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    So how about that local sports team?

      They let the whole damn nation down, regardless of how local they were - the assholes!

    It's not very secret if it's right there in plain sight. :P

      Or is it?... Wait no you're right, it's right there.

      Just noticed what you're talking about.

      Well played Mr Serrels, well played.

      OMG I get it, my brain is working and doing smart making stuff.

      OH MY GOD I FINALLY WORKED IT OUT - now i feel like an idiot. lol

        I'm just disappointed he didn't put it on anything else...yet.

          Mark has helpers at work, so he's bound to get bored soon enough - soon we'll be seeing pink dragons all over the place

            OMG ME TOO

              I finally understand! damn I'm slow today...

                I also understand. Genius, pure genius! That blew my mind. Wow!

      And it's right in your face on the mobile version. :P

    Good morning all!
    Who needs a dubstep interlude when we can all have a DjentStep interlude! :D

      I miss stamperriffics dubstep interlude!

        Me too! Where is he?

    Deus Ex Human Revolution, I just started on it last weekend, after finishing Torchlight (Good game, I recommend it), pretty darn cool. The only quirk I have with it at the moment is random times my FPS decides to tank while entering big new rooms (Having to render a lot at once), or even elevators... no idea about that one. Other than that it runs so darn smooth and responsive.

    In other news, Kennen is boss in LoL, that is all

      Yeah, My FPS chugged whenever I was outside and I turned around too fast. Bit weird, but not like it tanked during critical moments.

    InnerSphereNews are still teasing Mechwarrior images on twitter, this has been going on for the last week or two. Just give us some facts already! D:


    So was i the only one completely underwhelmed with the Battlefield 3 beta?

    I mean, don't get me wrone - it looks amazing, and as a modern war-type shooter it oculd be one of the best.. but it just all feels so... samey.. i mean i can't help but feel like i've done it all before - whether it be COD4 through to Bops, MoH, or the bad company games - it all just feels like the same crap over and over again - i just feel so tired of the same stuff..

    After the first 10-15 minutes of play, i found myself completely bored.

    Also, one gripe - which could be my extensive n00bness - but man it is a snipers paradise. People hide in bushes and you'll never-ever see them. Just be minding your own business, picking a lovely bunch of wildflowers for your sweetheart in the second, when all of a sudden *BLAM*
    Your brains are now fertaliser and squirrels are already hollowing out your body cavities to store their provisions for the oncoming winter.

      Yeahhhh, Operation Metro is a bit meh.
      Caspian Border has vehicles, mang.

        Yeah it's just completely doused any desire i had to get the game...

        Ironically, one of my favorite ever multiplayer shooters was quake wars - i always found that far more enjoyable than any battlefield or MW game... go figure.

        The thing about vehicle maps is that they're usually only fun for people in the vehicles.

        If you're on the ground waiting for vehicles to respawn or trying to do objectives have fun respawning. This was true of my experience with BFBC2. I feel only Halo has managed to mix vehicle/foot combat and make it stay fun.

      Yeah I felt exactly the same way, I know it was one map, in beta, but... meh.
      Did not help that there seemed to be no mute option in the 360 beta so I had to listen to jerks all the time.

        I just don't connect the headset lol

      I pretty much agree with all of this.
      To me Battlefield is all about the vehicles, without the vehicles it's just another shooter.

    It's our 2nd Wedding Anniversary today and we've been up for an hour but only just remembered we bought each other presents. Something is very wrong with that!

      hahaha that's awesome - we always leave our presents until the end of the day, just to have something to look forward to.
      So how long have you been for in total now?

      Also, congratulations!

      Happy annual celebration of aquiring a new ring to wear, oh and a husband :P

      Woohoo! I got a Holy Carp! FrankenController shirt and it is a thing of great beauty!

      I bought Mr. Strange this:
      "Cotton" Anniversary was difficult.

        Congratulations to you both

        I know what you mean about cotton being difficult, we had ours last year. I ended up getting a cotton covered photo book printed and made up a children fairy tale type story of our relationship and had our photos as the illustrations.

      Happy Anniversary!

      I hear you got the best present EVAR! ;)

        It's awesome. My bewbs have turned into a giant controller. But somewhat disconcertingly my son keeps trying to press the buttons....

      yay! happy anniversary!! Hope you have many more!!! :)

      Happy anniversary! : )

    I just want it to be known that I outright despise Dark Souls. . .

    So why can't I stop playing it. . .

      In most games I would never consider spending 2 hours trying and failing to kill one guy but somehow I keep coming back for more and enjoy it.
      "Shakes fist at Titanite Demon"

        Not sure if this is going to make sense but I'll ask it and hope regardless,

        After the first level should I have went up, or down?

