo was awesome.

    I met lamboman, his dad and his brother. They were all so awesome.

    I bought the RAGE collectors edition for $60. It was awesome.

    I played Batman: Arkham City. It was awesome.

    I played Uncharted 3. Awesome.

    I watched Skyrim gameplay. Epic.

    I played Battlefield 3... it was OK...

    I played Just Dance 3. Surprisingly awesome.

    I played Sonic Generations. Honestly, really awesome.

    I saw a booth babe completely deny a guy hitting on her. Awesome and hilarious.

    I posed with Bajo and Hex. Awesome and friendly.

    I posed with booth babes. Epically hot and awesome.

    I saw the Red Bull Motorcyclists doing tricks. Insane, inane, stupid and awesome.

    Overall, it was pretty awesome.

      That doesn't sound awesome at all.

      I lie. It sounds awesome.

      Looking forward to the Expo next year! In Sydney!

        Yeah man!

        This time, I'm going to get VIP tickets to at least 2 sessions! non-VIP is good, but there's a bit too much lining up and not enough plaing games.

        Yea, they really need to move it to Sydney next year. I'm to lazy to go more than 35ks from my house.

      Meh. I probably would have just been spoilerised anyway.
      ...*runs off sobbing*

        Yeah, Uncharted 3 showed some things, but overall, the games shown were mostly spoiler-free.

        You should definitely come next year!

      Man, I am jelly, I wish I could go and do awesome things. I hope there will be one in Melbourne soon.

        It's in Sydney next year, so it might travel around Australia year to year!

          oohh, sounds good, hopefully it'll come 2013. Or maybe I should just fly over to Sydney next year XD

          I might go ahead and attend next year, but it depends on the game coming out. There's so much good stuff coming out this year that next year is going to be kind of dull by comparison. I don't think we'll have a year of gaming this big until we're looking at the next generation of consoles.

      That's fantastic - glad to hear it wasn't a bust - i'll definately be attending next year, now.

      I didn't go this year because i didn't want to spend allll that money in fares, accommodation and entry if it was just going to be a flop lol

      You know what needs to happen now - pics or it didn't happen

        Yeah, it definitely wasn't a bust. I was a bit worried, but I consoled myself that if I got bored, I was still at the Gold Coast and could find some other form of entertainment easily enough!

        Overall, I think I spent around $600 on the weekend (Flights, 5-star Hotel, taxis, food, merch, bus trips, etc)

        Also, pics:
        Lambo and Myself:
        Myself queuing for Bajo and Hex's signatures:

          Holy crap - you ARE tall!


          Man i'm not looking forward to standing next to you at the meat lol

          question! how did you know it was him? Unless he saw you first and put two and two together?

          Or did your eyes meet across the room and a connection sparked...

      Has anyone played BF3 and declared it awesome?
      A lot of "It's OK" going around.

        I heard it was OK...

        ok it is my child

        A friend of mine played it at the Expo and said that it was much better than the demo made it out to be.



        But they ran out of posters before I could get there :(

        I loved it, though! :D

      Did ya see the Artboy gallery stuff there?
      Curious to know what people though of my entry :)

        I saw them all. They were all REALLY awesome.

        Whichever one yours was, it would have been awesome. Nothing but the best work on display! :D

          Thanks man :D
          Mine was the one that came with the 3D glasses :)

        I saw someone on Twitter post a pic of yours. Raygun Brown, maybe? I was impressed. It was all kinds of awesome.

          Yeah Raygun had some nice things to say about it, I was most chuffed :D

    For those of you not in my twitter loop - a couple of pictures that describe my weekend - the high and the low

    Mark Serrels has an autobography!! And i got it for just $5!!!

    A pelican crapped on my car... no one, NO ONE is EVER alowed to complain about bird crap on their car EVER AGAIN, because it pales in comparison to THIS!

      Those god damned Geelong pelicans don't mess around.
      Well, I guess one did mess around, all over the back of your car :D

        As if my car didn't already look like enough of a pile of shit, the pelican really had to add insult to injury

      Wow. That is a giant bird-sheet. Never suffered a pelican bombing however the lorikeets up here get drunk eating leftover sugar from the sugar mills. One flew into my windscreen as I was about to get in. Shat everwhere as it hit, maximum splatterage. It then proceeded to stumble around the windscreen, shitting as it went before it recovered and flew off.

        that's.... impressive as all hell

        Sounds like a typical Friday night on King street...

