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    I've decided to write a novella.

      Insert praise below:

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          The commenting removed my 'does not equal' symbol from just before 'unreadable'. Now I feel like a jerk. :(

      About what?

        It's fantasy/steampunk, but less Tolkien and more Gaiman in approach.

        I've written about 3000 words thusfar. and I consider that to be about 10% of the first section of it (of which there are 13-14 sections).

        I may post what I've got later on for some critique, as I'm sure I'm not the best writer, lol!

          Sounds more like a novel (or full-on series) than a novella! :)

          Post the work! Post the work!

          Would definitely be interested in reading it.

          Basing it on Gaiman... will it be more kid-friendly? Like, I love me some Gaiman but most of his books are highly accessible for the younger generations I think. I want some hardcore steampunk novel to knock me off my feet.

          The Windup Girl by Bacigalupi is awesome, as is Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. You read?

          Definitely interested in checking it out, but don't worry about not being the best of writers.
          After all this is the internet so all you will get is constructive criticism and positive reinforcement

          Check out . It's a very good website for budding authors. The advice you'll get there should help you improve your writing skills.

          A friend of mine put up a book he was writing on there. Got heaps of feedback which he used. Now he's had the book published, funnily enough, with a publisher that looks at the Authonomy site.

      Hah, my previous post was meant to go as a reply and not as a new comment. /noob

      Trying to steal my thunder, eh?

      I shall wish you luck: Good luck. And withhold my praise until you have something to show. Something to show me, specifically.

      Are you doing NaNo? Are you sick of people asking if you're doing NaNo?

    May the Seven Kingdoms rejoice on this news.

    Can'd Meat was good fun. I was only there for some the apparently-quite-subdued Sunday festivities (including deep fried cookie dough ably prepared by Shiggy), but met a bunch of very friendly folks, and feel a little intimidated by their mad brawler skills.

    Thanks everyone (and especially Blaghman for throwing open his doors to us). I'll see you at the next meat. :)

    Good morning! Canberra is cold.
    Just wanted to thank Blaghs for being an awesome Meat host and a funny hugger.
    Was so great to see everyone again and meet some more of you. It's obvious I missed the best part of the Meat though so I'm looking forward to the promised videos.
    We have one more day in Canberra before we move on to Albury. We're struggling to find something fun to do. :P

      Sorry I missed out on getting to talk to you more! I was a tad quiet on the Sunday, way too tired (oddly enough)!

      I blame shiggy.

        Do not blame me. Not your fault you couldn't keep up with my meat. ;)

      Peri peri chicken peri peri peri chicken

      knock on the door at 2k games on lonsdale street in braddon and ask them howdy do? alternatively dont and go by painball guns and fireworks in fyshwick try to avoid any massage places there and those big XXX signs.

      went karting on sunday in hume and there is a paintball place somewhere nearby the airport...just some ideas im bored at work :( and jealous of you all

    So I've been watching a few Starcraft II commentaries (only about 10) from HuskyStarcraft and I haven't seen Terran win at all. Are they nerfed or just an insanely difficult team to play?

      Actually, Terran are like, really good. At the moment I think the SC2 races tier goes something like this Terran > Zerg > Protoss

      Could be wrong though. Trjn, Blaghman?

        You win see Terran win in TvT! I kid, I kid. :P

        For a lot of pro-gaming matches, it seems to me for the win rate it's Protoss > Zerg > Terran :\

          Yeah, that seems to be how I see games play out.

            Harli got it right, Terran is dominating these days.

            Let's put it this way, in GSL Code S (the big Korean tournament that only the absolute best players can get into), the starting 32 players were broken down by race as such: 5 Protoss, 7 Zerg, 20 Terran.

            It's split into 8 groups of four, with two players advancing from each group in the first round. Four of those groups have played, seven of the eight players to advance are Terran.

          hahaha. well out of the top 8 SEA players only 1 is a protoss player - nGen Light. When I spoke to him and some of the nGen guys the general consensus I got from them was that protoss struggle a lot, whereas terran can push out and be rich. Duno bout zerg!

          geez listen to me, its as if I actually play the game..

