The Best Street Fighter Movie Starred…Jackie Chan?

The Best Street Fighter Movie Starred…Jackie Chan?

You’ve seen the bad of the Street Fighter craze of the early 90s. Now see the good. No, not good. Amazing.

In this clip, from 1993 movie City Hunter, we see martial arts superstar Jackie Chan take a bit of a beating. After which he starts seeing things. Namely, characters from Street Fighter II. Then he becomes one. Then more. It’s martial arts cosplay. And it’s one of the best things that ever punched its way out of the 1990s.

City Hunter isn’t a Street Fighter movie. It’s actually an adaptation of a classic Japanese manga by the same name, which was published between 1985 and 1992. The City Hunter comics were over-the-top affairs, as a private detective mixed deadly combat on the streets of Tokyo with light-hearted gags and character quirks.

The 1993 live-action adaptation, shot in Hong Kong and starring Chan, was even more light-hearted. As you’ll see in the four-minute excerpt to the left, which culminates in Jackie Chan wearing a Chun-Li outfit and taking on Ken Masters in a fight that uses wires to actually simulate the in-game moves of the character.

God, what isn’t there to love about this. It’s not just that these guys (Ken, played by Tekken’s Gary Daniels, is just as good) look the part, they act it. Note Ken’s little “horns” victory signal, and how much Chan seems to revel in the role of a kick-ass Chinese girl with massive thighs.

Not that he did – he apparently hated the movie, and his performance in it – but he looks like he did. What a pro.

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  • That brings back so many memories. That movie was LEGENDARY when I was in grade 10 in 1993 just for that scene alone. So funny they got that note perfect yet the big budget SF movie was a disaster.

    LOVE also the ‘glitch’ with Dhalsim doing the ‘tiger’ sound with his fireball. I remember our local machine used to glitch now and then when you would do it, with the wrong sound playing for some reason on Kens stage and he’d occasionally say ‘tiger’ instead of ‘yoga’.

    I quit my job today for various reasons, my gf left me a week ago (insert song about dog dying and the pickup breaking down) and I needed a real picker upper lately Kotaku, that really warmed me and brought back some great memories thinking back to the good old days of grade 10 and our SF battles 🙂

    Thanks so much Kotaku! 😀

      • Thanks mate 🙂 Shared this clip with my seven year old son today. We bust out SF2HD on the 360 from time to time and play each other at it, he’s a little legend, he got such a kick out of this as he’s a huge Jackie Chan fan like I am too as well as SFII & III

  • Ahhh, so the movie was adapted from a japanese manga!

    that explains why jackie had to play the part of a huge pervert!

    its no wonder he hated the part, I always thought jackie liked his characters funny, mischievious, or serious.

  • I remember seeing this movie some time after the terrible Street Fighter movie and thinking in 5 minutes this crazy bit captured more about Street Fighter than the big budget movie ever could.

    I had heard Jackie was trying to reach out to his Japanese fans with the Live Action translation, I never realised he hated it. I suppose his willingness to make a movie (often injuring himself in the process) makes him a Legendry Actor/Stuntman.

    I just wish he stopped doing stupid Hollywood movies. He doesn’t need mad cap stunts he just needs to play a character with heart and soul. Despite my objections to the name the Karate Kid reboot saw him play a great character.

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