The Blizzcon 2011 Cosplay Winner Must Be Seen To Be Believed

In a show filled with people dressed in cardboard copies of World of Warcraft armour a woman dressed up as the Adjutant from Starcraft completely stole the show at last night's costume contest.

I was on my way to the Kotaku Meetup party last night while the costume contest was going on, but I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Adjutant costume on my way out, and my jaw just about hit the floor. I think I might have just developed a robot fetish. About damn time.


    I definitely should have done one of these for my year 12 "Celebration" Day. I could have topped them, eeeasy :P

    For once, when people are asked what they'll spend the money on, i just want to hear "Strippers and blow".

    Just once.

    There were a lot better costumes out there on the day, it's just that the costume that won was more complex (For a bunch of lan cables)

      I agree that there were probably a lot of better costumes. All I really saw was a hoop skirt with a whole load of cables on it. Kudos to her for pulling it off though

        Looks to me like all those contestants put a lot of time into their projects. Impressive

    the dude at 2:13 "hey, thanks!" hahaha I have no idea why that is funny

      I also thought that was hilarious for some reason.

      Bad ass looking costume with a puny voice lol

    Jay Mohr looks more like a beached whale every year.


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