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      Second comes right after first!

      I didn't see this here earlier. How does that work? I logged on and it was just Dire Wolf's post and Trjn's response.

        Some posts don't get auto-approved, particularly ones that contain a lot of formatting or links.

        So this was posted first, but didn't get approved straight away. Once it was approved the comments showed up in the order they were posted, not the order they were approved.

        TL;DR Magic.

      My Can'd Meat video was the 1000th post?


      My team win the premiership and I get first post in TAY? *wipes away tear*. What a week, and it's only a couple of days old!

      5th! :D

      I thought i was 4th a moment ago... strange..

      6th!? I thought I'd do ebtter than that! Well, spose I didnt come in at all yesterday/weekend... sadface.

      A tie between me & Harli?

      *grips onto orange power battery*

      Hee hee... first the list, next... the top 50!

      71st!!!! That's exactly the number I wanted!

    Good morning all.

    Mirror's Edge is awesome. I'm having trouble getting into Human Revolution now, because all I want to do is run through the levels :P

    Saw some reviews for Dark Souls, and feel that I would be driven to suicide by it, so won't be purchasing.

    Segue to: Keep calm and RAGEQUIT.

      Yeah i do that, i am actually gonna start the game again. To many police officers have died needlessly because i am impatient!

      Picked up Mirrors edge for $5. Just couldn't get into it.

    Anyone else playing Worms Ultimate Mayhem? I was sceptical (another worms game!) but the demo sold me. The Steam forums are full of complaints, but in my experience the XBLA version is really polished and is a lot of fun.

    So i tried staying away for a week and it was horrible. So im Back. It doesn't help that i can't find any work to do and my boss feels the same. SO TAYbies whats new i wanna hear everything. (NOt really that would take too long)

      Oh Rocketman!

        Every time you say that i die a little inside. uUt seriously i can hear the voice when you do it now.

          haha. What does uUt mean?


            I have been here for so long and my spelling and grammar hasn't improved!

      I discovered Radium, then I died of radiation poisoning.

        when did you become Madame Curie???

          Who knows, but you must flee!

            I will flee to soviet Russia. Where the chemicals kill you. Well i guess that happens in all places not just Russia.

      *Pats Shoulder*

      Don't worry Rocketman, some of us missed you.

      I was not one of them, well, have fun

      *Runs Away*

    I think I might finally take the plunge and start laddering in Starcraft 2.

    Played a handful of vs AI games over the weekend and although I didn't do spectacularly, it was probably enough to not be the worst player in Bronze league.

    Although I might do a few more AI games just to get the basic builds against each race down. So far the plan is: 3 gate expand with a decent amount of sentries against every race and then go towards Zealot/Archon vs Terran, Collosus deathball vs Zerg and Stalker/Immortal vs Protoss.

    Keep it simple, focus on spending my moneys and attack when I feel like it.

      On a sidenote, I'm aware that this does not necessarily make sense with gaming season and NaNoWriMo and moving house all coming up in the next few weeks.

      But dammit, I want to play me some Starcraft.

      You should play as ponies!

        Too imba.

          Yeah but your still learning. You can say you didn't know they were imba!

            Everyone knows that ponies are imba. If you have ever played any video game ever, you know this.

              What about Zelda????
              Ponies aren't imba in Zelda!

                I've already pointed out that OoT is one of the best games ever because they managed to include ponies without it being imba :p

      Chargelot Colossus seems to be the superior unit composition in PvP mid-late game. I have no clue how to play PvP right now though, every patch changes how the matchup is supposed to be played but every single time my opponent does some sort of 1-base all-in variation.

    Ok guys, I've run out of razors and have decided to stop hurting myself.

    So instead, I ask all ye:
    DARK SOULS....has it broken street sate yet ??

      I'm still waiting for the Ozgameshop pricing... What's with that? It's basically out and they don't have a price available.

      I plan on getting this mostly out of a morbid curiosity so I don't really want to pay the get-it-NOW price at JB etc.

        hmmmmm stange indeed.
        Maybe they don't plan on getting alot of stock in and not sure how much to sell it for ?

