Tell Us Dammit! iPhone 4S – Who’s Upgrading?

Tell Us Dammit! iPhone 4S – Who’s Upgrading?

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like are you going to be upgrading to the iPhone 4S? As an owner of an increasingly rubbish iPhone 3, I’m considering it. I was expecting an iPhone 5 announcement, so was planning to upgrade to that, but now? Well, I’m not sure – maybe I’ll make the leap to Android. What about you guys?

My primary motivation for upgrading is gaming. I do a lot of gaming on my mobile phone nowadays, and my iPhone 3 is starting to struggle. It’s for that reason that I’m really struggling with this decision. In my mind Apple provide the most user friendly way to get access to the best mobile games, and I like the idea of a more streamlined, user friendly service – but the iPhone 4S is bad timing. I don’t want to upgrade to what appears to be a stop gap phone.

Hmmm. Decisions…

What are your thoughts?


  • Get an android phone, yall can run nintendo emulators on there, I would of chosen an andriod phone having known that prior.

  • I have an iPhone 3GS and have been saying since the iPhone 4 came out that I’d wait for the iPhone 4GS (what I was calling it up until yesterday when I heard that it was called iPhone 4S) to come out before deciding what to upgrade to.

    Now that the 4S is announced and pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be, I have to decide if I stick with iOS or switch to Android/Blackberry. Tis a tough choice, but so far I am leaning towards the 4S.

    Availability may be a deciding factor though, getting a new iPhone shortly after the models are released is damned near impossible unless you’re one of those poor sods that camp out for them.

    Maybe I’ll ask my friends who will be camping out for them to go grab me one.

    • Oh and gaming on my phone doesn’t happen much. I burn through the battery already and with my Kindle, I always have something else to do on the train.

      • I would not recommend the Blackberry. I don’t know much about phones or have much experience with them but we got a half dozen 9700 Bolds at my work and probably half of them have issues such as locking up and screen glitches and 2 of them have died altogether.

        The ‘app store’ on them is also a joke with very few apps most of which are over priced.

        • The only drawback with Android (I have a HTC) is that developers (in this country esp) support the iPhone over Android in spades, so even though Android’s share is greater and the phone’s are generally more customizable and more useful, in terms of Apps it pales in comparison to Apple’s selection.

          Having said that I got both Angry Birds and Cut the Rope for free so it’s not all bad!

    • If gaming is not a priority, I’d recommend the Galaxy S2 over just about anything. Since the last update, the battery has been comparable to an iPhone, and the expandable memory and changeable battery mean you want have to worry about storage.

      Also, the screen is massive and the handset is small and light. Defintely and improvement on the iPhone 4.

  • Not I.

    I’m on a windows phone at the moment.

    It’s a personal preference, but I cannot stand Apple products.

  • Just got a 4, so not really looking to upgrade; Android looks interesting, but part of my wanting an iPhone is because it serves as an iPod. The iPod controls are basically baked into the OS, while I don’t know if Android phones even do music and podcasts on anywhere near the same level.

    • My Android has apps that do podcasts and music pretty well. My only complaint would be that I don’t have enough time to listen to them all.

    • “while I don’t know if Android phones even do music and podcasts on anywhere near the same level.”

      When I went looking for a new phone one of my major requirements was a good music player and my HTC Legend does not disappoint. Been using Winamp on it and it’s awesome. Wirelessly transferring music from my desktop Winamp to my phone is great too!

      One of my other requirements was also that it didn’t require proprietary software (iTunes/Nokia software/whatever) to transfer MP3s. As far as I’m concerned if I can’t transfer music onto the device just like an external drive that device IS NOT an MP3 player. Maybe it’s a semi-decent music player but if I can’t just drop files on there as-is I consider it a fail.