            "Terran can push out and be rich." Thanks to imba, imba, mules, Terran are completely unhindered by the technique known as "economic damage." Late game terrans can sacrifice 90% of their workers, and just use mules for resources, which can make them unstoppable in a massive macro game.

              "Oh, you just destroyed two minerals lines worth of SCVs? Thanks for freeing up my supply so I can make more siege tanks!"

              Damned MULEs.

                Admittedly, late game Zerg have the ability to remake their 120 supply army in however long it takes to build the slowest unit.

                But what do Protoss have? Collosi? Wooo. Yes, so this is the super late game, and matches rarely ever get that far, but as Protoss you have to rely on an army that will crush your opponent, there's no middle ground.

                  that's why BALL OF DEATH

                  Yes, I am aware that did not make any grammatical sense.


      See above re: deepfried cookie dough. What more do you need? :)

      Oh man, we did not get any lime jelly.
      Worst meat.


      Chicken stuffed with bacon and kangaroo sasauges coated it butter beer and bacon. but 5kg of bacon was too much :)

        As if you can have too much bacon.

          Did you end up getting to your stop alright? At the rate we were running into drunk people/drug dealers/obnoxious dickheads I'm amazed we survived.

          The things you see in Campbelltown are amazing!

            Haha, yeah.
            The further away I rode the train from Campbelltown, the less incidents there were.
            Just coincidence, I'm sure.

              Less sexy incidents im sure. Because you ventured further away from

                I wouldn't so much call chubby kids in mankinis "sexy", probably more "weird", but yes, most defs.

                  Are you still talking about the meat? Bacon and mankinis?

                  Yep, totally jelly now


      You may now commence jelly!

        Behold my dinner of champions!

    I got rick rolled at 6.30 this morning in my car by Bish. Thanks for the cd, i started laughing when 99 luftballoons came on!

      lol sucker!! 99 luftballoons is awesome though!

      I thought I'd throw you off by including some actual good songs.

      It must be love, he made you a mixtape :p

    So off i went to my local store to buy Dead Island on the weekend...EVERY single store I went to had sold out! JB, Game, Eb, all sold out. Even Ozgameshop sold out! I can't recall the last time a game completely sold out like that...can anyone else think of a game that wasn't advertised well, received so-so reviews selling out completely. Blind mown.

      There are certainly problems with Dead Island, but it is so much fun.

      Sure, is that a testament to Dead Island's word-of-mouth selling ability, or is it just the incompetence of some retailers for not ordering enough?
      Some of the games I like are niche RPGs, and at some small EB stores, they're just all "It's out, but we didn't order any stock".

        An award-winning trailer couldn't have hurt, either!

    Dun-dun-daahhh! It's TABTOL to the rescue! Your Monday morning has been saved!

