The Best Catherine Cosplay Just Got Better

Last March, Kotaku posted cosplaying superstar Omi Gibson's take on Catherine, noting that it was a "masterclass". But now it's better.

Cosplayer Shin' is Vincent and does a fantastic job of bringing the neurotic character to life. Vincent is as commitment-phobic, indecisive as ever. This cosplay even has sheep horns, and how often can you say that.

More photos in the link below. Applause in our heats.

キャサリン / Catherine [OMI 化郎 GIBSON]

Image: 溝ッチ | OMI 化郎 GIBSON)


    Only in Japan would you get signs of singing condoms...

      I'm not 100% sure but I think Condom Kingdom (or something similar)up around the coast of Queensland have some form of singing condoms :P

        Lol, I saw that store when I went up for holidays at queensland and was like "wtf?!!"
        Going on topic, I love the cosplay and her contacts "If they are contacts" look wicked!

    Thats Condomania!

    I remember seeing that shop in Harijuku. My friend took a pic of it (obviously)

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