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    Good morning TAYbies!
    What an epic weekend! Got to meet the Batman! Met Kevin Conroy and he signed my CE statue and Arkham City hardcover graphic novel. Got to meet Tech Knight and Pixel Ferret as well. Saw Amanda Tapping(from across the room) and Robert Picardo glared at Tech Knight and myself when he couldn’t get past us(to be fair there wasn’t really anywhere to move to). Yep, he’s an a**hole in real life too! Saw heaps and heaps of cosplayers(some really awesome costumes too).

      Sadly I couldnt make it to Armageddon as I had other arrangements. I did see a couple of cosplayers in the CBD though, the make my girlfriend giggle to no end :)

      Yeah by the time we got there the queue for Amanda Tapping was way too large. Can't blame them though, she looks as lovely as she does on TV.

      Yeah bloody hell, Robert Picardo xD. Do I look that intimidating to be seen as an enemy? :P

      But yeah Splicer and Pixel Ferret are awesome gentlemen, I had an awesome time. Got myself a Kingdom Hearts keyblade pendant which will replace my old sword one, a limited edition Stargate SG-1 Death Glider (Only 1500 of them in the world apparently), and an adorable Sonic plushie. Both the last two are sitting on the shelf above my screen and I currently got the silver keyblade around my neck.

      Wooo! I went too! *high-five* I didn't get to meet batman, or anyone since the lines was freakin' massive. Too bad I didn't get to meet you guys. I also bought this there:

      The only bad thing about Armageddon was that it was really packed and a few areas smelt like BO.

        Yeah the lines were crazy. I queued for about 2 hours to meet Kevin Conroy.

      indeed 'twas a awesome event, was a great pleasure meeting you gentlemen...

      i do believe that Tech Knight managed to pull off the most awesome cosplay of all though... you actually looked human... could have fooled me

      highlight was when i bought a Green Mushroom plushie hat on the way out though, you guys didn't see that but i managed to get Mario and Luigi laughing so hard when i wore it and ran away screaming from them as they saw me...

      next year we'll all have to dress up though, i felt so *shudder* normal

        YES finally somebody noticed my human cosplay!

        Too bad I didn't get to see that green mushroom hat

        We demand photos!

          photos shall arrive, i just need to upload them first :P i shall do this when i get home for you fine gentlemen...

          also i have decided that because of the sheer epicness of this hat i now need to get a white morph suit to go with it

            I retract my demand for photos!
            Lol lol

              nono you are now locked in good sir,

              prepare to be amazed, confused, grossed out, aroused*, and utterly bewildered...

              also, no morphsuit


              *not aroused

                I think i'd need bleach to scrub my eyeballs if i saw you in a morphsuit. No offense buddy :P
                But seriously, my eyes would gouge themselves out :P

                  bahaha but my BIG MANLY* physique?

                  on a side note, i've already started pulling together materials for next years cos-play/halloween/cause-i-can costume...
                  Tricky bit is going to be the Reaver-Blade but i got a few ideas

                  *Little and Scrawny

    Battlefield 3 gonna break street date? #fingerscrossed

      I think there is more chance of COD breaking street date just to stop bf3 eating into their sales.

    Morning all.

    *plants face in coffee cup*

      this. sweet, sweet nectar of non-sleepyness.

      Doesn't that ...burn?

        Nah. After you do it a few times, you can't really feel anything.

        The burning wakes you up :D

      *kisses Rize on the Cheek*

      mooorning honey... How's that lovely Nescafe Blend 43 treating you? :D

        *rubs eyes*

        ...we named the dirt?

          someone did at some point...

          also don't rub it in your eyes, tried it... doesn't work

            Have you tried rubbing them with coffee?

              ...ignore that, I fail at reading.

            but surely it's less of a torture then drinking it?

              while this is very true, it doesn't have the same effect as drinking it...

              i elect the proper Scandinavian way of dealing with this dirt...
              dirt in mouth,
              add boiling water
              repeat till you are awake enough to perform physical labour (such as pillaging and raping)

        Is it bad that i'm so tired that i've actually been looking forward to it?

          nooo not at all... i often wake up monday morning thinking:
          "hmm i could really go for a cup of nice hot diarrhea with milk"

          on the other hand, yes it is okay if you wanted a cup of actual coffee

    Sup gais!