    1: Jamesmag 228 posts (8.7%)
    2: Trjn 218 posts (8.3%)
    3: Chuloopa 168 posts (6.4%)
    4: Rocketman 158 posts (6.0%)
    5: Blaghman 147 posts (5.6%)
    6: Bish 134 posts (5.1%)
    7: Harli 132 posts (5.0%)
    8: Sughly 124 posts (4.7%)
    9: The Cracks 97 posts (3.7%)
    10: Pixel-Ferret 93 posts (3.5%)
    11: Steve-O The Deve-O 81 posts (3.1%)
    12: DAN! 75 posts (2.8%)
    13: Tech Knight 72 posts (2.7%)
    14: Virus__ 66 posts (2.5%)
    15: Strange: The First Lady 60 posts (2.3%)
    16: Dr What? 59 posts (2.2%)
    16: Jo 59 posts (2.2%)
    18: NotoriousR 55 posts (2.1%)
    18: FatShady 55 posts (2.1%)
    20: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 42 posts (1.6%)
    21: lambomann007 35 posts (1.3%)
    22: PunishingHand 34 posts (1.3%)
    23: Aidan 32 posts (1.2%)
    23: jamesmacusedmyhandle 32 posts (1.2%)
    25: Matthew K 28 posts (1.1%)
    26: PuppyLicks 27 posts (1.0%)
    27: Noobheadshot 23 posts (0.9%)
    27: Lobo 23 posts (0.9%)
    29: welbot 22 posts (0.8%)
    29: Batguy 22 posts (0.8%)
    31: f4ction 18 posts (0.7%)
    31: Huntsman 18 posts (0.7%)
    33: Qumulys 14 posts (0.5%)
    34: dawdle! 13 posts (0.5%)
    34: BDKIAF 13 posts (0.5%)
    34: nightFlarer 13 posts (0.5%)
    37: Shane 12 posts (0.5%)
    38: Lucifer9783 10 posts (0.4%)
    38: Crazyguy1990 10 posts (0.4%)
    40: Palstran 9 posts (0.3%)
    40: Morf 9 posts (0.3%)
    42: Blaghmang 8 posts (0.3%)
    42: NegativeZero 8 posts (0.3%)
    44: Nuobz 7 posts (0.3%)
    45: Ev 5 posts (0.2%)
    45: VGP 5 posts (0.2%)
    45: Braaains 5 posts (0.2%)
    48: syvRaen 4 posts (0.2%)
    48: ♣TadMod♣ 4 posts (0.2%)
    50: bawble!/CrabJiffy 3 posts (0.1%)
    50: #35 3 posts (0.1%)
    50: 202halffound 3 posts (0.1%)
    53: Richard Move 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Schadenfreudeusedmyhandle 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Chris Crowe 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Matt 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Phill 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Grandmaster B-Funk 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Dire Wolf 2 posts (0.1%)
    53: Pyrean 2 posts (0.1%)
    61: Batguy Lien 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Men in Black 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Spock 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: McServer 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Coagmano 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Jeeves 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Lone Wolf 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: AnonymousVelociraptor 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Hermes and Thoth 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: The Goddamn Navi 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: McGarnical 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: TeamSpeak 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Mr. Lstra 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Ruffleberg 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Blaghman The Townsvillian 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Baron 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Gorzilla 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Russian Sailor 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Repneiras 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Zumba Fitness and Train Simulator fan 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Tracey Lien 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Tracy Liam 1 posts (0.0%)
    61: Mark Serrels 1 posts (0.0%)

    Post #1: Steve-O The Deve-O at 08:30 19/09
    Post #1000: Jamesmag at 16:07 20/09
    Post #2000: Rocketman at 10:17 23/09
    Post #2634: Strange: The First Lady at 08:30 26/09

      Welcome to the podium Chuloopa!

        Dude jamesmag is cheating i don't even remeber him posting that much! lol

      Pretty consistent, actually. I guess it means a lot of people are posting every week :P

      Well, considering I wasnt posting til late Tuesday I consider 8th 1st. You guys had a head start >:(

      Dang, I could have won it all but it turns out that I'm the first of the losers. Sadface.

      H-uh, I knew I was being quiet (relatively), but I didn't realise it was that quiet(relatively). I wonder why that was the case.

      YES! Cracked the top 25. Next week... THE WORLD.

      Busy work week last week. Got knocked out of the top 20.
      Oh wells.

      damn i fell off the list

        How does one break onto this 'list' of which you speak?

        *grabs hold of an Orange Power Battery*

        I must be on this list. It will be MINE.

    Who played the LoL Dominion Beta on the weekend?

    I got to do 5 games and loved the ga,m mode so much. Can't wait for it to be released now

      Played a game myself, thought it was good. it really changes up LoL, making it a really fast paced game.