          It's funny because it's true

          Ahhhhh, all my wasted nights at the Dallas bar... and Bang...

            Or was it next??

            i always forget which one was which

    Soo, tired ... stupid SW:ToR beta.

    Need sleep or need to play it some more.

    I wonder if there is a way to hook coffee up straight to your heart? (a vain can be substituted)

      So how is it?
      What did you play as?

        Started of as a Jedi counselor, twas fun but I was sick of being a goodie two shoes (sadly I like to roleplay a little, not overly just if I play a jedi I want to act like a jedi).

        So I switched to a Republic Smuggler which is a really interesting class. The cover mechanics are pretty cool (although I broke them in one area :D) and did my first flashpoint (dungeon thing). I wanted to kill the baddie but one of the jedi's in the group won the roll and let him live.

        Also the story is really good, It seems odd that an MMO has a story but I felt I had an actual reason for doing what I was doing instead of "NPC A tells you to kill X amount of NPC B"

        Also (im not sure if it's with every class) the smuggler class gets to flirt with 95% of the female NPC's, It's rather hilarious.

          Flirting you say?
          *rubs chin*

          HAHA they actually put the smuggler's flirting in there?! That's awesome! xD

      Yeah my mate's in the beta too, his official opinion is that when the full game comes out we are never going to see him again outside of his house :)

    Felt rather poorly last night, went to bed early. Woke up at 3am ish and decided that if I'm going to be awake at that ungodly hour, I might as well see if there's any Starcraft streaming.

    Watched Huk vs MarineKingPrime. Was worth being awake at that ungodly hour.

      I haven't played or watched SC2 for ages, but that would of been an awesome match.

        Over on Major League Gaming's site is the Winners Finals (Huk vs TheSTC) and then the loser of that plays MC while the winner goes on to the grand final to play the winner of the loser and MC.

        If you're even vaguely interested, now is a good time to renew that interest.

          MLG's site being:

          Annoyingly, my work internet doesn't seem to like streaming much. Even on low quality, it's rather choppy.

    Batman out this week. Stupidly my copy is for PC and won't be out till November. So it will be early december before i get it! This is why i am buying Skyrim locally!

      I'm going to preorder Skyrim on Friday for the exact same reason.

    Played some Gran Turismo 5 with Pez and Shady, after all Fast and the Furious has shown, a Skyline cannot beat whatever the hell Shady had. :( Good fun though! Tearing around the Top Gear track, me pretending to be Clarkson was fun! Although the speed I was going, I was more like May.

      Buy yourself a Stig suit. It makes everyone an awesome driver.

    Just noticed, no secret hidden tag :(

    So, someone hacked the Sesame Street YouTube and uploaded heaps of porn.

    Who does that?

      Geez... you wonder sometimes if these people even bother to read the terms & conditions.


      I have to admit, I had to suppress some lols. I'd probably be more upset if I:

      a) Previously knew there was a Sesame Street youtube account;

      b) Had kids of my own; and,

      c) The first thing to pop into my head wasn't muppet porn.

      Oscar the Grouch?

      He's a dirty, dirty muppet!

        I'll never look at Bert and Ernie the same way again.

      If those people had any heart and were the least bit clever they would have filled the channel with videos of bare hands talking to eachother.

      That's real Sesame Street porn.

        Talking? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to be clapping?

        You mean like this: ?

          There was something really obscene about that.

      If you haven't heard of Avenue Q, please, watch this...

      Kinda NSFW if your boss is a prude, otherwise, enjoy!

    Hey can someone please post my pics from the weekend mowing my lawn on here.. i got meetings for a fair bit this morning but want you all to see.

    there are two pics and both are awesome if i do say so myself!!/FatShadyLive/status/125103237777985536


    Urgh, went birthday shopping for my nephew on the weekend and noticed just how crap most of the toys are these days.
    I had a look for transformers and all I could find were the Bay abominations. I am trying to be a good influence on my nephew, nothing but Gen 1 for him. eBay here I come.
    So, I decided to try star wars or Marvel characters. Managed to find a few, but they were all smaller than your average G.I. Joe toy. WTF. These things were tiny and looked as fragile as glass.
    Humph, you know you are getting old when you look at toys and think, they don't make em like they used too.