    • Imagine how pleased Samsung will be by the perceived backlash against Apple with this iPhone 4S. It’s not a bad phone by any means, but people obviously expected a new design. I’d be happy enough with the iPhone 4 look, as long as the screen was a bit bigger. Seriously. 3.5 inch is so small compared to some of the competitors’ phones. Also no 4G is pretty bad, and that’s probs why they didn’t go with the iPhone 4GS name 😉 The Prime has a real chance to disrupt the momentum Apple has had for ages. If it is even on par with the Galaxy S2, but drops the Touch UI, the Prime will make me a very happy individual.

  • 99% chance I’ll be going towards the iPhone 4S. I admit I was disappointed with the name choice but in the end, it is just a name. Unless they choose to then announce an iPhone 5 in 3 months :/. Btw, this will be my first iPhone 🙂

  • I still have over 16 months remaining on my current contract and even if I didn’t I still wouldn’t by an iPhone, it’s just my opinion but the phone has never truly appealed to me.

    Also I want to point out that its been reported since the announcement this morning Apple’s stock has dropped 4.93 per cent. No doubt it will rebound but just let me have this moment. . .


      • Would seriously consider it myself, if it had a dual core processor. Also, the lack of support from Sony to port their PS1 or PSP games to the Play is a bad sign for the future of the phone. If Nintendo or Sony really committed to a phone as their main handheld, that thing would be incredible. I would love a Nintenphone 🙁

  • Nothing in here to make me re-think my decision a couple of months back to grab a Samsung Omnia 7 handset and Windows Phone.

    In fact, I’m now happier I did so. The Samsung handset is just stunning, and the Windows Phone 7 interface now that it has received its Mango update is a thing of beauty. Easy to use, intuitive, clear, fast and just beautiful to look at while being absurdly functional.

    Leaves the iPhone interface looking old and tired TBH.

    Nothing here that Android and WP7 owners should feel sad about. And as for Samsung and its handsets – the popularity is only going to grow.

    • I agree the W7 interface is visually awesome now (though less practical than iOS) but had to lol at the Omnia 7 being ‘stunning’ – I think it looks and feels like a late 90’s PDA 😛

      • Agree with you on the Windows Phone, but I have to say, I do like the Omnia. Not saying its the best handset going around from Samsung, but the display is top-notch and really compliments the WP7 Metro interface.

        The new WP7 handsets being released in the coming months will definitely be a few steps up again though!

      • So youre calling BS because the same person had the same thing to say under the same name in an article about the same thing?

        • Whilst I post on both, the similarities in this case smack of form text. Could be mistaken. Does Chris post here often?

          • Same cut and paste comment on Gizmodo too, twice. Either he really wants people to see what he has to say or he’s being paid for it.

          • Considering every single media outlet has been regurgitating what apple has said, could be a case of “FFFFUUUUU-“

  • I have a 4 and I’ll be upgrading, the speed boost is enough to warrant that, I don’t really think it’s a ‘stop gap’ phone, its just the next one and it’ll be a good year before there is another option. (Assuming android/windows marketplaces don’t magically get to being average in the next year)

  • Wouldn’t bother… there’s plenty of other phones out on the market that will work just as good if not better.

  • I’ll be upgrading, the faster specs than the standard 4 are good enough for any games likely in the next 2 years, and the iOS5 updates fix everything that shit me about my 3GS and iOS.
    I will be upgrading for sure. I think this is effectively the iPhone5 anyway, can’t imagine what more I’d want for the next 18months at least, and I don’t see the iPhone 5 having a faster processor or graphics if it comes in the next 12 months.
    I’d expect a new iPad before the 5.

  • I’m currently using a really cheap pre paid telstra phone that runs android that I got earlier in the year. Its main use so far has been telling me what time it is. I tried to download some games or apps but there weren’t many good ones or the ones that were good weren’t supported on my phone. Also browsing the internet and app store costs $1 a minute and that’s way too expensive.

    Maybe it’s time I finally jumped on board with the whole smart phone thing. I have no idea about anything to do with phones though. All this talk of contracts and plans and the like just has my head spinning. Also $700+ for a phone seems way too much.