    First off: AP's live set on Saturday was BLIND MOWING stuff! Seriously! That dude has MAD music skills. Everyone who tuned in to the stream will tell you I speak true. Shiggy and I attended in person. I tried to hijack the cam to say hello, but one I'd waved etc, we realised the PC had frozen :( Anyway, all who missed it can catch the recordings (and future streams here:

    Secondly: I am LOVING Arkham City! I wish I could play it more often but work hours and other crap keeps getting in the way. So far I'm about 45% complete. Damn side quests! At the weekend I spotted a hooded figure standing on the rooftops...(LOOK AWAY IF YOU CONSIDER CHARACTERS APPEARING IN THE GAME AS SPOILERS!!!) It was mother fudging Azrael!!!

    Thirdly: I sold another shirt! one of the Alderaan Shot First ones!

    Other stuff happened but it's way to early on a Monday to remember.

    How are you all doing?


      Azreal is part of a sidequest where you have to find him about five times, then go to a location on the map that is found by his symbols. Fun times.


        Yes, I know.

        I didn't mention any details other than the afore mentioned character's name to avoid any spoilarz.

          I had to say it because it happens to be awesome.

          There is one annoying sidequest that you have to basically stumble across the various steps. Didn't do that one until yesterday, when I had done at least 4 of the Riddler rooms. Even then, I had to look up a guide to see where the next piece of evidence was.

          Was worth it though, quite liked the end of that sidequest.

        Yeah I found Killer Croc in the sewers last week. Totally by accident. Kinda sad that's pretty much all you see of him though.


          You Sir, win the 'best way to post spoiler alerts' award.

          On a different note, which I won't even hint at for fear of giving something away but MAN, WHAT AN ENDING!!11!!
          You'll have to find out for yourselves. Now that i've finished it i'm flying around finishing side quests and picking up Riddler trophies.

      "Thirdly: I sold another shirt! one of the Alderaan Shot First ones!"

      Good stuff - i actually sold another Lord Shepard tee last week - only thing that sucks is only making $3.50 per shirt... /lame

      Why can't redbubble work on the same margins as toctopus? lol

        I hear that!

        Sadly, all of my toctopus shirts were crap prints. I guess you pay more for better quality.

          I'm pretty sure you could put your prices up a dollar or two and people would still buy your stuffs.

            People aren't buying my stuff just now. :(

              I've been waiting until I have some moneys to spend. I keep having to get stuff for the kids though, because they've grown too much since the weather was last this warm.

    Morning All!

    Hope we had an awesome weekend, I had an pretty good one. Didn't get much gaming done but went bowling (for the second time ever) and didn't come last (only second last). Also saw Real Steel at the movies.

    Ohhhh nectar of life how I have missed you these last 2 days *take sip of coffee*

      How was Real Steel?

        Pretty good actually, I really enjoyed it. I mean it has robots punching each other, what else could one want?

        Twas fairly predictable what was gonna happen though, but still a great movie.

      I reallly want to see that movie... :D
      Glad you had a good one, mate! :D

      heh bowling! awesome! wish I could have gone

    I need more energy, after going to a pirate themed cabaret show and being at a concert full of indie hipsters, I just want to go sleep/game/or get lost in work... instead I'm sitting on kotaku... :p

      pirate themed party? how do you do that? Do one show off a list of all the games/movies/TV shows they have downloaded


        *Does one

        Damn coffee, obviously need more

          Haha yes thats exactly what I did....

          that was what it was. lots of fun.

        One of my friends used to have a modded XBox he'd take to parties to use as a jukebox/entertainment centre. We would also sometimes bring our PCs and share fansubbed Anime over LAN, back in the days before bitorrent and cheap broadband.

        Oh yeah. We were freakin' ELITE.

          My lan group still does that - but we're in Mackay and so don't have cheap or reliable broadband...

      damn indie hipsters *shakes fist*

      New guy or am I just unobservant.

        I think pretty new. I can't tell anymore.

          Yes I'm fairly new, I've been lurking for over a year now but decided to start commenting :)

    why has the past 3 weeks been an absolute drain on my bank balance. . .?

    Damn you constant stream of good games. . .

