The Amazing Nerd Art Of Andrew Jones

British artist Andrew "Bones" Jones is a man after my own heart. In his works paying tribute to the video games of yesteryear, you won't find much Mario or Mega Man. You'll find Wing Commander, Zombies Ate My Neighbours and old Amiga games.

In the gallery above you'll see some amazing digital paintings by Jones, which in addition to the above influences include stuff like Morrigan from Darkstalkers, some Lemmings and Star Wars.

Jones' site, linked below, has loads more pics in the same style, in case you're short on desktop/phone wallpaper and need something fresh.

Art By Bones [Andrew Jones]

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    Zombies ate my neighbours is epic.

    Those are absolutely stunning - i'd happily have the Lemmings one as a feature in my house, and the zombies ate my neighbours one for the hell of it lol

    Imagine if Lemmings actually played like that. It would be an impossibly mindwarping experience.

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