    Apart from managing to play some more Space Marine SP over the weekend (finally up to the spire, bee and i have started playing Heavy Rain again.

    It's very rare that i find a game that bee will sit down and either play with me, or contribute to the playing of with me - the only one before it was Limbo. But Heavy Rain's movie like atmosphere and interactivity is making it a lot easier for bee to sit down and play it with me.

    I've got to say, i forgot how blind mowing this game is. Last time we played it we only got about an hour in and then stopped for a while when trying to get through mass effect and playing space marine got in the way.

    We also, last night, got to the part where you play as the ex-wife and i somewhat blindly, while interacting with everything i could find, led her into the shower - then before i knew it OMGBEWBS!!!
    I'll tell you something - it was SO difficult sitting there watching that scene whilst pretending not to be the least bit interested.. my god - she is possibly one of the sexiest VG characters ever - even with clothes on! (not as sexy as my bee though - love you baby :D lol)

    Apart from that minor hiccup - the game is BRILLIANT, if not a little confusing/jarring at points...

      Have you played Portal 2 co-op with her? I think you'd both enjoy that :)

        I mean, have you played Portal 2 with bee, not the ex-wife from Heavy Rain... :P

        Nope, she wouldn't

        That would be one of the types of games that fall int of the category of "what's the pointo of it - this is stupid"

      Heavy Rain is such an amazing game.

      Also I think you're confusing two of the characters. Madison, the women you strip down and watch shower, is not anyones ex wife.

        Oh - she isn't?
        Then who the hell is she then!? lol

        I thought she was the fathers ex, in a new apartment after the seperation. You know, seeing as she was the only other female in the game up until then.. ok.. obviously i need to play more

        Oh good, I thought I was being old and forgetting stuff. I couldn't recall playing as the ex-wife. I never made Madison shower though and I found it way too weird when I accidentally made Ethan go to the bathroom.

          I found it REALLY weird when i made Maddison go to the Bathroom... Especially when she took so long... just sitting there... staring...

          I just have this huge OCD habit of trying EVERYTHING in a room lol

    I need to check my emails more often (read: Thanks for the gift Repneiras :D)

      You're welcome. As long as you rob some banks with me =D

        In game, of course.

    Good day, TAY.

    New DA2 DLC this week, I think?

    Good morning all,
    question for any / all PC gamers here : I'm gonna be building a new gaming machiene sometime in the very near future, and I need to decide on a case. Any recommendations?

      What are your requirements?

        Size is really the only requirement. Its got to fit a raedon HD6990 & a giant heat sink. Oh, and I suppose good air flow. Noise isn't really an issue, nor is water cooling or anything fancy like that. budget is ~$200 (±25%)

          Full tower then. I’m assuming if you’re getting a 6990 you’re also getting a quality PSU and aren’t after a case with a built-in one as well.

          Personally I’m really partial to the NZXT Phantom and intend to get one for my next build:

          They can be found around for about $185, very nice case with lots of features, very solid cooling, heaps of room and a pretty striking look without going into the tacky fans-and-lights-everywhere crap some ‘enthusiast’ cases go into. I especially like the white one.

            That is amazing :) ok.... i'm off to do some more research.

      Good morning #35!

      My personal experiences with Thermaltake and Coolermaster have been good. Will your new machine be a beast, or a mid-range thing? Coolermaster Storm and Scout are popular choices.

      I have also heard that Lian-Li stuff is alright.

        I'm going the with the "more dakka!" philosophy coz I'm not the type of guy thats gonna be upgrading it every 6 months, so It's gonna be a bit beastly.
        cases under consideration at the moment :
        HAF X 942
        HAF 932
        and a Thermaltake one

      MY case is awesome because its got a fan on it.
      (note i have know idea what sort it is)
      you should Ask Welbot for advice!

      How bout a Corsair 600T White? It looks awesome and is a pretty decent case too (at least, I think it is)

      I would recommened Antec cases, I have the P183 which is really good. Dust filters and sound dampening which is great if you have a big heatsink fan

