Thanks To Video Games, We Can Pretend That Frank Zappa And Beck Were WWE Pro Wrestlers

The video website Vimeo is a good place to find video game trailers, clips of people flying Wii Remote-powered drones and people having Kinect mishaps. It's a place where folks upload their create-a-wrestler for WWE video games. That brings us today's random finding: the work of one Tommy Else, who used WWE Raw 2 a 2003 Xbox game that had Bill Goldberg on the cover, to create some celebrity wrestlers.

Freshly uploaded in the last 24 hours, for you to enjoy...

First up, singer-songwriter Beck.

This is Frank Zappa.

We've got TV and radio host Jim Rome.

Here's the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan.

The artist himself.


    hahaha the Beck and Corgan ones are great
    back in the day I had this game, I made a sub zero that came out to the Mortal Kombat theme from the movie, I also made an Ice Cube and Flava Flav tag team - if you used John Cenas rapping animation and Ice Cubes song 'Wicked', it synced perfectly, and cube would rap all the way down to the ring!

    That was the awesome thing about those games. Creating awesome characters.

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