      On a side note, its monday... le sigh... oh well, as each day passes, it comes closer to the next game release :P

      Sadly not I :(

        However, we did have this epic 73 minute 5v5, full kotaku team vs another team of 5. This match proved to me that manner exists in more than just our team. Not once did somebody unnecessarily insult another, and at the end of the game we chatted for a further 15-20 minutes about both of our teams' ups and downs in a very sensible manner. It was quite refreshing to see and be apart of. I didn't even care that we ended up losing in the end, it was a lot of fun (We almost had them too but they defended their nexus turrets like bosses!). And that Singed... that tanky singed!

        Too bad Gorzy didn't get that penta kill xD
        Anyways I got added by one of their team, just in case we wanted to challenge them again :)

      Only watched videos of others playing it.

      And I got a LoL account!
      Not that my netbook plays the game though D:
      Add me if I ever get online... @ dawdleau

      No, missed that one

      Big question I need answered, how long do the games take? Are they much shorter?

    Does anybody know when the bit.trip saga is coming to 3DS in Australia?

      No, but I would like to know too. I haven't seen any indication of a release outside the US. Given that it's an independent game, it wouldn't surprise me if they're not going to.

      Yay for region locked handhelds!

    Pics of meat! Pics of meat! (No one link me to a picture of cuts of meat, plz).

      We don't have many (any?) pics but there's a 13 or-so-minute video I'm working on from footage on the trip and the saturday night :D

      I got a video of a giant sheep on the way back if you want that. Plus Shiggy got a photo of a little boy in a bikini.

        I think I know which big sheep you're talking about! It's the Big Merino in Goulburn, right??
        CrabJiffy and I stopped by on our way to Canberra on Friday \o/ Did you guys go inside in its body to peek out of the eyes? From its left eye, the first thing you'll see is how damn expensive the petrol prices are. Ha.

          Yep. We could have stopped. But we collectively decided that stopping at the Maccas right next to it was a better idea.

          Hang were in Canberra this weekend?

            Yes I was. Went to Floriade (the flower festival thing at Commonwealth Park) on Friday. But was not free over the weekend for the meats :\

              Ah, i think we saw that happening on our way out.

      Oh lol this is gunna be so funny imma gonna link to some... oh... ah... dammit

    Hello TAY!

    I am tired. This can - nay, MUST - be solved with coffee.

      I am tired too. But the line at my favourite uni coffee place is soooo long :(

    So I asked people on Twitter a while back if I should get Alpha Protocol. The answer was a very unanimous no. But I got it anyway (your opinions mean a lot to me, I swear) And I'm not hating it as much as I thought I would.

      What have we learnt today Ruffles?

        That I should always do the opposite of what everyone tells me?

    She DJ'd at my local on Saturday night. Epic!

      Talent. She's got em'

    A Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney trailer, 3D models wooo!

      I didnt woo upon this discovery as much. More like a giant sigh of sadness. I want mah 2D back :'(

        At least it's a mix between 3D and 2D :) They made the faces almost flat (but keeping the silhouette) so they can do 2D animations on 'em. I'm totally gonna buy a 3DS soon.

      Has it been announced for English yet? I must have it...

    Harli’s Can’d Meat Wrap Up Post!

    What a weekend. Kotaku AU really has something special, I tells ya. The community is unlike any I’ve ever encountered before. You guys freaking rock. A few special mentions to be made –

    The man who allowed it to happen. I know you tried to downplay you efforts but you really were a hospitable and fantastic host. You let what was essentially a large group of strangers into your house and let us sleep/eat/shower there! Thank you so much for everything. You made sure everybody had a place to sleep, was comfortable, and gave us free reign in your kitchen (lawl).

    So Blaghman props to you. You the MAN. Thank you.

    Star chef of the Meats. You cooked us some epic food man. Think bacon. Lots of bacon. Chicken stuffed with sausages wrapped in bacon and kangaroo meat. Deep fried cookie dough. The man is a walking Epic Meal Time.

    Jamie Watt / Dr What?!
    A culinary genius! He actually cooked us curry from SCRATCH. It was DELICIOUS. I DIED and went to HEAVEN when I ate it. I’ll shoot you an email hassling you for the recipe soon.