        Normally I do opt for the ozgameshop route, but really couldn't wait for this one. I'm a glutton for punishment as my previous message stated LOL.

        Strangely enough, their UK sister site/owner/whoever/(either Zavvi or TheHut) have theirs up for about $60 AUD, but nothing up on Oz. whadsupwiththat

    Who's got ICO and SoTC? :D

      I do !
      Finished ICO on the weekend, finally finished it. I've had the PS2 ver. sitting in my cabinet for some time, but decided to wait and finish the HD ver. after they were announced.

      Need another Long Weekend to delve into SoTC I reckon.

        How do they look?

          Loops, they look incredible !
          ICO looked really sharp in places, and alot better than it's PS2 counterpart.

          The only thing that still kind of plagues the game/annoys me is the blurriness that can be seen when moving the camera by using the right analog stick.

          The beauty of these two gems presented in HD, feels like they haven't aged at all. Like a glorified PSN / XBLA title. And alot better than titles out there.

          Couldn't check the 3D I'm afraid. May have check at my brother's place.


            3d is a waste of space, anyway

      MEEEEE! *hugs his copy*

      But Ive barely played more than an hour of it, been busy finishing up my own game.

      I do. Finished Ico and only got 1 colossus left to go to finish SotC.

      The games are absolutely beautiful. I had been nursing a little seed of doubt in the back of mind that maybe I was remembering these games through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia and I'd be disappointed to load them up and find they'd aged badly. But there was no need to worry - they're both still absolutely magnificent.

      The controls are a little strange (triangle to jump took a while to get my head around) - you do have the option to remap them but I chose not to. And the semi-fixed camera in Ico also takes some getting used to now that pretty much all 3rd person games have a freely adjustable camera. But other than that they're still better than 99% of the stuff getting released this year.

      SotC with a steady framerate... mmmmmmm :)

      I don't have a 3DTV, but I know somebody who does and he reckons SotC is the best 3D yet.

      If you don't have these games already, you need to buy them. If you've only got the PS2 versions then you need to buy them again in HD.

      While we're discussing it, though - has anybody been able to download the bonus stuff using the code in the box? It keeps refusing to accept my code... I'm not sure if I've got a dud code or if the content just isn't available yet?

        Ooh, Braaains, I donb't know if you'll read this, but yes, there was some problem on Sony's end with the dlc, and I think it should be working by the end of this week. I'm not entirely positive of the details though, because I just glanced at a sign that said something about it in JB.

    I think a little improvement needs to be done on minecraft's baby animals...

    Game of Thrones Genesis?

    I see people saying its **** and people saying its amazing....

      It's an RTS. and i suck at those. I'll wait till the Dragon Age knockoff.

      Saw a gameplay vid and it certainly jumped up my wishlist ladder.

      Seems they may have at least understood that it needs to be all diplomacy and doublecross. What I saw was basically using one of your noble ladies to seduce an envoy who then returns to your enemy castle and any units he hires there are secretly working for you

      Not sure how well it works or if it is enjoyable at all but it seems much more than just a standard combat RTS

    Aww man i was still poting in old tay! damn it!!!

    All my keep calm ands are now gone - GONE

      I put a new one up for you (see above).


        I REALLY like that one lol

    I've got nothing to do today. Wooooo! I guess my day will be filled with boredom and apples. Sweet, delicious boredom.

      I also have to endure the same fate. Farmers need to break more stuff!

      I left my apple (and my entire lunch) at home this morning... i really wish i had my apple :(

    Copied from old TAY - Because TAY confused me
    So i forgot to tell you guys – over the weekend something brilliant happened and probably explains why i’m loving Space Marine so much!

    In all the games i played i came, consistently, in the top 3 on my team (yes in a full team, not a team of 3 you smart arses).

    This means that it’s officially the first ever multiplayer game that i’ve actually been half decent at.

    At one point, while using an assault marine with a power axe and plasma pistol, i jumped directly into an enemy held point and somehow managed to kill 4 people (probably because i jumped in behind them) then jump away with a SMIDGEN of health, recover for a moment then jump back in to rack up a 6 kill streak… brilliant!