  • I have a 3GS and was waiting for this to be announced for months so I could upgrade, but now that it has I’m feeling kind of underwhelmed and I don’t think I’ll bite unless Nokia’s upcoming WP7 offering ends up also being disappointing.

    • I’m not sure you can have 100 million hipster and them still be hipsters.. I’d say it’s the opposite, its hip to have a windows phone

    • ^^this.

      Had a debate with a friend last year after he said iphones were cool, and i said every feature they have is in other phones with a mark up and also become outdated in next to no time (drop of support after 2 years, when hardware components typically the same). The only thing that is selling iphones is the fact the symbol people believe it to have in society. Same deal with macbooks. Bought a laptop a couple of months ago with the same specs as the 15″ Pro, yet mine cost $800, and a macbook is upmost $2000, so the only difference is essentialy the OS and symbol.

      • Other phones dont have the same features though, they don’t have the app store and they aren’t as physically nice to touch and look at – and that is a far more important thing than in my experience, a lot of kotaku and gizmodo readers seem to understande. I would gladly pay another 2 grand for a macbook over some other laptop for the OS and the design. A lot of people buy things with the Apple logo on them because they feel comfortable about using them, not because its a status symbol. I’m talking about mums, dads, and grandparents. iOS and OSX feel nicer to use and are easier for people who dont care about knowing how computers work, which is most of us.

        • I’d say that the Samsung S2 and the HTC range are actually nicer to touch – light but solid, sleek.

          Can’t argue about the apps store. I think Android has enough for the quantity and quality to not be much of an issue, but the Android store itself could definitely be improved.

        • You don’t need to know how a computer works for them to be easy to use. You just need to have half a brain.

          • I disagree, I think people who have grown up not only using but enjoying technology (basically you’re in this group if you are reading this website) typically have a terribly skewed view about how the majority of the world grasps computing and the challenges involved.

        • My G4 notebook cost me $4000. 3 years later it was absolutely useless. I can’t use anything simple like bejeweled, I can’t use the internet because flash won’t install and also I can’t upgrade it.
          I will never buy another Apple product.

          Also I have an Xeperia X10 and it’s done me very well.

    • iPhones are hipster symbols in the same way that Android phones are arrogant high-horse-riding tech nerd symbols. It’s the phone equivalent of Mac vs Linux.

  • I was waiting for this phone for a while… But once it came out i dont think its that good. Ill wait for the Nexus Prime or the new SG3

  • I don’t think it’ll be too stop gap. In the way that the iPhone 5 is probably another yr away now.

    I have the 3G too, and it’s terrible.

  • I’ll be upgrading from the 3GS but waiting a few months to see if they announce the 5. I only really want it for developing for anyways, so I might end up with an android seeing as I don’t have access to one. Nexus Prime? Gotta look into it!

  • I sold my galaxy a month ago preparing to go back to the iPhone camp. Was very disappointed with the announcement. I might go for another android or maybe wait and see what Nokia can offer with WP7 (im expecting they might do something really special to win people over again)

    But honestly. all phones are the same, they are just app launchers.

  • I’ll wait for the Nexus Prime. Rumourland suggests it’s going to have a 4.6″ 1280×720 screen. That’s HD. AITCH-DEE!

    I hate Apple with a passion. I work in the telco industry, so I deal with iPhones a lot.

  • I think i’ll be upgrading my 3GS. All it’s wanted to do in the last few months is die (software wise) by constantly entering Recovery Mode, and with useless iTunes not being able to fix it or Restore it….
    Yay for programs like TinyUmbrella kicking it out of Recovery Mode.

  • Very happy Samsung Galaxy SII owner here.

    I went the GS2 over the Iphone 4 and haven’t regretted it for a second. After hearing todays announcement about the Iphone “5” I’m even happier I went the Android phone.