        I have a P183 myself, wouldn't recommend it for a long graphics card like a 6990, my old 5850 is very close to the hard drive bay.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boils and Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins, I Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian, along with my stalwart companion Clubby the Clubbing Club, are presenting to you all;
    The Great Gaming Giveaway!
    (well they aren't great games, so...)
    The Bargain Bin Gaming Giveaway!
    You heard right people, I am giving away a few games that, while they could most likely be bought for a few bucks, could be yours right now for free (well not right now, as I would first have to post them).
    None of these are spectacular games, but they are most likely ones that may have interested you a few years ago, but never got around to actually buying.
    So, the rules.
    First come, first served.
    (was thinking of comps, but they aren't exactly prized games and more importantly, I am to lazy to think of any competitions).
    All game are XBOX 360.
    One per customer.
    (If there are still games available by the end of the week, then they can go to anyone).
    Only TAY regulars.
    (those who contibute with lovely posts get the games, except if some are still available Friday, then any lurkers out there are welcome to them).
    So, enough of that, here I present the Games;

    Ninja Gaiden II
    Devil May Cry 4
    Silent Hill : Homecoming
    Fear 2
    Rise of the Argonauts
    (with this game, I am no longer able to access saves or create new saves, so just warning this may be the case for any who want this game)

    O, if any of these grab your interest, simply reply below and we will work out the details.
    You may now resume your regular TAYing.

      AM i the only one who read Aragonnauts and thought it was some sort of LOTR game!

        Isn't it some Hack & Slash thing?

          Rise of the Argonauts is a hack & slash with some very minor rpg elements, get new weapons, upgrade some stats by performing acts which please the gods and completing quests.

            "performing acts which please the gods"


      I'd be tempted to take one of the games - but i really have soooo many games already i probably wouldn't get around to playing it anytime soon and that just wouldn't be fair.. you sir are a legend, though! :D

        Go on Chuloopa do it, doooo iiiit.
        Besides, I don't think many will be interested in these.

      Wow! Very generous of you Hugo!

        Meh, they are older games that I no longer play, but might be of interest to others.
        If any take your interest, just let me know.

          While the offer is sincerely appreciated(I'm a regular Taybie now!) I don't have a 360 :)

      May I have any (I don't care!)? I have one game on 360: Gears 3 (and I've finished it now). I will kiss you if it helps. E kisses, that is.

        My dear f4ction, you are indeed welcome to any of these games, your best bet is to have a look at the reviews of the games to see what you may be interested in (I am to lazy to try and decide which might interest you).
        Also, if any are left by friday, you get first pick of an extra copy.

          Thank you, good sire! How about this "devil may cry" game? I haven't played one of those. Shall I email you my details or the like?

          I had Ninja Gaiden II at one stage but I was TERRIBLE at it. But because I imported it from Japan I couldn't trade it anywhere so had to give it away myself!

            Excellent, my first customer of the day.
            Just send a postal address to
            And I shall arrange, delivery post haste!
            (well at least as hasty as Aussie post can be)

      You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

        You want, you pick, you get.
        Also, gentleman and a scholar? thanks for the compliment, but I think you need to take a closer look at my name :P


          Well, I was hesistant, because I don't feel it'd be fair to you... buuuut...

          Is Silent Hill still untaken? Because if not, could I please have it?

      I was going to have a grump because this was only open to TAY regulars when I generally restrict myself to the general stories (TAY is scary/intimidating) but I realised none of the games really appeal to me, aside from Silent Hill.
      But as a regular reader who dips his toe in the social side of Kotaku.AU, if you don't get a nom or two for this I'll be very surprised.
      It may not be as significant, but you have my kudos.

    So i came up with a neat idea for some of my Keep Calm things..!/Chul00p4/status/122992477627097088/photo/1

    what do you guys think?

      Pretty neat! Did you make the cart template in Photoshop? I started on in Illustrator to go along with all my controller shirts but I'm lazy and can't be bothered finishing it. :P

        Actually bought a gomedia arsenal kit a LOOOONNNGGG time ago.

        If you are really interested in getting serious about your shirts i suggest you check them out

        In all honestly, i've never used the set outside of making stuff for bee, but now i'm starting to experiment with tees.

          Hrmmmm, very interesting...

            Indeed - they are brilliant and a real time saver - the stuff i have made for bee with them have turned out amazing :)

    Finally finished Alan Wake over the weekend. Brilliant game, wish I hadn't sat on it for so long. I really hope it continues to get developed, because the ending was awesome but so ambiguous.

    I posted this in the previous TAY yesterday, but my pile of shame is still very shameful:

    I actually have trouble picking what to focus on. Too much choice. :( So I'm not sure what I'll work on next. But given the number of manshoots I've gone through I'm thinking I might go for something different to that next.

      A lot of theose games are in my pile also!

      Especially all the Atlus/NIS games that I just never get around to playing. :(

      Very nice - mine's bigger, though lol

        This is only the games I actually have around. I lost a whole lot of older games when I moved house :( Box disappeared.

    In anticipation of AssRev, I decided to try and finish AssTwo then play AssBro.