    He also brought his TV and PS3 and a shiteload of games! What’s LBP2 level made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. Thanks for making me laugh so much on the drive up and back. It didn’t feel like a 3 hour drive at all.

    He was helping!!! He cleaned the kitchen up after everyone. Scrubbed it clean like a BOSS. I saw you scrubbing man, you sure showed that grime and grease who was boss. He is also the only man who managed to steal a round off me in Tekken!! /shakes fist

    Anonymous Pessimist
    You and ShiggyNinty are a match made in heaven. Those two squabbled like newlyweds whilst Dr What and I sat in the back sniggering. Then the Doc pulled out his camera and filmed it, little to their knowledge (vid hopefully up soon, LOL). How was the Sat night bunking together?

    Thanks to Anonymous Pessimist for picking up Dr What and myself and driving us to Canberra. Our car ride felt so short! We seemed to be having a mysteriously lucky run on the trip back too.
    He’s freaking awesome.

    Also a friendly reminder – Pessimist actually paid for ALL the food. For those who haven’t already, could you please pay him back? It works out to about $18 each. Shoot him an email at the[dot]tsharp[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

    Thanks to everybody who turned up. I had a fantastic weekend. You guys all rock. Peace out. /me noms on hobnobs for breakfast

      MY meat roundup.
      It was okay and i thought ben white was stranges husband. Pessimist and BDKIAF are so awesome for giving me a lift

        First part was sarcastic i actually had a really great time haven't laughed so much for a while man that little big planet level.

          It would be pretty hilarious if you hadn't enjoyed yourself, after spending all that time and money. I say hilarious, I mean horrifically depressing for me, which leads in to a life of even worse choices, before I spiral into a melancholic catatonic state.

            I wasn't prepared for the fact that Rocketman was taller then me. I couldn't get a noogie in the entire 2 days.

              There were chance when he was sitting down, you just weren't dedicated to the cause.

            why are you up now???
            Im pretty cool that i spend time and money on doing it. I live such a sheltered exsistence that i like the fact i did something. If i ever go to brisbane or sydney again it will be for other stuff aswell. Also no offence blaghs but i am pretty sure i won't ever go to canberra again. Its not you just the town itself seems about the size of townsville with nothing to do there. lol

      And then I happy danced (well, shifted in my seat a bit) and then stopped playing Tekken so not to expose the fact that you were going easy on me and that that victory was undoubtedly a cheap fluke.

      Also, I slept on chair that was kind of...
      shaped. It was kind of comfortable?

        I still don't get how you slept on a chair.

          It's kind of like sleeping on a recliner, which I do all the time. Except that it's not really anything like that.

      Blaghs and Bish gave me some epic folding money.

      Think I can turn this into a business venture and start turning a profit at meats...

        Bring meats to meat, make money for more meats.

        I only gave you a $20. That's probably not enough considering I drank 5 or 6 beers on sat.

      Kudos to Bish on the cleaning. I didn't clean anything all weekend.

      I'm pretty sure you've forgotten someone... :'(

      Sounds epiiiiiiic!

      Glad you liked the curry. It had too much onion and really needed fresh corriander, but could have been worse.

      you did forget the best part though!

      IRN BRU!

    I'm quite jelly of the fun had at the meat. Damn you geography.

    But it was partially made up for with some Horde mode. Played with Raygun Brown, Notorious R, Fatshady, Matthew K (and his Wife) and The Cracks at various points over the weekend. Fun times were had throughout.

    Although those boss waves are pretty nuts. Brumaks in the grocery stores are funny. Berserkers are mean. Lambent Berserkers are just plain wrong.

      i played about 4 hours of gears 3 at the meat. What me and BDKIAF decided "All the characters are deuces and everything in the game is a bullet sponge" The chicken took 3 shots to kill then it exploded. Also sooooo many explosions.