    Morning all. Thought I'd throw out a Friday redux and say hello to everyone for the first time (many many months of lurking)!

      HEY MANG!
      Did you miss the part where we called you a pretty cool dude/tte?
      Because you are a pretty cool dude/tte.

        I agree with this guy ^

        You are legen- wait for it !-dary!

      Please sir, don't stand up on such a high platform when introducing yourself for the first time. That is not an angle they want to be introduced at.

      "I am the man with no name ... Brannigan, Zapp Brannigan"

      Welcome my velour loving friend.

      Oh Hai! o/

      So what brings you here? Space Marine, LoL or the love of a good paddling? :P


          I freaking love Starcraft! I mean Starship Troopers, um Elementals... Gears of War? games.

      Welcome back, mate.

      Make sure you hang around, or our self esteem will be shattered. We need you to like us.

      NAY - LOVE US!

      *strokes your forehead*

        Not Creepy at all....

          Don't worry, we keep him chained up. Most of the time. :p

            you have to let me out to write stories every now and then

        Shhh, your gonna scare him off.

        Quickly put on your over-sized sun glasses so you look 'cool'.

      Morning Zap :)

      Awww. I feel loved. Or like you want to steal my wallet.

      No particular order: Never played LoL, FOR THE IMPERIUM YOU HORUS SCUM, and yay! Paddles.

      Also: Excellent. Time to start populating friend lists

    So I think I spent a grand total of two hours gaming this weekend, primarily helping my wife with some of the physical challenge Riddler trophies in Arkham City because some of the ones that require precision flying are beyond her. Finally! Something I am better than her at!

    Also, where did all this damn heat come from? I really should've spent some money on an air conditioner this year before Summer was so close but nooo, we had to have a new TV, didn't we?

    Anyone know a place that'll do interest-free repayments on portable air conditioners? It's not that I can't afford one, I just can't afford one right now.

      The ones that require precision flying are just mean.

        I seriously raged so hard at Advanced AR Training 1 and 2. 3 was cake by comparison, and then by the time you get to the 4th one you're like "seriously? I could've done that in my sleep".

          Yeah, they ranged from retarded (kept hitting the roof of the tunnel in AR 1) to retardedly easy.

          Not the best designed aspect of the game, that's for sure.

      I truely suck on those AR training missions. I was able to do the first one easy enough, but all of the others... it's like WTF.
      I think I will just stick to falling of rooftops and have the enemies below break my fall, it works most of the time.


    Thanks Doc - i just checked out AP's livestream stuff, and that MJ one is BLIND MOWING!!

    It's soooo brilliant!

    Went out to walk the dog.
    Package in mailbox upon return.
    Squeal in glee.
    Eagerly grab package.
    Package is strangely small.
    Package is addressed to sister.
    Package is probably baby stuff.
    That is, package is not Dark Souls.

    11/10 start to the week.
    Gonna be a looooong week. I can feel it in my creaky old bones.

      Don't worry Bish, I'm sure your copy of Dark Souls will arrive soon.

      Then you can start yelling profanity at a television screen like the rest of us

      You had me excited for a moment there too. :(
      I have a problem with my Dark Souls, it's addressed to my husband. So even if it arrived today I wouldn't be able to play it until tomorrow because I can't open packages addressed to him, even if I'm 95% sure it would be Dark Souls, because it may be something else, like my Christmas present. Grr.

        We're suckers for punishment.

      Man i HATE it when that happens...

      Could be worse - it could have been addressed to you but actually turned out to be a REALLLLLY big bill

        What are you talking about?
        I love getting HECS/HELP debt letters!
        Every year it's like "Oh sweet, $30,000 in debt to the government. That's awesome!"

    'Morning peoples.
    I finally found something that's managed to get me to (temporarily) stop listening to Sabaton all the time: Van Canto's new album, 'Break The Silence'. It might have helped that they actually cover a Sabaton song on it though. :P

    I'm alive!


    Having no net at home has been painful, especially with all the big Starcraft 2 announcements and whatnot.

    So I made do by playing a lot of Arkham City. Finished every sidequest except the Riddler's and have about 340 of the 400 challenges done. Did a bit of the challenge mode as well, but only got 30 odd medals there.

    Going to get into New Game Plus at some point in the future, but might play something else for a little while.