    Then i did something similar in the next game with a heavy bolter devestator, racking up another 6 in a choke point supported by 2 tactical marines.

    Such a brilliant game because it really is all about support!





      Glad you are enjoying it loops!

        It's like my second girlfriend - only this one doesn't beat me with a stick! :D

          At least it's not an iron!

            I would scald Mr. Perkins on the Iron, so i'm glad my Girlfriend isn't i Iron either...

            Oh.. you mean the beating implement?... right..

      Glad to hear someone had a succesful Space Marine weekend. I tried to play it a few times over the last few days and all I got was either extremely laggy matches (I had heard of this happening but it was the first time I had come across it this bad) or the game freezing up on me between matches, four times this happened. After the fourth freeze I just gave up.

        Yeah it's happened to me a few times already - it can be REALLY frustrating.

        I can normally fix it by quitting back to the title screen and searching again for a game, or just restarting the game from scratch.
        I think it sometimes just sends you to the least favorable match than the best, so it's just a case of going out and in again, i guess..

          played space marine for 4 hours last night... battled through the lag! kept getting put into bad matches but i didnt care the slaughter was to hilarious

          my memorable moment from last night copying some level 41's loadout and then repeatedly murdering him with his own kit... oh "dreadmauler" thingy how i loved to smash people over the head with you

            The copy loadout thing is probably one of the greatest implements into multiplayer i have come across in such a long time.. soooo awesome!

          Also I saw just how badly I have fallen behind, when I went out to battle level 38-42 people and I was just a measly 17 *sigh*
          I felt so... inadequate.

            It's ok buddy - with my little gaming time i'm only level 18 or 19...

      I read up to "consistently" then had to leave my desk.
      Those few minutes were quite uncomfotable.

        you dirty, dirty girl

          I was thinking "Man, he REALLY likes Space Marine..!"

            I thought that was obvious to everyone by now?

      Pushed myself up to lvl 30 last night. Still loving it all.
      I love the double-shot perk for the Stalker Bolter - makes long range killing just that bit quicker. Unfortunately, it makes ammo consumption go through the roof :/

      After using tac marines for a while, I decided to return to that beast known as the Heavy Bolter. And it is glorious. Dakka dakka dakka.


        I'm only a little bit away from that Stalker perk, but decided to focus on some other weapons.. maybe i'll go back to it.

        When i'm tac i'm usually running around with a melta and bolter to bring those up a bit

    Dear Murderdolls - I <3 you

    Comic book people,
    I haven't read any new graphic novels for a while, which ones should i get I have read most good batman stories, long halloween, year one, dark victory, dark knight returns. What do you think might be good.

    Also i got my grandma to read daredevil yellow and she liked it.

      The Walking Dead

        I've been wanting to check that out for quite some time, but the omnibus is soooo expensive

          If I can trust you you can borrow some of my books as a fellow Geelongian :P I've got the hardcovers (6 of them).

    I really should try to resist buying both Rage and Dark Souls this week, so what do people recommend?
    I love the post apocalyptic setting of Rage, yes I know it has been done to death but hey, I like things simple... like me.
    However I love clubbing people in an open world setting, so Dark Souls is definetly looking good, at least until Skyrim comes out. SKYRIM!
    So does anyone know just how "open world" Dark Souls is? Is it just a number of locked regions you can visit and re-visit, or are we talking Fallout/SKYRIM open world, anywhere-anytime.

      I'd say Dark Souls... i'd hold off buying rage until you see what people end up saying about it.. shooters like that have a way of being disappointing when they come out which is a damn shame - which means you might be pissed paying full price for it..

      You really shouldn't be able to go wrong with Sark Douls

        Mmm, definetly leaning in that direction. While Rage does look awesome, FPS aren't normally my thing, I was horrified to discover that I still haven't finished Crysis 2 yet. However, I love Fallout and the similarity between Fallout and Rage make me all tingly inside.
        Still, Dark Souls could temper my insane desire for Skyrim, SKYRIM!, for at least a little while.
        I swear when Skyrim, SKYRIM!, comes out, I will most likely disappear from work, family, friends and TAY for quite some time.