        Blaghs has already informed me that you were doing it wrong :p

      Horde mode is fun but those boss waves are just so punishing. You spend all that time building defenses then it's like the game is saying "Wow, that's some nice stuff you've got there. HERE ARE SOME BERSERKERS TO DESTROY EVERYTHING."

      Then once you do Berserkers three times and fail and have no defences or good weapons left, it says "K guys, here is a Brumak. Since we spawned it in a room at's smaller than it is, it will just sit there and shit rockets at you, so take your time. ^_^"

      Still good fun though. Like you said, it'll be a lot better once we've got our build skills maxed out. I imagine this will be our go-to multiplayer until MW3 drops (though I frankly really hate the cheapness of players in versus and it's turned me right off playing it).

      Ok I will be stealing my mates copy soon so I shall be up for some horde.

      I haven't had a chance to try out multiplayer yet but I'm looking forward to it.

      Still working my way through the campaign and really enjoying it.

      I've also had "Mad World" stuck in my head for days.

    So you guys pretty much abandoned me on the weekend. I renamed weekend TAY to talk amongst sughly. It consisted of me talking to myself. I HATE YOU GUYS! :'(

      Sorry human, Torchlight and LoL had all of my attention for the weekend

      Wait, wait.

      Kotaku exists on the weekend?


          but i saw you at the Can'd Meat..

            It's called MAGIC

              Jeezus man you didn't stfu all weekend.

              Carrying that single slice of pizza around and that can of drink... I dunno. That stuff smelled pretty rancid 24 hours later.

                I was saving it!

                  Where did you even get pizza? All the rest of us could get were Pizza Shapes.

        It's a myth, the whole world stops on weekends.

    I was the last man standing in our Die2Nite town! Wahoo! Now I'm a scavenger in another city. It's quite helpful, I've already found about a dozen items on my first day. A shame two of them are toolboxes that I can't open without the right object.

      I STUPIDLY ate people meat and got an infection the day before.. STUPID STUPID STUPID!


      I died due to infection a couple of days earlier. By scavenger do you mean that you paid for a proper job? Or are you just scavving as a citizen?

        I think I earned it for being the last man standing.

      There's like, 5 guys left alive in my city, it's completely lawless, and a horde of 300-400 zombies will be hitting in the night, crushing our defenses worth 90ish points.

        Wait until they have all stolen stuff, then hit them - you can only steal once per day so that will prevent them from taking back what you took. \o/

          Actually, once the city is officially in Chaos mode you can steal as much as you like! Once there's 10 people or less or something.

            Haha nice. I appreciate this game's humor and bleak outlook on people's civility when facing imminent death.

      I'm in my second town at the moment. Day 3. Yesterday I complained with a bunch of people about this guy who was hoarding stuff...... They hung him this morning. They are already looking for their next victim.... Now I feel dirty and afraid.

      First town I died from no-one shutting the bloody gates xD

      This town it's Day 8, town's completely surrounded by hordes, town is now in chaos, and I'm part of the last 10 people left. We miraculously survived 30 zombies in town a few days ago too :P

      Can't stop playing...

    Morning all. I'm more jelly than my dogs can of chum. Firstly, the meet sounds like it was awesomely fun. Secondly, I haven't yet played the new Dominion mode in LoL, however from all accounts I've heard it sounds like it will breathe some fresh air into the Moba genre.

    So to my weekend - Had my football presentation night saturday and was a blast - much alcohol was consumed and my throat feels like it was scrubbed with barbed wire after singing along to the jukebox. I didn't win a trophy, but my coach made a special mention of me being a 'parrot'. Guess I've improved cus' last time he called me a 'pilchard'. Also, playing LoL at 4 in the morning after such a night isn't reccomended - Sorry Gorzi, I didn't contribute much to the team.

    Other than that, operation boobs-with-blocks is a go and I've gotten my girlfriend to play Minecraft with me. So far so good, except she complains that the 'green penis monsters' keep blowing her up. XD

      She should be glad the green penis monsters are only blower her up. Be worries bout what else they could do.

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