      ...Who are you again?

        Also apparently Sinful Succulence Morgana is on sale and this is something you wanted?

          You'll find that I'm lacking in both an internet connection at home and Riot points (as well as the willingness to pay for RP).

            Oh man, you missed my story over the weekend about how I considered buying RP but then I didn't.
            Basically, I considered buying RP, but then I didn't.
            True story.

            Give a shout to one of us if you do end up wanting it, even if your League playing is minimal. You could pass on your login details to one of us and we'll grab it for you, or something.

      *pokes Trjn*

      His story fits, he's not a ghost.

        And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling...nevermind.

      You were right Trjn - first new Terran unit in Heart of the Swarm was a transformed Hellion. They seem to be going robot-mad over at Blizz (no offence Techy).

        No more using floating Factories as retard magnets :(

      That succulent Morgana skin was on sale while you were gone :(

        Still on for 32 hours, apparently.

      not sure if you know but Double IP for 10 wins because Riot won the Golden Joystick award thingie

        There is the slight issue of me lacking an internet connection at home until Friday.

    One is going to Ruffleberg, does anyone else want the other one? I figure there are bigger fans of Dark Souls than me on TAY.

      That is soooooo bloody cool

        Strange said PICK HER PICK HER!!

        Look down :P

    So I finally bought DE:HR. It was going for $30 on Ozgameshop. I missed pretty much all the press surrounding this game. So it should be nice to be pleasantly surprised or disappointed.

      Woah - what a steal.

      Nice pick up :)

        The funny thing is, they had like 5 different listings of the same edition of the same game. Another PS3 standard edition was going for $39. I don;t get ozgameshop sometimes.

          i just wish they would stop expanding into useless crap - it clogs the site up...

            Yea. I get the gaming related clothes and toys. But what the hell is up with morphsuits?

      Oooh, pick me! Pick me! Please.

        Bah! Wrong reply button. Meant for NotR. :)

          It's alright, i pick you regardless.

            "I'm the team captain and i choose you"
            "I'm the other team captain and i choose you too"

              Loops likes sports, and he don't care who knows.

    Oh, I went to a Castle yesterday. It was pretty cool. I climbed up what seemed a million steps right to the top of the battlements and pretended we were under siege. Then I looked out at the view and couldn't pretend anymore because I could see all the modern stuffs around. And a dinosaur. There was a dinosaur on the other tower.

      Did you film a heavy metal video clip. One that sweeps across lots of tall grass and has you and your family looking generally menacing.

        Hahaha, we totally should have done that!
        I did however, tell my husband we had to get divorced just so we could get remarried at that Castle.

    Sitting here in the business class lounge in melbourne (aahh :) ), waiting for my flight to the USA, and all I'm feeling are the first stirrings of withdrawal at thinking about no Dark Souls for the next 3 weeks. How sick is that? :P

      About as sick as me with SPACE MARINE!

    Sup dude's had a bit of a wierd weekend wasn't great but thats okay. I finally got around to watching Akira last night wow, that movie was awesome and confusing. I realize they are try to cram a 2000 page manga in there but i really didn't understand the ending and thats okay!

      A lot of Anime's do that for me - but as long as they have ridiculous blood spurts i'm ok.

      Still haven't seen Akira yet (shame!). It's on my to-do list, though

        It has the blood thing happening. SO much blood and death.

        Just wait for the US version, with ZAC EFFRON YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

          Omg It's the Efferon, that will be awesome! Who doesn't like him, who??

      It's a move that requires a second viewing, or a third.


        It's to early in the morning for me to type correctly

        I agree that it might make more sense if i watch it again. But honestly i probably wont watch it again for a while. I mean 2 hours on a wierd plot with the main characters are bastards, I only like the army dude. The other guys were jerks!

      Otomo didn't try to cram his whole manga in to the movie knowing that it would be impossible.

      Instead he tried to tell a different, whole story with the beginning of his manga as the basis.

      Originally he wanted to make the film without Akira in it at all, but ended up putting him in there for a few seconds.

      If you liked the movie, I highly recommend reading the manga and prepare for blind mowing.

    Hey guys - now that i've finished being a comment whore (for the moment at least) i am going to take some time to talk about my weekend (yay!)