      So weird! You say this today, and the latest Panny Arcade says this:


        Battle damage He-Man is, and always will be, one of the most awesome toys. EVER.
        Today's crap could never hold the same epicness.
        Phfft, bakugan, yu-gi-oh, none of these come close to He-Man and Voltron.
        Now I have to go and yell at some imaginary kids to get off my imaginary lawn.

          I do miss toys that did more damage to my foot than my foot could ever do to it when i tred on them.. lol

        Man, old toys are so much cooler. New toys are all "oh no, we can't have too much violence or pointy things, kids will wind up as murderers" where as back in my day it was a case of "ah stuff it, let kids be kids".

          GI-JOE was the shit - every single one of them came with a whole SPRUE of knives and guns... BAD-ARSE!

            Did you get the Street Fighter G.I Joe (Action Force) figures? I had the Ryu one.

            It looked very... unlike Ryu.


            Still, look at all them weapons!

      The newer transformers universe toys are pretty awesome.
      I got Megatron and Overkill from that range

      ALSO there are war for cybertron ones, which are also all sorts of win.

      But yeah, i have a few G1 ones and they are full of win.

      I also prefer my range of star wars figurines over the new ones. The new ones have tried to blend my generations with the VERY first star wars toys and have failed miserably.
      My A-Wing is EPIC.

      Lastly, my Power Rangers toys from the first and second series and the movie are FAR better that anything they have done in the last 5-8 years

    Playing Dark Souls on the weekend... went through a hole in a wall in Undead Burg into a narrow sewer. Turned right "AAAARRGGHHH it's a zombie! Kill it!", so jabbed the zombie with my spear (oo-err, missus, etc). Turns out that was actually a merchant :( Who then refused to sell to me :( In a panic, I dropped out to the XMB and loaded again, but no luck - just like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls auto-saves pretty much constantly, so the merchant was still p*ssed at me.

    Then I remembered cloud storage! Dropped back to XMB again and plucked my previous night's save off the cloud storage and carried on - this time WITHOUT attacking any merchants. Lost a couple of hours, but I figure that's probably a better alternative than being stuck without access to that merchant. That whole PS+ thing just paid for itself, I reckon :)

    Only problem is that I'm pretty sure that constitutes cheating... I feel so dirty :(

    Also: off to New York in exactly 1 week!! :) Assuming the Qantas ****ers decide they're actually going to do their ****ing jobs that day, anyway.

      Hahah I almost did that too.
      Good thing you managed to reload it because that is the only merchant who sells curse cures.
      Wish I could do that, accidentally refused the cat who asks you to join the Forest Covenant then realised I really wanted to join that one.
      So I shot him in the face instead.

      This is why you should always go around corners shield first instead of spear first.

      And don't think of it as cheating. Think of it as beating the system. I might have to get PS+ now, if I'd accidentally speared a merchant I would have had to start the whole game again just to see if he'd sold anything useful!

    I have sent out about a dozen books to various TAYbies in the last few days (you know who you are).

    It's a great thrill, defacing a book with my autograph and sending it out into the world for judgement. Kind of daunting too, but way more exciting! :)

    Please, everyone who has ordered one, when they arrive, can you let me know what condition they arrive in? If the C5 envelope is unsuitable, I will have to send them out differently in future (also, will replace any damaged copy).

    Additionally, Mark has indicated that he would publish a reader review for The Lesser Evil if one were submitted to him (this is what I asked for as my Kudos prize about six weeks ago), so bear this in mind... but on the other hand, don't everyone swamp him with reviews! :P

    That's it, really. Thanks everyone for your support (you quite possibly have no idea how awesome you all are, so I will say it again).

    And now for the SHAMELESS PLUG (feel free to skip):


    Copies still available. The Lesser Evil volume 1. Signed by the author. $10 posted to anywhere in Australia (-10% discount for TAYbies who are happy to consider posting reviews on Amazon, etc)

    Email me: shane[AT]shanewsmith[DOTCOM]
    I will respond after hours.

    Thanks again!

      BUY - HIS - BOOK!!!

      I can't wait to get mine - if you don't buy it, you're a Nazi.
      A dirty racist Nazi.

      There - i said it.

        Funnily enough, that's the marketing campaign for volume 2. :P

      Or we can just spread the word on the internets about your book, yes?
      Shameless plugs on Amazon, here I come :)

      Just got your book, now I have something to read at work rather than doing something productive, like work! :D

        Awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

        How's its condition? Did it survive the trip?