  • this is how it will go,
    vodafone customers will complain about poor service they have now,before and with the current iphone they have, they will demand upgrade to get the new iphone, still have poor service and then winge about it

    way to go ppl just what vodafone wants

  • I finally got rid of my 3G for a 4 back in June. People said I should have waited for the next model, but now it’s been revealed I don’t think I’m missing out on anything I’d really use.

  • My contract is up in November, so I’ll be getting a 4S for sure. I made the mistake of getting a 3G 2 years ago instead of going for the 3GS. Huge mistake buying anything other than the latest hardware.

    • So given the hardware in this isn’t that impressive, shouldn’t you grab a Samsung or HTC handset. Or do you really mean latest apple release when you say “latest hardware”.

  • Played on my mate’s son’s sony xperia play station phone the other day and came to the conclusion that it’s the only phone that does any game’s well that use traditional controls.
    Sure angry birds and the like are fine on a touch screen but for a snes or ps1 emulator only the xperia is any good.I know it’s got a bad rap and no hype but I like buttons and dual thumb “sticks”.

  • If only it had a bigger screen, then I would have got it for sure but now the Galaxy 2 just looks so much more appealling.

  • I’ll probably get one; my 3GS isn’t far from the end of its contract, and it’d be easy to port over my library of games.

  • I wonder what people’s reaction would be if it was exactly the same increased specs and slightly different body but called ‘5’ instead of ‘4S’.

    • Completely different, I’d wager, I mean that’s all the previous iPhones have been, and people went berserk over them.

      Interesting thought.

    • My thoughts exactly, the general reaction to this has me completely confused, as though the name of the device is more important than it’s performance.
      Talk about driving the stereotype of the average Apple buyer!

    • If it was the iPhone 5 and Steve Jobs had marketed it, this wouldn’t have been a disappointment, but a applegasm.

      Incidentally, applegasm is what they feed you at Applebee’s in America.

    • I disagree. Calling it a 5 would have damaged the brand.

      Each generation of the iPhone has seen pretty major advancements. That’s what people expect. This phone is less than impressive. It’s almost the same as the 4 with an updated processor that’s basically industry standard. Thus, people will be disappointed, but at least they have room to release a superior 5 handset, the real next generation.

      • I’m not sure who you’re disagreeing with, but I agree with you, this shouldn’t be and was never going to be a 5 – it’s simply bad business sense to be too consistent in changing the form and name of the phone. You need to have 2 years every now and again so that people are given the chance to own ‘the latest iPhone’ for longer, and in the US for the full term of their 2 year contract. (4/4S doesn’t count, really 4S is like the 3GS, its just there to keep the technical standards at the pointy end for the media and tech-loving people that care).

  • I recently went from an iPhone 3G to the Samsung Galaxy S2 because Apple were dragging their ass announcing a new model and now that it has finally been revealed I can say I am even happier with my purchase.

    You snooze, you lose.

  • My friend who has been waiting is excited. I was personally hoping for more power/features. But that’s me I always want more for my money.

    I would love to ditch my Nokia E51 this non qwerty keyboard is doing me in. Time to start looking at what’s decent & what takes my fancy.

  • I don’t understand all these comments saying “it’s not worth it, because it’s not an iPhone 5”.
    It’s just a model number/name people (and a body shape), hardware-wise, the 4S is a massive upgrade over the 4.

    But it needed to be too, given the rumoured specs of upcoming Android handsets.

    • “the 4S is a massive upgrade over the 4”

      Here are the hardware improvements this time around.

      -Antenna: I sure bloody hope so considering they fucked up the last one so hard
      -Processor: This is only useful in bleeding edge games. It’s not going to run your apps any faster and will only improve load times.

      -Camera: A phone camera is a phone camera. It’s never going to be a DSLR. And for the mainstream happy snapper, the IP4’s camera has already been adequate enough.

