The Fine Art Of Death-Dealing In This The Darkness II Trailer

First they deliver an intricately-carved pumpkin to Kotaku HQ, then this painful-looking trailer that showcases the flair with which you can dispatch enemies in the upcoming Darkness II. You can really see how the game uses its comic-book art style to maximum effect and those demon appendages give you even more options to off your antagonists. The Digital Extremes-developed sequel hits systems next February.


    I smell classification refusal here in AU... ah well, ill just import it!

    Did the darkness just pull a guys skull out of a his ass?!?

    I can just imagine the OFLC report on this one.

    "User is encouraged to violate the anus and rectal tract of enemy combatants and forcibly remove their skull through their anus. Bonus points are awarded for this action."

    ....and yet show even one fucking nipple, and it's World War IV

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