          Yep, it's fine bud. No damage at all. But perhaps mark it do not bend? Mine wasn't but I can just see a reckless postie folding it in 1/2 to fit someones mailbox :S
          That would suck.

            Excellent suggestion - thanks! I will do this from here on in. :)

    How's everyone doing this fine Monday Morning? A little tired? A bit sleepy?
    I'm going to start a little scheme here to perk up the start of the working week:

    It's time for:
    Guaranteed to wake you the f*ck up :D
    Put on some headphones, turn the volume up loud, and CLICK THIS LINK.

    You're welcome :D

      I no allowed headphones.

        See this as an opportunity to do a service for your whole office.

      That was pretty damn awesome - BUT a little slow to wake me up...
      I was listening to Blood Brothers before hand, which is always a great start to the day.

      IF we REALLY want to wake up, let's listen to this:

        I might actually set that as my alarm.

      Future Breed Machine Mayhem version would work better.

      You would need so many sore throat lollies after that song.

      Can't go on youtube at work .I'll be fine, I dont need waki...adrfahgarfgbb.

      Oh sorry fell asleep on my keyboard

    For all you Terry Pratchett fans out there:

      He's starting to look more and more like how I picture Rincewind...

      Man, I was worried he was really going to go through this this ending his life thing. Is it selfish that I would rather he live as long as possible and keep writing?

      Who am I kidding. Of course it's selfish.

        It's selfish, but because I would also benefit from it, I don't mind so much.

        I've seen a few things about assisted death from Sir Pterry (his Dimbleby Lecture and the Choosing to Die documentary mentioned in the article) and as best as I can tell, the man will not quit until the last moment.

        He just wants to go out on his own terms and so far, it seems like his own terms include writing until the very last possible moment.

    The MLG stream started dying on my during the end of Huk vs The STC game 1. Been trying to fix it ever since and already I've missed game two and what has to be the majority of game three.

    Super sadface.

      I just started watching, man, those Huk forcefields.

        I hate you so much right now.

          I've given up trying to watch.

          I know the result of Huk vs The STC, although I saw about seventeen seconds of game footage. I know who's in Losers finals and who they beat to get there.

          Any knowledge beyond that point, I shall try to avoid until I get home.

    In realtion to the toy discussion above - lets see ANY new toy beat THIS

      Now you have me wondering what ever happened to my dino-riders. I miss my little Ankylosaurus with a big arse crossbow on his back

    Is anyone going to the armageddon expo on the weekend in melbourne? Melbourne meat?

      I haven't heard of this yet. What is it and where? :P

      Is that this week?

      Man people need to start discussing this stuff wayyyy sooner. lol

      Sorry mate - i won't be able to make it - i was thinking of trying to organise something after i get back from sydney, though

        hey, I only just remembered as I was walking down swanston and saw a flyer for it.

        @Tech Knight:

        Can it be a lunch-afternoon this time round? I cut it really close getting the last train home that night. I'd love to meet you guys again, it's really strange to not actually be a socially awkward penguin-bot when I try to get involved in a conversation :P

          Good times were had by all!

          By the way - anyone know what happened to Mr. Explody?
          Where's he gone?!

            Yeah I haven't heard from him in ages, hope the man's okay.

            I wanna duel wield in another game if we go to Galactic Circus again. Maybe dual wield M-16s against undead xD. My aim might be absolutely horrid though lol

          Well if you aren't a creepy serial killer, we can always car pool...
          I might be a creepy serial killer though :P

            I can confirm that Techy is neither Creepy nor a Serial Killer

            Yeah I'm now worried about going to your place to pick up your game. I don't want to be lured in, dismantled and sold as spare parts!

              My wife might object to oil and robot parts strewn about the house so I think you'll be safe lol

      Thinking about it...Arkham City this week, I want Kevin Conroy to sign my Collectors Edition Statue!

        That would be pretty bloody epic

      Interesting, any idea what game stuff is going on there?
      Also I hear Technodrome are playing there, they do awesome Rocky VG song covers :D

    I built my new PC on the weekend, Here are the specs

    2x4G RAM
    Intel i5 2500K Processor
    Asus 1155 P8Z68-V Motherboard
    2x HIS 2G HD6950 Graphics cards (Going to flash upgrade it in the near future)

    Ready for some PC gaming \o/!

      Very nice! Any particular reason you didn't go for the i7?


      How was the blood to installed part ratio?

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