The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Is All Gameplay

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Is All Gameplay

We got a treat at New York Comic Con today. We got the world’s first look at the trailer for next summer’s Amazing Spider-Man game. You should watch this one.

Just about a minute long, it’s enough to make you forget there’s a brand-new Spider-Man game out this month. That one’s dead to me, as of now.

Amazing Spider-Man is being made by Beenox, the studio behind the two most recent Spider-Man games, but it’s been in development by a dedicated team who have been working on it for over a year, according to Gerard Lehinay, the studio’s creative director. Lehiany introduced the game at a Marvel video games panel at today’s Con, saying that the creators wanted to make New York City an integral part of Spider-Man games again. “We brought back the city into Spider-Man games,” he said. “For us it is important to be able to web-swing in the city. So that’s one of the major things that we’ve been working on.”

The game will be out alongside Marvel’s reboot Spider-Man movie this summer, but it will have its own story. It will also have a currently-secret “new gameplay feature” that, Lehiany teased, is designed “for you to feel like Spider-Man.” Forgive me if I misunderstood his accent (he’s French-Canadian), but I believe he said “It’s an acrobatic tool in the game.”

Doug Heder, the game’s producer at Activision added the most encouraging note about the game of the day. Everything we saw in the trailer, he said, was real gameplay. No cut-scenes there.


  • Personally, with the exception of Maximum Carnage and Spiderman (PS1), the movie Spiderman games have actually been the best. Kinda optimistic about this one.

  • YYYUUUSSSSSSSS. Open world Spidey returns!

    Finally it looks like a current-gen Spider-Man game won’t horrible.

    I just hope Beenox don’t go the way of Web of Shadows did and revert back to Spider-Man 1 web slinging where everything attaches to some sort of invisible ceiling instead of you know, buildings.

  • I reckon the secret “acrobatic” tool will be a (hopefully optional) motion controlled web slinging using the Move controllers or Kinect.

    • actually prototype was a shoddy clone of what spider man 2 was. your pretty much playing as venom in prototype. spiderman 1 and spiderman the movie 2 ruled. I never played the third movie game and newer games were okay but I preferred the free roam more. the only negative about spiderman 2 was those damn kids balloons

  • The whole thing reminded me, very strongly, of the open world spidey on PS2 (SM2?). This is in no way a criticism. In fact, it means I’m now looking forward to it.

  • If this can even approach the level of fun that was pouring out of ‘Spiderman 2: the game’, then I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. I played that game for years.

    Though I’m still not sold on the film-reboot idea… and I still don’t like the suit redesign… 😛

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