    Saturday: Went to the dentist for a clean and checkup. My teeth have been HORRIBLE sensitive since the clean, as always, and i found out i need 2 fillings. Yay team. Went to mum's afterwards to say hi, before going out for dinner with friends and a catch up with my best bum-chum whom i haven't seen much since moving to G-Town.

    Sunday: Woke up with HORRIBLE hayfever which got progressively worse as the day went on. Had to go to 3 chemists before we found any polaramine and i still feel like pap today. Hopefully the boss doesn't come in. I used yesterday to start cataloging my games collection for insurance reasons, and i have further re-enforced i have a shit load of 360 games.

    Bee's going away for a week at the end of November to LA, so i'll be using the time to play and finish some games that i haven't been able to from my 360 collection. I'll post the list here later in the day for your opinions of what are MUST-PLAYS and what i can finish off rather quickly. I'm hoping to get through at least 2-3 titles. Unfortunately i'll be working and at uni so i won't have time to do as much as i'd like.

    ALSO got half an hour in on Space Marine MP, learning that the Vengence Launcher is a hunk of junk in MP, and that i can still enjoy it even though i suck

    Finished off the night with some marvelous nookie before feeling miserable and sick again and going to sleep.

    So it was a fairly decent weekend minus the Hayfever...

      All those flower sex seeds in in yer nose.

        We also have a long haired cat - and i'm allergic to cats

        And dust

        So i'm pretty much fethed any way you look at it

          Man hayfever is the worst kind of annoying. I have it nearly every morning when i wake up for about 4 years. I want to punch myself in the nose when i can't breathe!

      Hayfever is such a wrong and cruel thing. I had awful hayfever this weekend too. It's difficult to enjoy your holiday when it feels like a billion tiny prickly bugs are burrowing into your ear canals, your nose and your eyes.

        It's the sinus pain that really kills me.. it feels like Jack the Ripper is inside my head cutting up my face...

      Gaming in November must be exclusively given over to SKYRIM!!!
      Sorry, I don't make the rules here... I just enforce them.
      *strokes Clubby in a threatening, yet loving, manner*

      The Vengeance Launcher is tricky, but it shines in Sieze Ground modes. Especially if you pair it up with the stalker bolter, you just set the trap and then pick people off from a distance.

      I played some MP on the weekend too, think I lost just one game. BRING ON EXTERMINATUS :D

      Also I beat the campaign on hard mode, feels good man :D

    I ended up pre-ordering Skyrim last Friday \o/
    Now the wait begins...

      Why i am not saving money and ordering any games that i want right now from overseas. Because i want them now
      (stomp's feet impatiently)

        Yeah I know, to make things worse, it's from EB. Only because there were no Dragon Statue editions anywhere, EB's standard one was a steel case version.

    Obligatory post for Jimu, as per Twitter request.

      Obligotory reply to Jimu, that isn't actually directly to Jimu, but is to be conveyed to Jimu via a third party.

    So I'm setting up my new PC at work and my iPhone won't charge via USB! It just dings at me like a petulant... dinger.


      Did you try punching it.
      But seriously sometime they need a different kind of USB, i know my phone won't charge on my mum's laptop because its not a high power USB??

        I don't see why it wouldn't work. I even tried it in the USB 3.0 ports.

    okay, so...

    Awesome weekend in melbourne, Armageddon Expo, Movies, Drinking, and my brother in law and i went on a deep-frying spray and beer battered EVERYTHING food related we could come near
    Winner was Deep Fried Oreos,
    Loser sadly was Deep Fried Beef Jerky... who knew?

    also bought Arkham City, was so excited to come home, popped it in the sexbox, entered my redeem code for Catwoman DLC:
    "Code already redemeed"

    contacted microsoft, awaiting reply, cried myself to sleep

      You and SHiggy should be on epic mealtime. I would watch that!

        amazing wouldn't even be a good enough word to describe them, nor would foodgasmic... i think all other food ever has been ruined for me

      I remember at the Can'd meat i had one deep fried cookie dough and it actually made me start sweating. For the sake of my heart, i didnt have another one.

      Sorry to hear about your sad story, Pix.

      But it reminded me! I have two extra Catwoman DLC codes for the PS3. If anyone buys the game preowned, let me know and you can have a code.

      For Free!

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