The Heroes And Classes Of Blizzard DOTA

You've seen the video, now take a look at the character selection screens for Blizzard DOTA, showing off the four classes and iconic heroes taking up arms in Blizzard's official StarCraft II mod.

This is as close as you'll get to Blizzard Super Smash Bros.


    DOTA sucks. Boring game.

      And lets just take a look at the insane number of people who play DOTA.
      Retarded comment is retarded.
      Retarded user is more retarded.

      Fuck yes! Could not agree with this statement more.

      Oh wait, hang on. Was DoTA the game that was the hands-down most popular mod to Warcraft III? The game that went on to spur Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends, the later of which has become one of the most played games out there? The game that created a whole new fucking GENRE. The game that is getting a big-name sequel from Valve?

    They look better than Valve's model IMO.

    With all the Dota 2 articles and stuff, I completely forgot about blizzard's Dota mod.

    ahh blizzard. how you remind me of sony... you just have to keep stealing other peoples ideas because your to crap to come up with your own.

      Really? The mod was made within their game :s.

        Just because you build a starship out of my legos, does not mean it is yours.

      Valve does exactly the same thing too. As far as I know, no Valve game is original, all of them are based on another game's concept. That said they definitely improve on what they're ripping off.

    JESUS This looks sooo much bad compared to dota 2. First, the skills. Second, the graphics. It's too Sc2 ' ish this just doesn't pass in the scenerio IMO. As a long-time DotA user, i dont think this game will make me go wild...

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