    I propose we find a way to teach Rocketman to type.

    Actually, some sort of concerted effort to get the average WPM of TAYbies above 60 might be a fun little endeavour.

      But but... i dont wanna learns them.

        Too bad!

        Now eat your vegetables and go to your room, young man.

      I agree, my futile 25 WPM is left behind in the dust by possibly all of you, sans Rocketman, of course.

        I am sorry but i will not respond to you unless you change your handle to "Numb3rs"

          I refuse to accociate myself with that [INSERT APPROPRIATE ADJECTIVE] television program.

            The show isn't that bad, i mean the math parts are stupid cause all he ever does in use stupid probability shit but other than that, the characters are all likeable!

              I never really watched it, so my opinion is neutral or indifferent until further notice

                then why don’t you want to associate with it???

        25 words per minute? Really? Jeebus. Last time I tested I was averaging ~90wpm (I've gotten a lot slacker over the last five years though).

          dude i think i am about thirty. But the spelling and the grammar kills me so about 12 in real life terms.

          Hey, those 25 WPM were required in Year 10 IT, and being a bit of a perfectionist back then, I only just scraped through, though I do have my moments where I push past 30

      I just did a test and i got 56 words per minute.. everyone should test themselves :D

      It's a little unfair though because you're typing stuff that you have to read and copy from the screen - i type a lot faster when it's what i'm thinking...

        81wpm with 100% accuracy. [Best Murtaugh voice] I'm gettin' too old for this shit.

          78wpm 100% accuracy (was correcting errors as they happened, so probably could have been better).

          Annoyingly, I know that I type faster than that normally. It's just the weird formatting some of the test has. One section of text has an em dash after a space, another has it without a space and so on.

          I know that over about ten minutes, I can type 600 words of prose that I'm making up as I go along. I can also hit ~120wpm in short bursts over on TypeRacer.

          Typing is fun.

    It's tuesday morning and I'm not at school.

    Help me guys, I'm scared

      Keep calm and grow a moustache.

        <3 Typo

        Why did they stop making geeky stuff and started making girly stuff instead, though :(

        Girls already have Smiggle and Kikki K... :(

    My LONG Weekend Report
    Words by Jamie Watt. Pictured by Peter Parker.

    So I discovered a strange attribute concealed within Minecraft. Morning arrives and I start playing, tunneling downwards and exploring the furthest reaches of the "earth". This isn't new. Everyone does this. It was when I looked at the clock and it was 3am. Taking the clock change into consideration, it was really only 2am. But still, I'm sure it had only been a few hours... Somehow Minecraft is able to alter space/time. It's the only explanation.

    Other Minecraft News: My PC crashed and when I started it up again and loaded minecraft, my world was gone. D:
    I then took this ime to start a new, better world and so far this one is a lot better, but I'm still worried that it will happen again.

    I also grabbed Castlevania: Harmony of Despair on PSN and had a blast playing multiplayer with my girlfriend. While it's not the greatest Castlevania game ever, it's pretty fun. It's making me want to replay the older games (And finish Lord Of Shadow).

    All in all, much enjoyable fun time was had.

    Even if some sort of time/space anomaly made the long weekend go by in the blink of an eye...

      You on the Kotaku server yet? I tried logging in over the weekend but it was down.

        I think I keep breaking it. Every time I put a fully-explored map in a chest the server crashes.

        gee willikers kotaku has a server :O

          We sure do, new guy who's name i find hard to pronounce, we sure do.

            Dude. 'Dee-eleven-enger'.
            Like how f4ction is 'fuh-fork-shun'.

              This point seems a little ironic considering who i am talking to!
              Fake Racism FTW

                my other handle is Squintay but i stopped using it after i got attacked in brisbane with it on my yr 12 jersey... vietnamese guy thought i was trying to be "funny"

        I still need to mail Fat Shady for the deets. I'll definately give it a shot next weekend if other people will be on :)

          haha man, there's no point in building something if nobody's there to admire it!

    I'm back.

    What'd I miss?

