The Forza 4 Demolition Derby

What happens when you go the wrong direction in Forza Motorsport 4? You smash shit up.

The cars sure make a noise on impact, especially compared to Gran Turismo 5, which sounded like a cardboard box being kicked.

Though, pretty sure something like this is totally impossible. Call it a hunch.

Crashing into Little Cars [YouTube]


    Why would you even bother recording that?


    This is officially the worst story I've read on Kotaku. Sorry Brian, it's not your fault... slow day?

    I've not seen paint suddenly disappear from a car's bonnet after a crash before...

    The damage is decent but the paint thing is just weird.

    Can't do it right, don't do it at all hahahahaahahahahah Xbox Fanboys will eat the shit out of that comment.

    For the record, Forza 4 > GT5 this time.

    Every crash, sounded like godzilla having a fit.

    i love it how the A.I is so stupid at 1:54.

    They just drive straight into the wrecks lol

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