    That means feather collecting. I decided to use a guide as it's been so long since I played the game. This resulted in me wadering around massive cities for hours just to find out I'd collected all the damn feathers in that area.

    I'm about 3/4 done with Venice then it's off to the two smaller places to look for remnants. Then I'm done and I get my fancy cape! \o/

    On that note, where are you people buying your AssRev from? I know it's expensive but EB are tempting me with their massive encyclopaedia. But I'm sad that it doesn't have the art book also.

      I still haven't finished assone yet - i got bored, which stopped me from playing my copy of asstwo - i really need to give it a whir again soon

        Go for it, Ass2 is far more engaging than the original.

      The one thing I wish that the Ass games did with the collectables was to simply have a page listing all the things you've found and the ones you've missed. If the game would assign numbers to them, then I could actually use a guide to find the ones I haven't got and I'd probably get all of them. Instead because I tend to find a few of them during the course of a play through, I end up with a situation where a guide isn't helpful unless I have time to systematically track down every location in the guide regardless of whether I've got the collectable.

        I really loved how in Brotherhood you could buy maps showing where feathers and flags were and also if you saw them in Eagle Vision they appeared on your map so you knew where to find them later.

          Aw man! I'm looking forward to playing AssBro more now. Things will be considerably easier.

          I might even give the online a go... Assuming there is anyone playing it these days.

        That is exactly what I've been doing! Thankfully the guide I've been using is a video guide so I've been doing small chunks each session. Feels less like wasting time.

        I wouldn't even have bothered but when I finished the game, I was so close to getting all the trophies I figured "what the hell." and went for it.

      E.B. it sux that ozgameshop doesnt really get the Limited Editions otherwise Id get it from, must have that encyclopedia

      Assassin's Creed \o/ "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

      I knew about the feathers before playing so I saved them til the end.

      Bawble preordered from EB. Encyclopedia FTW!

    So I get today off from work :D!!!

    A lot of Dark Souls will be played which usually involves me dieing 10 times then saying "this is the most unfair piece of sh** game ever". Then I'll come back 10 mins later and play it.

    Ahhh Dark Souls the game that you love to hate.

      Oh yeah, congrats on your 500th LoL win btw human :)


        I didn't even notice thank you my kind friend :D

          I notice all my human friends. See this is why I've been holding off asking you to join us, you might see us as horrible (Or at the very least some of us) and start hating cuz you see such obvious mistakes that we pull off and all. :P

          We've been having a good winning cycle currently, probably cuz lots are on dominion now.

    Ah man. So tired. Woke up after I was meant to start work, so splashed my face, threw on some clothes and rushed to work to limit the lateness. Currently applying liberal doses of coffee to try and alleviate the pain...And it's only Monday! :(

      *spinning hug from Garen*

    All right, I'm all ready and wearing my new shirt so I'm off out for the day. Hope Sir Serrels doesn't do any more secret stuffs while I'm gone!

      Make sure you hide the buttons so random people don't try to touch the bewbs.

    Ok guys - So the Space Marine co-op has been dated as October 25th, which most of us already knew a few days ago - but for those that don't, here it is.

    This is VERY exciting news...

    To celebrate - Who wants to get stuck into some multiplayer with me tonight?

    Lets get a game going, peeps!

      If I'm online I'll jump in some games with ya for sure :D

        good man - i knew i could count on you.

        With any luck Hugo and Cracks will both be free too - i know they're always keen to get their SPAYCE MAUREEEEN on

      Also, check out the comments in the article - this is EXACTLY what i was talking about last week when i went on my tangent about gamers being entitled assholes.. seriously guys - grow up! lol

      I can't wait until Windows 8 comes out, hopefully developers will start putting cross platform into Xbox 360/Windows games. Of course, they'd also have to figure out a fancy way to keep everything balanced. Perhaps evenly dividing the PC players up between both teams?
      If/when they do start doing this, we'll need to have some "Epic" playdates then :)

        Microsoft would have to relax their stance on cross platforom gaming on the 360 and it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon.

          Shadowrun had cross platforming 360s and PCs, too bad the game didn't go so well.

            So why were they so against it for FF 14 and Portal 2?

            Crazy Microsoft!

              Not sure, probably because they don't go through "Games for Windows Live" or something like that.

          Microsoft has already confirmed that cross platform gaming will be available for Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7
          I'm having troubles loading an article about it right now (cause of my dial-up issues), but this article should have more information:

          I just did a search for this:

      Been planning to for weeks, never actually got around to it. What time are you thinking?