    JAMESMAG did your package arrive yet?

    Also, Melbourne is stupidly cold.

    Also, also, I got called a F**k-head in Yarra Valley while I was hung-over and trying to walk between my hotel and McDonalds.

    Also, also, also, ever tried ordering a Macca's Bagel without meat when you're hung-over? S'friggin nightmare.

    Last also, the chick who served me looked like Zooey Deschanel...

      It's warm today, at least... so far

      Yeah Melbourne is a hole and is always cold, I seriously do not know why it's apparently the most livable city in the world, I really don't

        But doesn't everyone love going to trendy hipster cafes and the shopping nightlife???

          When Victoria actually start doing ACTUAL POLICING and PROPER SENTENCES instead of a fracking slap on the wrist for crime in Melbourne and once Metro stops being such a pathetic excuse for a public transport system then I MIGHT start calling it a good city

            An how about that swearing ban they considered implementing, amirite.
            But dood. Dooood, I'm willing to wager the three boxes of Shapes I have left that Sydney has a worse public transport system.
            Also you guys have trams! Trams!
            CHOO-CHOO! (Yes I know they are not steam or coal powered shhhhh)

              oh yeah btw, if it was easier for me to move out interstate and if it were not so expensive there, I would actually really consider moving to Sydney.

              But Sydney has double-decker trains!

                Aw man they were epic when I was last at Sydney, but they look horribly cramped for peak hour situations though

                  Yeah man. Hope you don't like, you know, personal space or anything.

        Melbourne's the most livable city? Since when?

          It's been reported in the Herald Sun a few weeks back IIRC

        Techy whats got your wires in a bunch you seem a little angry at everything lately? Surely Melbourne can't be that bad??

          High amounts of stress at work and high amounts of stress from constantly losing on the games I play kinda make it hard to stay positive, human

            But at least you don't lose all the games and live in a backwater town!

              lol my suburb is kinda in the middle of nowhere, unless you're a golfing enthusiast :P

                I like golf games!
                I should move to your suburb!

                Only ridiculous golf games with power shots and special moves though. I assume real golf is like that?

                  Yeah real golf is pretty fun, as long as you play with people who care about it the same amount. Otherwise shit gets real. My grandpa would play with me cause i talk to him to much when we play. He say he can't concentrate. Also he doesn't like it when i compliment his shots.

        Dude - really?
        Melbourne is GREAT!
        SOOOOOO many awesome Cafe's, Trams, Resteraunts, ect.
        OH AND PLENTY OF PLACES TO GET DRUNK - even though neither of us really drink :P

        I love it - although Geelong is better! lol

          I hate the CBD with a burning passion. With how horrible people are being simply let free for bashings and stuff, I'm bloody terrified of even being within 10kms of that cursed area when the sun goes down. It's always lovely knowing that some random guy could come out of nowhere, stab you, steal everything you have on you, and he gets out of it with only a 2 year suspended jail term.

            In all fairness, that can happen anywhere, though.
            I mean i would much rather be in the CBD alone a night that Broady or Thomastown lol

            I do pretty the melbourne outside of the CDB, though - the suburbs have the coolest stuff.

        Melbourne sucks. Geelong for life, yo.

        Also, I agree COMPLETELY with your comment about policing/punishment and the public transport services.

          Good to know I'm not the only one seeing this. Yeah there's a lot of cool cafes and all, but that means diddly squat since any of those places you could get bashed by some drunk animal(human) at any time, all thanks to our wonderful nightclubs :P

          Yeah - melbourne becomes much better when you're driving.. the PT system (especially trains) make me fear for myself.. and i don't like sitting in someone else's pee

            I'm actually terrified of getting in the car every day as well, since I've had so many close calls it's enough to give a normal human death by heart attack

              Answer = road legal bumper car

                But but they put them on the new trams and then told them they are not allowed to use them. So instead I constantly get held up while some car sites in the middle of a dedicated tram line.

                Still waiting for the day when I hear
                awoooooga awoooooga brace for impact

        Funny thing that. Turns out The world's most liveable mid-sized city in 2007 was Ipswich
        I was all like "Wat..." when I heard about it.