      Everything else remains identical. Same screen, same shell and build quality, same software feature set (minus Siri). Basically all the IOS5 features announced at this keynote are fully backwards compatible with the IP4. So convince me as to why this is such a ‘massive upgrade’

      • What else would have to change for it to be classified as a big upgrade then?
        The only thing left to change would be the screen… even then it would probably just be a size increase, resolution would probably stay the same as the current Retina display.

        Compare it to a PC upgrade, new CPU, RAM and graphics card would be considered a pretty major upgrade, regardless of what you’ll run on it.
        That’s what they’ve done with this phone, they’re still just using an old monitor is all.

        Not that I want a 4S, like many others it seems, I’m waiting to see what the Nexus Prime brings to the table… Hell, I’m still using a Razr clamshell as my personal phone…

        • The smartphone upgrade cycle is completely different from PC’s. New PC programs consistently take advantage of the latest hardware to make noticeable differences in detail, frame-rate, multi-tasking etc.

          Compare this to a smartphone, where apps are resource efficient and all apps are developed to run on IP4 or even 3GS hardware (or risk fragmenting their user base). They run perfectly fine on preceding devices, with nothing optimised for the current model. So any benefit in using the newest chip is completely negligible.

          Siri was an iPhone 4 app that has since been pulled from the Appstore (and all support cut from October 15) to be made an exclusive feature to the newest model. There is no reason it can’t run on iPhone 4, other than to nudge customers to upgrade and give Apple even more money.

          As for screen. They really need it. After using 4.3+ inch screens like Galaxy S II or HTC Sensation, going back to the 3.5 inch of iPhone feels cramped. Therein lies Apple’s conundrum. Their current UI and apps are designed around 960×640 so they likely won’t change that, but if they increase it to 4.3 inches, the DPI will drop below 300 and they probably can’t market it as ‘Retina Display’ anymore.

          • Fair enough, can’t argue with any of those points.
            Personally though, while I see how it’s nicer to use, I wonder where they will draw the line on screen size. There is only so much that can fit in ones pocket.

  • Samsung Galaxy SII for me. Apple, do you remember that other mobile company that rested on it’s laurels, Nokia?

    • It’s standard practice – if plans have 24 month contracts, it doesn’t make sense to bring out a revolutionary update within that time period. This is completely in line with past – 3GS. It means that my father-in-law with his 3GS is starting to fall apart and the 4S is perfect for him, but I’m not too jealous being only halfway along my iPhone 4 contract.

  • I got myself a iPhone 4 a while back (when the contract on my 3GS ran out) and while the new specifications are nice my current iPhone 4 still does what I need it to do.

    The problem I see is as the 4S is a dual core, it is going to be some time before current apps mature (if at all) and take advantage of the additional processing power. And new apps will show that one has to think more carefully programming wise.

    I think I will upgrade again after my contract runs out – they might even have an iPhone 5 by then.

    What I am really more interested in is the release of iOS 5 and its cloud offerings.

  • Ill be sticking with my iPhone 4…. but the 64GB storage capacity has me making glances…. to carry my whole music collection on my phone would be amazing!

  • Samsung Galaxy SII here too. Very happy I got it over an iphone, especially once I cleaned out all the rubbish pre-loaded apps. Oh and the amazon appstore now works in Australia so PvZ and Peggle FTW!

  • With a product life tied to the length of a mobile phone contract I don’t see how any new product in this market can be considered anything other than ‘stop gap’. The moment you realise how many of these things you’ll consume during the course of your life the less the decision matters. I barely remember my transition between phones, the one in my pocket feels like its been there for half a decade despite being routinely replaced.

  • I am quite happy with My Windows phone. Looking forward to the new update then it should be fantastic 🙂

  • As long as you need iTunes i will never have an a iPhone.
    I have an iPod touch, loaded my songs and books than deleted iTunes.

  • I’m considering buying the iPhone 4S, however if Apple releases a new iPhone next year that is compatible with 4G LTE then I’ll be pissed off. Siri looks pretty neat too!

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