        Bee's out all tonight - so i'll probably be on all night from around 7ish lol

    Okay I've come to the conclusion that I'm either the worst gamer ever or Dark Souls is the hardest game in existence. I have died about 40 times so far and I'm only in the castle bit just after the initial tutorial. Also, I have no hope of ever being human again as everytime I get a humanity orb thingy, I die and then I die again on my way to recollect it and I lose everything :/

    But seriously, I'm usually pretty good with melee combat games but no matter what I try do, I always get hit! I get so angry at the game but then I keep coming back for more!

      Yeah tis hard, patience in fighting is the key I have found. Also a metal shield: Defense > rolling.

        Yeah I went a Warrior after trying a Pyromancer..he was way too slow in getting those fireballs out and it was a pain to get them aimed quickly in the right anyone else sort of lost? I mean they teach you the moves for how to fight..but they don't really tell you what to do, what the humanity and undead souls are for..that sort of thing..and when are you meant to be able to buy and sell weapons? The only 2 people I've found haven't really said much. One told me to ring two bells cause something cool happens and the other one just brushed me off..

          Indeed not much is explained.
          You use humanity for kindling (upgrading) fires and you can only summon phantoms while human.
          The collectible humanity items give humanity to the meter in the top left when used. You don't loose them on death while they are in item form.
          Basic soul items just give you souls when consumed, named souls also do but are used for upgrading items so save them.

          After the raven gets you, go up - it is the easiest area I believe.
          In the undead berg, just before the first fire there is two spear undead. Below them thee is a merchant that you can buy stuff off, you cannot sell stuff.

          As for fighting, most enemies I let hit my shield first, they rebound off then I attack.
          Harder enemies I kite with a spear.

      Dude 900 deaths in vvvvvvv
      40 deaths is nothing :)

      Haha, you say forty deaths like it's a lot.

      "Dark Souls is the hardest game in existence"
      This statement seems accurate.


    League of Legends Tournament happening on the 13th November. Details HERE.

    Anybody else going? Come say hello!

      In Sydney?! *sighs and sits in the corner rocking back and forth* But I've gotten so good with Kennen...

        Sydney? *inhales deeply* ...


        Could try to turn it into a Meat and go anyway.

          Yeah I'm going to be trying to put LoL on my laptop and see how well it runs. If all goes well I can use that and bring it to the next one. I'm still not level 30 yet either so I don't want to jump right in the deep end at a tournament just yet.

          They will have full runes and level 30 masteries, they'll have a HUGE advantage

      Oh man, that would be wicked fun. I mean it's one thing to troll randoms - but semi-professional teams! :P

      It'd all prob be Lvl 30's though, but maybe one day we can get a KotakAU team competing. Does this change your view that LoL isn't competitive and is just for shits 'n' giggles Harli?

        Lets work together to get to level 30 shall we? :)

          Sure. It will be easier to win public games when you have at least one team-mate you can rely on.

        Whatever do you mean Steve-O, I will still be competing just for shits and giggles ;P

      In not really related news, IGN Pro League is on.
      I scoff at IGN, but there's fun watching to be had.
      In the just held Dignatis vs Epik,
      - Cait doing 1700 damage crits
      - Ezrael flashing around like a champ
      - Shen with double Warmogs, 4600 health, and an Atmos Impaler. Saved so many people with his ult.
      - Sion with 700ish AP, with a DeathFire Grasp, so the unique active did... over half your health in magic damage.
      Full builds everywhere!

        Oh man I wish I could aim that high in crits! My build still needs work :P

      ooh sounds nice! and after bawble's uni exams as well : )
      Shall inform him of this event ;D

      Brings a tear to my eye it does, although I don't think I'm tournament material just yet...

    :P My noms got censored last week.

      Just saw them dude (I always miss Community Kudos because I'm out the door by that time every week) - you are generous!! Many tanks to you too :)

      Its cause the man is always trying to get you down. Also cause lambomann reads the site. Also thanks for the om nom nom.

      Thanks for the nom dude! It put a smile on my face when I saw it last night :) and I'm always here for kind word, etc.

    I had a massive win on the weekend. I found a pristine copy of Collector's Edition of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker at GameTraders, complete with Ocarina of Time/Master Quest.

    Suffice to say, most of my weekend was eaten up by cartoony gaming bliss.

      how much were they charging for it?
      Every gametraders i have been to always ask for AT LEAST $100.

      Meanwhile i got mine of ebay for $25 lol

        Yup, $100 was the asking price. But I am hesitant purchasing pre-played disc-based games off of eBay simply because I don't want to risk getting a scratched up disc.

        I wouldn't have put down the $100 if the discs weren't in perfect condition :)

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