          I only heard of that place in passing while I was up in Thornlands last year...

    So who's buying Dark Souls and on what platform?

    I'll be getting it on PS3. Because Demon Souls was on PS3 and I'm like that.

      How impatient am I for it? Buy here or wait up to 3 weeks for a cheap and snazzy Limited Edition?

      I still haven't been able to get a copy of Demons Souls just yet :(

      After Sydney, maybe

        Just skip it and play Dark Souls. It's not like it's a sequel.

          No can do - i have OCD hen it comes to playing stuff in order

            Same here.

            But Dark Souls isn't a follow up. It's really just a very similar game.

            Also, the servers for Demon Souls will be turned off this month. That means no hints, ghosts or invasions so you won't even get to play the game as it's meant to be played.


              Although, it is likely no one will see this, since it is on the first page.

      I will never ever invest time in that game. I am shit at normal difficulty games. How would i fare here? Terrible, just Terrible!

      Getting it on PS3 through Zavvi so I can get me that shiny collector's edition without paying extra.

      Fun times shall be had.

      I'm picking it up on PS3 at launch. . .

      and I fully expect to be picking up pieces of the shattered remains of the aforementioned PS3 from my backyard this weekend

    is anyone here studying at ANU? or any Uni for that matter?

    this is a pretty silly question but was it hard to get into? and whats it liek living on campus if you do?

    also i hate having to do the mail for work :(

      I'm studying at RMIT through Open University. There were no prerequisites I needed to have('cept for money of course :P)
      My home is my campus :D

      I wouldn't recommend living in accommodation provided by the university. Living at Uni is more of an American thing the places that Aussie unis do offer are newly built and not that great.

      You're better off just renting a small place close by to the uni if your coming from out of state or something. The rent will be exactly the same, and you have a lot more freedom.

      As for getting into uni, well every uni is pretty hard to get into.

        i applied for a bachelor in Digital Arts
        and was going to try and get a place in UNILodge i know a few people in there already as i play basketball with them and go clubbing regularly with them so was hoping to avoid the smellies and the awkward ones

      I go to MIBT, which is a 1st year Direct Entry course into Deakin Uni.
      I'm doing a commerce degree..

      Also, what Ruffleberg says is pretty much spot on.

      You may think on campus = wacky hijinks, but it actually = awkward international students who don't speak any english and funny smells.

      Living on campus is awesome.
      Studying while living on campus, not so awesome.
      So many parties, so many distractions and oh so many week long alcohol fuelled shenanigans.
      Good times... what I can remember anyway.

      Getting into uni depends on the uni, honestly.

      ANU would be one of the hardest in terms of ATAR scores, so you'd want to know that you could get a pretty high one before you apply.

      Also depending on what you want to study some unis might be more useful than others.

      Everyone else has replied about accommodation :P

        My ATAR was from 2009 and quite dismal... lets just say i went to a catholic school and i had a bad religion exam

          Hm, maybe get in contact with the uni and see what the entry criteria is like...

      I studied at UC, and then did some postgrad at ANU.

      I found UC to have a much more pleasant atmosphere. ANU was very... pretentious, I guess... which you would expect from one of the world's top 10 unis.

      That might suit you, I don't know, but it bugged me enough that I dropped out in frustration.

      I've never lived on campus, so I don't know too much about it. I've had friends do so, though, and they pretty much sucked at studying because they had no quiet space to get work done (other than libraries, when they were open).

        oh really it felt pretentious? thats lame.
        i was avoiding UC originally because i thought it would be like that... plus my GF goes there and everyone in her class is racist well the majority of people are

      At UNSW at the moment, I got in through international entry requirements, so can't really answer you on that one. Currently living NEAR campus with a couple of friends, I find it much better than living directly on campus (less costly and more freedom). Hope this helps!

    i would but the nearest mini golf course is 100 kms away!

      If we all meet in Geelong it should balance out

        Kotaku Geelong meat ftw.

          But Geelong doesn't have a mini golf course

          Totally up for a geelong or melbourne meat though

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