The Avengers Trailer Is A Little Bit Awesome

The Avengers Trailer Is A Little Bit Awesome

Look – I know it’s not games, but it’s cool. And there is some crossover between superheroes and games and blah blah blah! Okay, with that feeble justification out of the way, here is the new Avengers trailer. Which looks a little bit awesome.

Tony Stark’s ‘I’m a quirky superhero who does what I want when I want’ schtick wore a little thin for me over 2 hours in Iron Man 2 – but I think I can deal with it here.

Consider my interest ‘piqued’.


  • Looking good.
    Although I have to ask, since I haven’t seen Thor, is Loki’s key ability making explosions or what?

    • Apparently he was a pain in the arse on his Hulk movie – rewriting the script, arguing with the director, interfering with the editing etc – that he kind of fell out with Marvel. It’s a shame, but Ruffalo should be a good substitute.

      • I’ve never really liked Hulk as a character, but if it’s true that Norton interfered that much then I say good on him. The movie turned out pretty well, and was definitely more interesting than Ang Lee’s version.

        • Yeah, I preferred Norton’s Hulk.
          If the movie has been borrowing from the Ulitmates series (which it obviously has) then Hulk, or at least Banner, should be a more interesting character.

          • The Norton Hulk delivered a lot more of what one would actually want from a Hulk movie (ie. smashing), but I think the Ang Lee one takes the “more interesting” title. It actually had, like, themes and subtext and stuff, which I’m a sucker for.

            And if you’re interested in Hulk being awesome, I strongly recommend the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk comics. He smashes a whole lot of stuff while also being a compelling character.

      • People are always calling mr norton a dick and blaming shtuff on him… heard of him being a douchebag on set and treating everyone like garbage…that being said we’ve all see bale’s antics and he still makes a good batman. so maybe marvel needed to suck it up and take him on board, maybe he wouldnt work well with RDJ, Hemi and Evans?

    • Norton wrote the draft of the film that was used before production began. There were regular rewrites (not uncommon) and, I believe, an agreement that Norton would get a say in the final cut.

      During post they clashed heads. Norton wanted a more stor driven film, Marvel wanted more action. In the end, a lot of the film was cut (over 70 minutes)and Norton was unhappy. He still did publicity but had nothing to do with the film after that.

      He entered talks to reprise the role, but they ultimately broke down.

    • Scuttlebutt also says they didn’t want to pay his asking price again. Given that they tried to stiff Rourke on his Iron Man 2 pay, that’s probably part of it.

  • They’d better not make Iron Man the leader just because he’s the most popular character. I mean, ooh, big man in a suit of armour. Take that away and what is he?

      • I hope you’re right, but at the same time those Iron Man movies made many jillions of dollars, and that was largely thanks to RDJ’s charm, and Hollywood does like to try to cash in wherever possible… Maybe they’ll allow Cap to be the leader but just give Stark a shitload of screen time. I suppose I could learn to live with that.

        • Apparently RDJ pushed a little and they tried to make the story a bit more Stark-centric, but it didn’t feel right and so they reworked it to be less about Iron Man.

    • I believe he tells us exactly what in the trailer 😛

      As for leadership, I read something about there being clashes between him and Steve Rogers in regards to that. Too many alpha males in the one pack or whatever.

      • Yeah, there’s a bit of that in the comics, and it looks like they’ll play with it in the movie too. Stark will be too cocky to take orders, he’ll screw up a mission, and then he’ll have to learn to respect Cap’s leadership and work as part of a team. It’s beautiful, man.

      • Nope, Cap is. Cap’s supposed to be pretty much the best field leader on the planet, and I think that’s the main reason Fury goes out of his way to recruit him.

  • Loki is a trickster, he can change his appearance, make mirror images, make ppl invisible etc.

    I saw Thor while on an overseas flight recently. not bad. better than Capt america.

    But this trailer looks alright. I withhold judgement until I see more, but so far, so good.

    • I’m surprised you saw thor on an overseas flight? I thought he preferred to fly with his hammer or take the rainbow gate thingo?

    • I refuse to withhold judgment. It’s an above-average summer action fest, with extra points just for the coolness of having all those characters on screen at once. Fun and pretty, some slick effects sequences, but ultimately fairly forgettable. 7.5 out of 10.

      • I’m not sure judgement can be passed (especially from someone who hasn’t seen the movie in it’s entirety yet), so anyone who would create such a statement is simply seen as pretentious.

          • You are absolutely correct, we HAVEN’T seen you. We don’t know you and we’ve never met. I’m giving you a 4 out of 10. Margaret?

          • I’m actually a 3, so you’re pretty close.

            So the moral of the story is, you can judge things without having full knowledge of them, and it’s not pretentious if you get it right. Luckily my Avengers pre-review will end up being spot on, which means I’m an honest, hard-working, fair dinkum sheila with no trace of pretension.

  • Nine Inch Nails are THE action movie trailer soundtrack people these days. Terminator salvation, The 300 and now the avengers.

  • The only characters I saw were the ‘good’ guys. No indication of what the threat might be (that I noticed).

    Worried that there is little or no interesting story to be had here, and is just another 2 hour snoozefest of pretty people and big explosions.


    • Well, the trailer made it pretty clear that Loki is the big bad, and presumably he’ll summon himself up an army of frost giants or Skrulls or radioactive poodles. But you’re right, unfortunately it’s likely this movie will be fairly hollow and just coast on its mega-franchise-crossover gimmick. Should be fun, though.

    • If you’ve seen the post credits in Thor, it gives a strong feeling of what will be involved in the film (Loki appears and that space cube thingo that was in Captain America in Nick Fury’s hands.)

      By the looks of it, it will be action packed, and really not story driven, i still reckon Batman will beat it next year though

        • It’s Joss Whedon, the studio execs seem to be giving him WAAAAY more breathing room than normal so I’d say The Avengers are well away from the sun.

  • I think you guys are all forgetting something.

    Ok, so Thor, IronMan, Cap A, and Hulk. THAT’S NOT ALL THO! Green Arrow is ALSO in it, and so is Black-Panther apparently, tho I did not see him in there. Then there is Black Widow as well. Its not JUST the movies we have seen, but it is also going to be a glimpse at the movies to come. IBDM has Green Arrow and Black-Panther movies listed, as well as a Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. The Avengers is only the start.

    So, list is as follows:
    Cap A
    Iron Man
    Black Widow
    Green Arrow

    That’s who I could see in the trailer.


    Black Panther
    Spider Man (YES, he is part of the Avengers)
    AntMan and Bumblebee would be awesome as well.

    Oh, and IBDM also has Avengers 2 listed, so there already banking on it.

    • You won’t see Spider-Man in these films anytime soon as Sony currently has the exclusive film rights for his character and universe.

      Same with Fox owning the X-Men film rights. (I think they have Fantastic 4 and Daredevil too, but they may have reverted back to Marvel)

    • • Spider-Man film rights aren’t owned by the right company for him to appear

      • I haven’t heard of these rumours of Black Panther, though I can’t say it would be surprising if he is hinted at or has a cameo. Thanks for the rumour 🙂

      • Yeah, I think you mean Hawkeye instead of Green Arrow 😛

      • Ant Man may be hinted at, as there have been plans, but he won’t be in the film. Sequel, maybe, but not this film.

      • When you say Bumblebee, do you mean the Transformer? Or do you mean Wasp?

  • 1 – The trailer starts off like a Michael Bay Transformers film (not a complaint, just a statement)

    2 – Captain Americas costume. I know they preserved his old one (as shown in trailer) etc, but damn, update it.

    3 – I hope there’s gonna be alot of sarcasm between Iron Man and Thor.

    4 – Is Spider-Man part of the Avengers??? I know there’s been crossovers with him, but that’s all I knew.

    Can’t wait to see it though.

    • “4 – Is Spider-Man part of the Avengers??? I know there’s been crossovers with him, but that’s all I knew.”

      He is a member of the Avengers and the Future Foundation in the comics, but that’s as far as it goes because Sony still hold the rights to everything Spidery on TV and film.

  • As for the game side of things, I’m still holding on to the scrape of hope for a Lego Avengers game, as opposed to Sega reskinning the same god awful game engine for a fifth time.

  • Not bad, not bad at all. I am unsure if they are hinting that Hulk is a bit of a key plot point in this story arc (it’s also been hinted in some interviews) or they’re just holding back on Hulk shots because they haven’t done the cgi. Heh.

  • I miss Ed Norton.

    I have a feeling I’m gonna be thinking that through the whole movie… Everything else seems pretty sweet though.

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